2021 Mercedes GLC Performance

The Future 2021 Mercedes GLC has seized attention. This C-Class car is still excellent for its SUV, and there is no doubt about it. The presence of luxury is not only for the designs but also so the technology and engines. This new series has found its place in a great position in the marketplace.

The 2021 Mercedes GLC is assumed to be the replacement of the GLK model. Of course, with better design, better performance with new future features. Even though it would present as a luxury and up-to-date car, it would still be cost-effective.

Not only that, but this series would also upgrade the substantial that is approachable in the 2021 model year. There are so many things to discover from this new release. Here are some more cool features from the New Mercedes GLC to look up.

2021 Mercedes GLC Redesign Interior & Exterior

This new C-Class will have a similar interior layout to the Mercedes S-Class. The interior provides luxury leather and hardwood material seats.

As for the cabin dash panel car, it has the most significant changes. With a 12,3-inch touchscreen monitor, this car has an updated technology section for the cabin dash panel. As for the indoor lighting, there is only slightly different from the previous one.

However, it is still sophisticated. Also, likely other C-Class, the car provides five seats that are all secure car seats. It does have not only enough room in the second row, but also premium and comfortable seats. The trunk side has a 20,5 cubic ft size, which is suitable for large luggage and other big stuff. Need a bigger space? Easily switch down the second row.

Exterior Facelift

The new Mercedes is present with a new redesign, especially for the exterior car design. People’s first expression was it was a razor-sharp and gentle car indeed. It has svelte beautiful front lights with a new rear bumper in the front and as its back. As for the side area, this car offers a new facet.

However, the length and width have the same design as the previous one. At the same time, the exterior car has improved in a better color thanks to the toned painting with surface finishing. A new fresh design is also available on all the rims with aluminum wheels. The measure wheels would also increase from 18” to 20”, giving a high chance to feel more sporting activities on the field.

Engine Specs

This car has engines that it is energy equal to 241 horses. The car engine is present with a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder Turbo Engine. It has only one engine, which is located beneath the hood. Even though it is driven with only one machine, it is mated with a 9-speed transmission. With a four-wheel travel connection, this car could speed up to 21/28 miles per gallon.

The Mercedes Benz has affirmed that this car can perform off-road but only using the proper adjustment. For both off-roads and city walks, the machine is suitable for any situation.

There are also three kinds of systems that buyers could choose for this vehicle. Starting from steel springs with conventional dampers, or with adaptive dampers, or with air suspension. As for the fuel used for this car, it is a save-fuel nice car.


Mercedes is known best for its technology. One of the most famous technology gear from Mercedes is, of course, their “Hey Mercedes” system. With this intelligent app, drivers or even passengers could communicate with the vehicle. We could quickly tell the car what we needed.

The systems could not only be detected by voice, but it could also be on the touchscreen and touch-sensitive pad. However, there are still some minors in this system. Every time someone says the word “Mercedes,” the system would detect it as a conversation. This might interrupt the navigation or current playing music. Yet this technology would still ease the users to drive.

2021 Mercedes GLC Price & Date Release

As mentioned before, the new Mercedes GLC is a cost-effective car. The car begins at $40,550. This includes a spot fee and generating. If you like an automatic hybrid type? It would cost about $51,645. Of course, these prices are flexible and could change in every city, Country, and even moment. Variety prices are also available due to the alternatives and decoration.

Some of them are even ready in premium for more fine taste. As for the date release, Mercedes has not officially announced the specific date yet. However, some sides assumed that this unit would likely be booked in the late months of 2020. We surely need to wait for a litter more for the further and official announcement from Mercedes.

The new 2021 Mercedes GLC is a modern luxury yet sporty vehicle. The Mercedes Company and other elements such as automotive lovers and experts describe this new series very well illuminated. Very attractive for buyers to tempt and fall in love with this vehicle.

It is not surprising why Mercedes has been one of the most consumed automotive brands in the world. This Redesigned 2021 Mercedes GLC would be an acceptable option not only for those Mercedes lovers but others as well. It does present beautifully in the engine, infotainment and is also user-friendly. It is also undoubtedly the most excellent option in the SUV lineup vehicle.

2021 Mercedes GLC Performance Pictures

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