Best Car for Camper with Glamping “Glamour Camping” (2022)

Enjoying the holiday season by traveling to various places outside the city must be very pleasant. We can visit tourist attractions outside the city in a few days because they cannot be visited in just one day.

Sometimes we crave a simple picnic, unite with nature, out of the frenzy of the city and enjoy the green leaves or hear the sounds of flowing river water.

The closest choice is camping. Unfortunately, camping is a bit complicated for workers who don’t have time to prepare for this. Because, must prepare tents, logistics, and others.

Volkswagen Westfalia Camper Vehicle - Best Dor Glamping

If the weather is terrible, camping that is imagined to be fun becomes troublesome.

Because of this, a recent trend has emerged in the world of traveling, and it’s called glamping. Glamping stands for glamorous camping.

The concept is luxury camping in nature but without the hassle of preparing it. Unlike general camping, this glamping invites tourists not to bother preparing tents, food, or searching for bathrooms in the open—no need to worry about getting wet because the tent used is semi-permanent.

Camping activities are in great demand because it provides a different experience from other activities, but the average traveler still does not know what types of transportation can be used.

In addition, some of the spaces also have various storage drawers. The vehicle cabin is also equipped with a sink and mini kitchen.

This vehicle is designed specifically for traveling long distances or camping, like a camper truck often used as a family camping vehicle.

Sometimes four-wheeled vehicles are the primary choice, but not all four-wheeled vehicles can be used as transportation facilities. Therefore if you are planning to camp somewhere, try to choose one of the following four-wheeled vehicles that can provide convenience in terms of transportation.

Nissan EV Barbecue

Nissan EV Barbecue - Best Glamping Camper Vehicle

The Nissan EV Barbecue was the first four-wheeled vehicle that entered the best car for the camper camping list. The Japanese output car is the work of Nissan Motor Corporation, where its fuel technology has been using more environmentally friendly electricity. From the facilities in the car have been provided complete kitchen equipment, so it is suitable to be used for camping activities in the wild.

Honda Odyssey

Next, there is still an attractive car from Honda, the New Odyssey 2022 model year, which is very suitable for camping activities in the wild. From the shape of the frame, the Honda output is wider than the other cars; then, there are many items you can carry from food and beverage coolers, mattresses, bags, and camping equipment. You can still get this car from Honda on the market because there are still many.

MINI Countryman

New MINI Countryman Camper - Best Glamping Vehicle

You can also choose a MINI Countryman branded car produced from Germany, especially BMW. The MINI Countryman was given an exciting feature, namely Autohone plus tent equipment designed by a team from MINI, and even the size of the tent could be adjusted based on the car’s width.

KIA Soul

One of the following cars chosen for camping activities was KIA Soul, where KIA car manufacturers have provided attractive facilities to motorists, namely from the wider interior space sector, and you can even transport more chairs and equipment more flexibly.

Subaru Forester

The Subaru car brand can also provide the best facilities to motorists, whereas the Subaru Forester series comes with a two-box engine with a four-cylinder engine. Even if it’s 2.5 liters with 170 hp, there’s a 2.0 liter 250 horsepower turbo engine. Subaru Forester has been known to explore the outdoors, so it should be the first choice.

Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wrangler Camper Conversions

Of course, the Jeep car brand has been synonymous with the outdoors. The Jeep Wrangler itself has been chosen because it gives many advantages starting from its power with turbocharging power, plug-in hybrid, made of aluminum, and having a pickup model. This United States of America vehicle can give a 6-speed manual transmission system that is better, lighter, smarter, stronger, and more efficient.

Volkswagen Westfalia

 The car made by Volkswagen can be used for camping activities and has been popularized since the 1950s. You can see the specifications of the Volkswagen Westfalia, where many are chosen because they provide the best facilities to the driver. The advantage of this one car is the wider interior space than using the sliding door that looks more luxurious with tent installation facilities.

The best type of truck for the camper above can be an attractive option for travelers who want to camp outside the city. Guaranteed, your vacation will feel more comfortable and safe without fear of transportation costs anymore.

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