2021 Genesis GV80 4WD SUV Review

2021 Genesis GV80 is finally revealed to challenge other auto luxury brands out there with premium qualities and features. It became the first SUV introduced by the fledging luxury automaker Genesis. The 2021 GV80 will compete in the premium SUV class with Mercedes-Benz GLE and the BMW X5.

The mid-size opulence market will welcome the entrance of this new GV80 in the upcoming summer of 2020. This first SUV by Genesis is revealed to be armed by a standard turbocharged four-cylinder engine that can be replaced with a twin-turbo 3.5L V-6 engine.

While a rear-wheel-drive system is supposed to be standard on the upcoming GV80, buyers can also opt for an all-wheel-drive. The latest 2021 Genesis GV80 review reports that the new SUV offers both an unruffled ride experience and such lively handling.

All trim levels of the new GV80 will offer such luxurious features with heated front seats, a 14.5” touchscreen display, and a power liftgate. You will find even the base trim of 2021 GV80 luxurious. Let’s read on to find out more about this very first SUV from Genesis.

2021 Genesis GV80 Specifications

Let’s start with the things set under the hood of this 2021 GV80. Coming as an all-new mid-size luxury crossover, Genesis SUV GV80 will use similar underpinnings to the next-generation G80 sedan. You can choose between a turbocharged 2.5L four-cyl and a twin-turbo 3.5L V-6 engine for this GV80.

You may expect a hybrid variant, but it is still a rumor since the automaker doesn’t announce anything related to a hybrid powertrain. The diesel-powered GV80 won’t be available in the US market. However, once it is tested in South Korea, the diesel-powered GV80 feels sporty.

When it comes to the fuel economy of the GV80, it is regretful that the EPA hasn’t made the information public for both engines offered. Unfortunately, we haven’t got a chance to test the fuel economy of this Genesis SUV GV80 as well.

Back to the engine and performance, we can say that the 3.5L V-6 engine makes a worthy option even though you need to pay an extra cost of $10,000 to get it. However, you can expect it to come with a standard all-wheel-drive feature that promises effortless acceleration.

It’s no secret that driving this brand new GV80 will make you feel such true luxury. Its powerful performance is completed with its sophisticated exterior design, making it notable on any road. The exterior design of this new GV80 highlights the beauty and promotes a chic presence.

Genesis GV80 Luxury SUV Design

The 2021 Genesis GV80 interior proves that the car not only offers such awesome performance on the road but it is also ready to deliver total comfort for you. Compared to the other lineups of Genesis, this new GV80 offers a more upscale interior with a collection of premium features.

You can expect metal accents, a burled-wood trim, a big seamless infotainment display, and incorporated ambient lighting that makes such a great interior design. The interior of this GV80 burst a minimalist flair even though the design takes advantage of various sophisticated materials.

The comfortable front seats are equipped with a massage function, making it even more relaxing. The second row of the 2021 Genesis GV80 interior is equipped with a standard three-across bench seat that can accommodate five passengers. Meanwhile, the third-row seats give an optional feature considering their limited space.

In terms of infotainment and connectivity features, the 2021 GV80 offers you something great as well. A slim 14.5” touchscreen infotainment display will allow the front-seat passenger to control the navigation system easily or simply change the radio station.

Well, the infotainment display is somewhat a reach from the position of the driver’s seat, making it easier for the front-seat passenger to navigate everything. Fortunately, a click-wheel controller is available on the central console. Thus, the driver can still effortlessly manipulate the system.

Safety and Driving-Assistance Features

Then, how are the safety and driver-assistance features offered by Genesis GV80 specs? At the time of the writing, both the IIHS and the NHTSA have not published crash-test results for this upcoming GV80. However, you can expect a complete standard suite of drive-assistance features from the GV80.

The good news is that a semi-autonomous driving mode comes as a standard feature on the forthcoming GV80. This feature makes the GV80 learn how you drive and imitate your driving style while being operated. You can look forward to various premium safety features from the GV80 too.

Adaptive cruise control and automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection will be a standard feature on the Genesis GV80 specs. Moreover, potential buyers can also expect a standard lane departure alert that comes with lane-keeping assistance. Along with its interior comfort, the safety features of the GV80 will make you at ease.

The upcoming GV80 will come in several trim levels, including Standard, Advanced, and Prestige. All these trim levels will be available in an optional AWD version too. Some higher trim levels will have improved seating options, cameras, and panoramic roofs as part of their upgrades.

2021 Genesis GV80 Price & Configurations

Now the next important question will be: how much is the new Genesis GV80 price? The base version of the new GV80 will start at $49,925, while the fully loaded one should start at around $72,375. All 2.5T models are available with AWD systems for an extra $5750 to $6350.

Interestingly, the AWD models are not about the all-wheel-drive system only, but also other additional features. For example, the base AWD model has some additional features compared to its RWD one. You can expect wood trim, panoramic roof, and heated steering wheel on the AWD base version.

The highest Genesis GV80 price will apply for the top-tier Prestige trim that costs you $71,975. The GV80’s Prestige is equipped with fancy features such as Nappa leather seats, power-adjustable rear seats, a digital gauge cluster, and 22-inch wheels.

Overall, the forthcoming GV80 is worth waiting for, especially since it is the first premium SUV offered by Genesis. Among its competitors, the GV80 provides one of the best warranty packages as well. So, let’s wait for the 2021 Genesis GV80 release this summer!

2021 Genesis GV80 4WD SUV Review Pictures

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