2020 Mercedes CLA Coupe Specs

Are you ready for the new luxury car in 2020? Then, hold yourself for the beauty of the 2020 Mercedes CLA Coupe. The Mercy updated the CLA from the size, refinement, and power. Since their achieved success of the previous CLA-sedan, Benz has now released the second generation. This new gen will arrive at the dealers in late 2019. So, you probably see this car in the early or middle of 2020.

We know that Mercedes-Benz is the master of a luxury car. But through the next year’s Mercedes CLA Coupe, you will see the rejuvenation of the Benz brand. They are trying to catch a new market. Thus, don’t be surprised if you see a little different image of Mercedes-Benz here as one of their Board of Management said that Mercedes-Benz developed the car to be more emotional and sportier. It is proven by their new operating system, which we can tell in this Mercedes CLA Coupe specs further. Finally, it sets them into a new benchmark among their rivals.

A Glance About CLA

Mercedes-Benz has been a pro in their league. They are not a follower of fashion. Contrarily, they make a fashion for their high-end class. The CLA Sedan series proves it. It became the first front-wheel sedan car. Also, the car was the front-wheel-drive vehicle marketed in the US. Within the CLA series, they target the A-class market. The first CLA is cited as the best launched over 20 years of Mercedes-Benz business. Here you might imagine how specific CLA-Sedan made for.

Seeing from their official website, they put a tagline for the 2020 CLA Coupe “Play by Your Rules.” If you want to understand what it means, you probably will get the point by seeing the car’s appearance. It represents how CLA Coupe makes the driver easy in driving no matter what happens. Within this Mercedes CLA Coupe design, Mercedes-Benz is not only targeting the A-class. They specified to the people that his car is especially for someone who wants something briefer but stronger.

Talking about the sales, the users were from the rivals for the first generation of CLA Coupe. This happened in 2013 when it was first launched. Move on to Europe, surprisingly, the users were younger than the Benz ever imagined. For the next CLA Coupe, Benz chose the Kecskemét plant (Hungary) as the manufacturing place. Before you are surprised by the car, let’s look closer at this Mercedes CLA Coupe specs and features.

After you know about the CLA-Sedan above, it is time to see closer what the new CLA Coupe has. We will tell you a brief of its engine, interior, exterior, feature, and other things you might want to know. Even though there is no official price yet, at least we can give you the estimated number. Hopefully, these points below can cure your curiosity.

2020 Mercedes CLA Coupe Exterior & Interior

It is not strange to see the eye-catching looks from Mercedes-Benz. But in this second generation, CLA will be sportier and more stylish. You can see it from the muscular and sweeping line closed to the LED lights. Also, the combination of a stretched line above the windows and frameless doors makes this CLA sets a new standard of Mercedes-Benz design. Benz mixed this touch with the forward-angled front grille. When you walk to the front side, you will see a shark nose as they raked.

Interior & Features

It is amazing to find a better bone inside the car. First, take a look at the cabin, and you will “wow.” It supports pleasant driving because of the design and lots of technology there. There is a free-standing widescreen display of 7.0-inch for the standard pair or 10.3-inch for the vibrant one. The system’s voice recognition, like Apple Siri, will have a conversation with you whenever it hears “Mercedes.” About the cabin, there is an additional elbow room which far from the C-class sensation. If you want to feel the real high-end people, then it is the place.


It is still a part of this Mercedes CLA Coupe interior. Benz completed the car with active-safety driver aids. For the first time, Benz makes this CLA semi-autonomously driving. The camera and radar system helps you keep an eye on the traffic—no need to talk about the map and navigation system. Benz already knew you needed it. Thus, they put Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC to make your driving very convenient. This Driving Assistance Package can predict various situations, such as junctions, roundabouts, and others.

More safety features that will amaze you are the Active Emergency Stop Assist and Active Lane Change Assist. These two features are very useful to warn the driver once they are out of control. Above all, Benz wrapped all safety features with PRE-SAFE PLUS, a technology that detects a rear-end collision. The brakes save you when the collisions seem dangerous and potentially persist.

Mercedes CLA Coupe Performance

The DISTRONIC feature doesn’t only work for your safety. It also maintains your speed, as you need to slow down, then it follows your desire. But if you want to know the real engine’s capability, here is the thing, the new CLA turbocharged by 2.0-liter, which produces 221 horsepower. Furthermore, the suspension is more noticeable. There are optional adaptive dampers that comfort you at speed and over the rough pavement.

2020 Mercedes CLA Coupe Price

Now we move on to discuss the price. People who already fell in love with Mercy shouldn’t think twice about this baby; as we mentioned above, the price has not been released yet. But, as our estimation, the number is $36,000. It seems fair enough knowing the luxury touch, the features, and other innovations inside.

There you go with the little knock from Mercedes-Benz. Make sure you don’t miss to test drive this elegant 2020 Mercedes CLA Coupe. Find out more about the features, and prepare yourself to fall in love with them.

2020 Mercedes CLA Coupe Specs Pictures

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