Best Truck Lease Deals in 2020

This year is a bad year for any business; the auto business is no exception. However, this condition is perfect if you plan to lease a truck because so many brands or dealerships provide fantastic offers to increase sales, which is excellent!

The best truck lease deals can be found on the internet. However, here we have several things you can read regarding the best truck lease.

Pickup trucks are associated with many good things, such as low-interest rates, affordable fuel prices, and a strong economy. Other than that, some models also indicate the technology used, safety features, luxurious stuff, and so on. 

Today, many automakers do many things to make trucks accessible to anyone with any budget. With some offerings like low down payments and far more affordable expenditures that should be paid monthly, more people have wider options, especially those who want to own a pickup truck. 

13 Best Truck Lease Deals Right Now:

Chevrolet Colorado

Lease Deal: $299 per month for 36 months with $4,929 due at signing

Chevy Colorado is an extended cab type and is categorized as a midsize truck. Compared to the previous series, the new version of this vehicle includes several changes. The tailgate can now be locked by using a remote control. 

The standard equipment also gets some developments along with the optional parts. The Chevy Colorado is part of 2015’s second Colorado generation. This series is available in diesel four-cylinder engines and gasoline V6 engines. 

It can tow much heavier than the rivals from the same class. The size is maneuverable and equipped with well-mannered handling and steering with that huge power. It supports comfortability on almost every surface while you are riding on it. 

The cabin controls are intuitive and easy to operate. However, you may check the front seats because it is convenient for overweight people. When the rear seats are folded, the in-cabin storage is not as much as the rivals. 

The front air dam is hanging too low, limiting the off-road experience. The midlevel LT trim is the most enjoyable for versatility and customization flexibility.

GMC Sierra 1500

Lease Deal: $469 per month for 36 months with $5,119 due at signing

GMC Sierra 1500 is in the regular cab category. Compared to its successor, this one has a 3.9-liter turbodiesel optional engine. It is also equipped with a 10-speed automatic paired with a 5.3-liter V8 engine. 

The truck is also added with trailer cameras and an optional bed-view. For a more luxurious feeling, an adaptive control cruise is now available. 

You would love the GMC Sierra 1500 for several reasons. The newest addition of the Sierra 1500 family now has several powertrains available for hauling and towing. Its long cabin allows you to get a comfortable space for the rear legroom. 

The pickup truck is also equipped with a massive bed capacity along with a bounty of points when it comes to the in-bed tie-down aspects. The unit is also equipped with a new touchscreen display. The system is more attractive and intuitive. 

However, some drawbacks are felt by a few users. The interior design of this unit looks too dated, which also happened to the cabin controls. According to our review, the ride is kind of rougher compared to trucks from other brands. 

The materials used to build the cabin are considered subpar, while its extra-large center stack occupies a lot of cabin space. More than anything, the GMC Sierra 1500 is on the list of our best truck lease deals. It would help if you considered this pickup truck after all.

Nissan Frontier

Lease Deal: $299 per month for 18 months with $1,709 due at signing

Nissan Frontier will be ready to endorse. So, be prepared because it will be one of the best truck leasing deals you should anticipate. A series of things can be expected from its all-new 3.8-liter V6 combined with 310 horsepower. 

The new one will completely replace the previous engine. The transmission is automatic with nine speeds that will spoil your experience of driving a pickup truck. The center console is perfectly redesigned, along with its new push-button start. 

GMC Canyon

Lease Deal: $319 per month for 36 months with $3,549 due at signing

GMC Canyon is the next pickup truck on the list you should consider. This unit is an extended cab type with upgrades from its previous series. The new features provided include its new remote-locking tailgate that was not on its previous type. 

The new type is also equipped with a new tire-fill alert, the standard operation. Some changes are also applied both on standard and optional equipment, along with safety packages. This series is part of 2015’s second GMC Canyon generation. 

According to our observations and tests, this pickup truck has a hefty towing capacity with diesel four-cylinder and gas V6 engines. The size is maneuverable, while the handling and steering are mannered very well. 

Even though the engine is big enough, the vehicle is comfortable to drive on almost any surface type. However, the front seats are smaller, especially for overweight people.

The rivals from the same class offer storage inside the cabin while the rear seats are folded. The off-road potential is lower and limited due to the front air dam that hangs lower.

Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Lease Deal: $399 per month for 36 months with $5,229 due at signing and no first month’s payment

Chevy Silverado is also part of a regular cab but is categorized as a large truck. The new version of this vehicle provides several upgrades. It is equipped with a 3.0-liter turbodiesel engine as an option. 

