20 Best Van For Van Life (VW Van Alternatives)

Van for van life is not just Volkswagen Bus/Transporter/Eurovan. They are the iconic vehicles for Camper Van and compact travel types. Many people have traveled with compact vans for decades.

The car is small enough to maneuver and is too big to sleep. These vehicles are also widely available in America and other countries. North America has not had an adequate VW van since 2003.

There are no minivan cars from other manufacturers that are close to. The comfort of the VW car, but Ursa Minor Honda Ecamper element. 20 best van for van life will be the most comfortable vehicle for camping there. Unlike hard-to-find Eurovan cars, Portland’s rare Syncro Vanagon 4wd vehicle is priced at $70,000.

Nissan NV200 has marketed the Ram Promaster City and Chevy express city. And many other platforms have become the choice for the people there to travel and live in their vehicles.

There is an advantage for the community with the Connect Transit being used as a camping car. Complete with beds, sinks, toilets, and other crumbs. This car includes small overlander vehicles. And in Europe, conventions from Fiat Doblo were included in the category of small camping cars.

Unlike other cars. VW Westfalia Syncro or Mitsubishi Delica have been imported to America after the regulation of the 25 years rules. Ford, RAM, and Nissan / Chevy van have used front-wheel-drive systems. So that enough for them to challenge off-road roads, synchro delica is equipped with navigation and can pass snowy mountains.

The car is safer, faster, and more agile than VW or Mitsubishi. This is because of the adequate security equipment. Ursamajor Ecamper is probably the best compact camping car. We can access pop-up parts from the rear glass panels. It can be removed and are relieved enough to use sleep.

Yes, this is one of the dreams of everyone who is delayed. Traveling and then sleeping in a car that has been converted into a campervan.

20 Best Van for Van Life Based On Types

As the name suggests, a campervan is a van that functions as a camp. As well as for sleeping or shelter. Why does it have to be a van? It doesn’t work. It’s possible; camper truck, camper SUV, or, more general, camper car.

But because the van type is usually relieved, and the design is rather boxy or messy. The accommodation inside is also more spacious. They are making it suitable to be used as a camper.

If you are currently looking for the best campervan car, of course, there are a lot of criteria that you peg. The main thing that can be considered before buying a family car is the quality of the engine. In addition, the versatility of the vehicle is also an important priority. Safety, economical fuel, design, and price also influence which type of family car is chosen. Before buying a car for your family, you should look for references for various vehicles. This is to buy a car that suits your needs and your pocket.

Immediately, if there are no cars that want to be camping, what kind of car would be suitable for making a camping-car?

Here are in my opinion;

  1. Suzuki APV
  2. Honda Freed
  3. Nissan Evalia
  4. Single-cab pick-up Carry
  5. Toyota Hiace
  6. Toyota Alphard first generation
  7. Any MPV car
  8. Honda CR-V
  9. Nissan Serena
  10. Big SUV Land Cruiser
  11. Fortuner SUV
  12. Pajero SUV
  13. MU-X SUV
  14. Daihatsu Luxio
  15. Hyundai H1 (used only)
  16. Toyota NAV1 / Noah
  17. Daihatsu Grand Max
  18. Ursa Minor Honda Ecamper
  19. Volkswagen Bus
  20. Grand Max PU or Triton

Even sedans and city cars are good enough. Looking at the list above, we can conclude that the van occupies the most position.

The pure van with sliding door openings to the side. Because most cars are indeed relieved in the palace, access is also more practical. Then why did I enter a pick-up type car? Oh, this is even freer to modify/convert it. Imagine, a bathtub measuring 2.4×1.6 meters is free to make a mini house.

Then why is there an SUV too? From the results of my investigation. SUVs are the type that is rarely converted into a campervan. However, this type of car (and double-cabin truck) is the one most often used to be a camper but with additional tents on the car’s roof. It can be permanently taped to the top using a hard-shell roof tent, or you can also use the usual soft tent type of rooftop obviously because the roaming capabilities are better. The SUV will be very suitable if the purpose of our trip is an area that is still a lot of steep roads.

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