Highest Ground Clearance on Minivans

Ground clearance, also called the ride height, is one of the most basic general dimensions in a vehicle, including minivans. Ground clearance itself indicates the distance between the lowermost part of a vehicle with the road.

Most of the time, taller ground clearance is better. It is an ideal option, especially if you want to tackle any driving situation while riding your minivan.

A higher ground appearance makes it easier for you to avoid scratching your car’s underbelly on rough and bumpy roads.

The ground clearance’s rightest dimension will allow you to drive in comfort, whatever the road situation is. It can be said that ground clearance’s height is the trickiest dimension. This is because cars’ handling will depend on the ground clearance height. The higher the vehicle’s clearance means, the higher the CG position (Center of Gravity).

When the position of your car’s CG is higher, it will be more prone to rollover. In this way, having a higher ground clearance will make your minivan more stable on bumpy roads, preventing it from turning over. 

The models listed below are ranked from the highest to the lowest ground clearance.

Nissan NV Passenger – 205.74 mm

With 205.74 mm of Ground clearance, the Nissan NV Passenger is a minivan model with the highest ground clearance in the U.S. market now. This is a large vehicle that will need you to have good skills in driving.

The NV is 84 inches in height and has a 146.1-inch wheelbase. With the turning circle of 45.2 feet, you will find it easy to conquer roads with sharp turning. 

Kia Carnival – 172 mm

Kia Carnival is in second place on the list. This MPV has 172 mm of ground clearance height.

Due to the ground clearance dimension, the Kia Carnival offers balanced handling and a gentle ride. It is relatively easy to drive this latest Kia Carnival model, and the minivan comes with a soft suspension for more comfortable driving on rough roads.

Not only that, but the body roll of the minivan is also well-controlled and completed with a firm brake, making it safer.

Toyota Sienna – 165.1 mm

Toyota Sienna has a ground clearance height of 165.1 mm, placing it in third place on the list. With the dimension of ground clearance offered, you can ensure that it is relatively smooth to drive the car, even on rough surfaces.

The minivan can also do a lot better for drivers, thanks to the boxy body style adopted. Being available in all-wheel drive, the Toyota Sienna also comes with a responsive V6 engine. 

Dodge Caravan – 147.32 mm

It can be said that the Dodge Caravan is the oldest minivan for sale in the US market today. However, it doesn’t mean that the car is less reliable than the newer minivan models.

With 147.32 mm ground clearance height, the Dodge Caravan will be a great option to help you go through bumpy roads. The minivan also comes with a 283-horsepower V-6 and 6-speed automatic that will allow you to enjoy fast acceleration. 

Ford Transit Connect – 137.16 mm

If you are looking for minivan models that offer the highest ground clearance in the US market, this 2020 Ford Transit Connect can be one of the best options to take. Aside from the high ground clearance offered, the minivan can produce 150 horsepower, thanks to the 2.0-liter four-cylinder.

This Ford Transit Connect also features an automatic start/ stop technology. The vehicle can accommodate a maximum payload of up to 1570 pounds.

Chrysler Pacifica – 129.54 mm

Chrysler Pacifica doesn’t only offer a good look, but the minivan is comfortable to ride in any road situation, thanks to its 129.54 mm of ground clearance height.

The minivan comes with a 121.6 inch-wheelbase that looks perfect with its overall length that reaches 203.8 inches. As for the performance, the Chrysler Pacifica features a V6 engine that can produce 287 horsepower.

Chrysler Pacifica is our choice for the best minivan right now, although the ground clearance offered is not as high as its rivals. Still, overall this Minivan gives a fantastic minivan performance, including the best gas mileage minivan out there.


Chrysler Voyager – 129.54 mm

This is another Chrysler minivan model on the list. Chrysler Voyager is quite competent on the road due to the ground clearance height, no matter the situation.

To support comfy and easy riding, this Chrysler Voyager is completed with light steering. This will make it easier for you to maneuver when driving the minivan.

Not only that, but Chrysler Voyager has a good suspension to support to bulky look of the minivan, making it more effective to absorb most road abrasions without creating too much fuss. 

Ram Promaster City – 129.54mm

Ram Promaster City is a perfect option to take if you want to buy a minivan with high ground performance and a compact design.

The 2.4-liter four-cylinder of the minivan is paired with a 9-speed automatic transmission and a front-wheel drive.

Ram Promaster City can accommodate a load up to 1550 pounds and be extended up to 2000 pounds. If you need more space in the cargo, you can order the minivan without rear seats. 

Honda Odyssey – 114.3 mm

You can expect a good ride on the Honda Odyssey, thanks to the vehicle’s ground clearance that reaches 114.3 heights.

The steering of the minivan is light for easy maneuvering. The nimbleness of the Honda Odyssey makes the minivan competent in the corner and most road situations, especially the narrow ones. 

Mercedes-Benz Metris – 96.52 mm

Though the Mercedes-Benz Metris comes with the lowest ground clearance of all minivan models on the list, the vehicle can still display comfortable riding on most surfaces.

However, the 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine used in the car can produce 258 lb-ft torque of torque and 208 horsepower.

Final Thought

Well, that was a list of minivans with high ground clearance like crossovers or even SUVs. With high ground clearance, a minivan is a versatile vehicle to accompany adventures, can function as a campervan but with a compact size.

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