The cruise control is adaptive, a new addition to its technology. The unit is paired with an advanced camera system called Advanced Trailering System to support 15 views. 

Chevy Silverado is also equipped with powertrains to support hauling and towing needs. The cabin is extended, providing a nice room for legs in the rear. It supports a massive bed capacity and tons of options for in-bed tie-down points. 

Come in with a touchscreen display, the system is easy to use and has an attractive interface. However, you may check the interior part and cabin controls which seem dated. You may feel a bit rougher to ride than the rivals. 

Some cabin materials are of subpar quality. The center stack also takes up a lot of space in the cabin. If you want to go with the 6.2-liter V8 engine with full safety features, you can go with the High Country and the LTZ model.

Jeep Gladiator

Lease Deal: $422 per month for 39 months with $3,995 due at signing

Jeep Gladiator is undoubtedly on the list of the best truck lease deals in 2022. The new series offers the new model-based on the Wrangler SUV model. You would love this unit for its rugged Jeep character that supports off-road experiences. 

Other than that, if you are up for a convertible truck, then this one is the only one you can buy for now. The unit also offers a big back seat compared to other pickups in the midsize class. 

However, the steering is slightly slower and more vague than rivals, especially if you try the Rubicon model. At some point, you may experience jiggles while riding. The unit is only available in one engine. 

If you want a model with high towing capacity, you can go with the Sport S model. Meanwhile, the Gladiator Rubicon is suitable for those who want to tame the most challenging terrain.

Honda Ridgeline

Lease Deal: $379 per month for 36 months with $5,299 due at signing

Honda Ridgeline is considered the best midsize truck on several review pages. The new features that make this unit great include its nine-speed transmission, which was previously only available at six speeds. 

The unit is also equipped with the Honda Sensis technology, part of the safety features. The standard type includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Several available trim options include the Black Edition, RTL-E, RTL, and Sport. 

Honda Ridgeline is part of 2017’s second Ridgeline generation. The good things about this unit may include its superior handling and ride supported by its independent rear suspension. Its in-bed trunk is large and lockable, while the tailgate can be controlled two-way. 

Since the AWD driving system supports it, the vehicle runs smoothly and comfortably on every traction. The cabin space is pretty spacious and glamorously finished as a crew cab type. However, a few points need to be closely looked out for. 

The touchscreen audio display and navigation interface might be a bit frustrating. The low-range gearing is not available, while it has a typical tuck’s underbody clearance. It supports towing, but it can only accommodate as heavy as 5,000 pounds, while the FWD version can tow 3,500 pounds of weight. 

Its driving aids are sensitive, and it could be distracting at some point. However, the Honda Ridgeline is one of the best truck lease deals.

Ford F-150

Lease Deal: Start from $509 per month for 24 months with $1000 due at signing

The Ford F-150 is a regular cab that took second place in the large truck category. The new series offers advanced driving aids in several packages. Some new appearance packages are also available. The system is equipped with a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot with all standard features.

You would love this unit more for its high capacity for towing and play load. Whether you need to work or play, you can rely on this vehicle. The safety tech applied from the basic to luxury living also provides comfort in every angle. 

This Midsize Pickup-Truck is equipped with multiple engines that also deliver fuel economy and power balance. Off-road experience is fully supported. However, the ride can be rough when the bed is unladen. After we tested the fuel economy, it fell shorter than the estimation.

Ram 1500 Classic

Lease Deal: $415 per month for 42 months with $3,825 due at signing

The good thing about the Ram 1500 Classic is its smooth suspension for riding, providing you with a super comfortable riding experience. 

The cabin is attractive and quiet, so you do not need to be bothered by the noise from the outside. The unit is equipped with an automatic transmission with eight-speed capability. However, it does not have wide features like the 2019 Ram. 

If you are looking for the latest driver-assist technologies, you would feel like it misses a lot. As we have mentioned earlier, it has a limited trim level compared to the previous model. Still, the new Ram 1500 Classic is highly awaited and anticipated. When it comes out, you should be checking the unit quickly.

Toyota Tacoma

Lease Deal: $389 per month for 36 months with $2,999 due at signing

Toyota Tacoma is an access cab category. This new unit features Apple CarPlay, Amazon Alexa, and Android Auto smartphone integration introduced. The following new thing about this unit is its surround-view feature and cameras located at its underbody to better off-road visibility. 

The unit also has a power driver’s seat that features seat thigh and height adjustments. What makes this thing different than the old version is its recalibrated transmission logic.

The unit can run on the rugged off-pavement path, according to our tests. Other than that, the interior controls are pretty intuitive yet easily understood. The truck comes with a composite truck bed that can be moved by adjusting its tie-down cleats. 

