2020 Chrysler 300 Changes Concept Witrh SRT Engine

The next-generation 2020 Chrysler 300 is expected to hit the market anytime soon. But, there are no official specs and details released regarding this new vehicle. And there have been many speculations that the downfall of this vehicle is probably coming soon since the demand for large cars is very low in the U.S.

Even competitors like the Toyota Avalon show some major updates, yet the current Chrysler 300 remains the same. And now it’s the only remaining car after the downfall of the 200. On the contrary, the company’s crossovers have shown repeated successes. But, we can still wait for something new.

It’s because the 300 is still offering some major strengths. Apart from its spacious cabin, it also offers all-wheel drive, something you can’t find in Chevy Impala or Avalon. Then, the latest changes to this vehicle include the addition of lower-priced trims. So, there’s still hope here.

2020 Chrysler 300 Redesign & Updates

It’s no secret that we have been waiting for years to see a new update on this Chrysler 300. And since it’s supposed to bow down, there might be a special edition coming in 2020 for a comeback. Or the rumors about its discontinuation will arrive.

When it happens, the performance-based Challenger and Charger will be fully updated. And then, the 300 series is going to be dissolved to give a chance for a new utility vehicle which is going to share the architecture of the next-generation Challenger and Charger.

However, it should be noted that FCA hasn’t made any official statement yet to discontinue its Chrysler 300 Series. It must be discouraging to most Mopar fans. Since the sales of this car have been down compared to its initial release in 2005, many Mopar fans have been protesting the discontinuing of this vehicle.

On the other hand, we still wait for the 2020 Chrysler 300 which is rumored to be the final model for this vehicle. Will 2019 be the last year for this car? That remains hidden now. For now, we just can expect to continue to see steep discounts from dealers.

2020 Chrysler 300 Latest Prices and Lease Deals

While there’s no official statement related to the next generation Chrysler 300, the current model might be your interest. The base Chrysler 300 Touring is priced starting at $29,000. And there are four higher trims which start at $41,700. In term of price, we can say that Chrysler falls in turn with other large gars.

If you’re interested to lease the current Chrysler 300, the base is available for $291 lease per month. It’s for 48 months deal with $4195 down. But, you should remember that this deal can be different from one region to another. And the features may affect the price as well.


In conclusion, there is no exact report related to the future of the Chrysler 300. While it’s rumored to be discontinued, many reports show that a final model year will be released before its discontinuation. That’s all that we’ve got so far about the latest 2020 Chrysler 300.

2020 Chrysler 300 Changes Concept Witrh SRT Engine Pictures

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