2020 Fiat Tipo Interior

New Fiat Tipo might hit the market soon. This vehicle is expected to come in two body styles, including hatchback and wagon. Many people anticipate something new on this car, especially after the rumors that the new Tipo will have a fresh design. It is said to have sportier aspects than before.

The sporty design of Fit is supposed to make this car even more recognizable on the road. Aside from this fresh design, there might not be other significant changes in the upcoming Tipo. It means that we can refer to the current 2019 model. Overall, it is a practical and well-equipped car.

Despite its popularity, we cannot deny that Fiat is not happening in the US market. So, we expect the manufacturer to give more things to the brand new Tipo to compete with other hatchbacks on the market. Now, let’s learn further about this new Tipo below.

New Fiat Tipo Engine Specs & Performance

The Tipo is a purse-friendly hatchback that is practical and well-equipped. But, we cannot deny that this car seems to be in the shadow of its sibling, the Fiat 500. It might be known as a value-for-money vehicle. But, it is rivaled with many prominent rivals such as Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus.

Under the hood, the upcoming Tipo may come with petrol and diesel engine options like its predecessor. It means that we can expect a 1.4L petrol engine. The petrol engine should have an opportunity for the turbocharged version. The diesel engine also has two versions: a 1.3L and 1.6L unit.

When the New Fiat Tipo is tested later, the one with 1.4L turbo petrol might generally offer a quieter and smoother performance than the 1.6 diesel. For your information, all the engine options might be provided in a single gearbox option. Here, a six-speed manual transmission might remain the same.

Overall the car is worth waiting for. But, those who love to have fun behind their wheel may find Ford Focus better. This is because the Tipo seems not accustomed to change direction. Then, the steering is a bit heavy as you drive at low speeds and slightly vague on quicker roads.

Dimensions & Wheels

Wheel SizeR15
Stock Tire Size195/65
Wheel Nuts Size12*1.25

New Fiat Tipo Features and Prices

Before unveiling the price of this car, let’s see what features are offered here. Inside, the upcoming Tipo provides a comfortable interior. It has that impressive dashboard and other convenient features. Some features like a 7-inch touchscreen, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay are standard in the higher trims.

On the other hand, the lower trims like Easy and Street variants only get DAB and Bluetooth connectivity. Then, how much is the price of this New Tipo? The price might not be far from the current model, which starts at $15,000. And the lease deals may be around $135 per month.

To conclude, the upcoming Fiat Tipo should be another hatchback to take into account. It is affordable and offers many features to enjoy. Despite its downsides, this car is still one of the value-for-money options on the market.

2020 Fiat Tipo Interior Pictures

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