There is a power outlet inside the cabin. If you go with the top-level V6, you can pair it with a six-speed manual transmission. The drawback reported by some users might be on its off-road stuff. Its off-road emphasis leads to a tall step-up height.  

We would give 8 out of 10 for this car. A series of tip safety features from this unit include the blind spot monitor, rear cross-traffic alert, pre-collision system with pedestrian detection, and NHTSA overall rating that looks pretty good. Of course, the Toyota Tacoma should be on your consideration list.

Ford Ranger

Lease Deal: $376 per month for 36 months with $2000 due at signing

Ford Ranger is part of the SuperCab type. The previous series’s changes include a few revisions on its standard feature, a new package for off-road ridings, and part of the fourth Ranger generation.

You may like this new Ford Ranger series for its quick acceleration provided by its powerful turbocharged engine. More safety features are available that adopt modern technology. 

However, the ride quality is considered queasy when it runs on undulating pavement. The storage inside the cabin is pretty limited, and the infotainment system could be challenging to operate. Compared to its rivals, the Ford Ranger is not at its best for off-road rides.

Toyota Tundra

Lease Deal: $569 per month for 36 months with $3,219 due at signing

Toyota Tundra is categorized as a double cab type. New things in this series include the upgraded audio system that now supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The series eliminates the base 4.6-liter V8 engine. The TRD Pro type is offered with either CrewMax cab or Double Cab. Toyota Tundra is part of 2007’s second Tundra generation.

The V8 power has now become the standard class. The rear seating is roomy and comfortable, while the system is equipped with the Standard Toyota Safety Sense driver safety. An assist system is also available to provide a better riding experience. If you are keen on doing off-road riding, you can go with the TRD models.

However, the fuel economy is below the average number. The ride is stiffer compared to other trucks, while it feels a bit larger when you drive the truck on congested and tight roads. The rivals have several customization options than this one. Of course, feel free to consider what your priority is.

Nissan Titan

Lease Deal: $649 per month for 36 months with $6,259 due at signing

Nissan Titan is a King cab type. The V8 engine will get a slight power bump as the standard feature. It is equipped with a nine-speed transmission, replacing the seven-speed transmission from the old version. Expanded safety features and driver aids have become the standard features as well.

As we have mentioned earlier, you can choose the V8 engine. The standard engine has offered tons of power. This unit offers plenty of bed storage and in-cabin storage solutions. For those who love off-road driving, the optional Pro-4X package is helpful for upgrades. The bumper-to-bumper warranty is pretty generous for sure.

However, there is no alternative engine, and the axle ratio is only available in one type. The design of its cabin is not specifically attractive, and the maximum towing capacity is not as good as the rivals. Of course, some pros and cons are worth weight.

Buy or lease? Is leasing a truck worth it?

However, which one is better – leasing or buying a new truck? Long story short, leasing can be the easiest way to get a new vehicle every few years. However, some disadvantages may also be worth considering. 

For example, you will be forced to take a big financial step once the lease is expired. The options you have might be returning the vehicle, buying a new unit, buying or leasing a new one, or buying the truck once the lease-end price is decided. 

It seems like a never-ending journey only if you knew how to stop. However, there are a few things you can try to make the right decision about whether you will buy or lease a new car. Of course, you may need to master the jargon or get fluent in this industry. 

Learn that the capitalized cost is the same as the selling price. On the other hand, you may want to get the lowest number possible. In other words, you need to raise the residual value or lower the money factor or the capitalized cost to get a lower payment.

Other than that, you can hunt for the manufacturer-subsidized lease. This allows you to get the lowest price possible. And in the end, you should make your target and negotiate hard to bring your target to life. To perform the research, you can check the Kelly Blue Book or Edmunds to get the dealer’s invoice cost for any car you want to lease or buy.

Benefits of Leasing a Truck

As we have said earlier, leasing could be the easiest way for those who want a new car for lower money that should be spent. It happens because you only pay for the car for two or three years of use, which sounds like renting a car after all. 

However, there are a series of restrictions you need to follow. Still, in this section, we have a series of good things why you better lease instead of buy. Leasing allows you to have a lower monthly payment without a down payment. Even if you need to pay the down payment, the price is low. 

Other than that, you can drive a better truck for less money. It will be a good thing if you do not want to commit to owning a vehicle. When it comes to the repair cost, you may spend less money because you are eligible for the factory warranty. 

Since you only pay for two or three years of use, you can get a new vehicle every two or three years as well. Trade-in is not something you must deal with at the end of the lease. And, of course, you pay lower taxes than if you buy a car.

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