11 Worst Resale Value SUV, Most Depreciate Vehicles over the past 5-years

When you intend to buy an SUV, it is better if you consider the resale price. As much as possible, avoid the SUVs on this list if you really intend to resell your car one day.

A car is not an investment. Unless you have a classic, limited edition, prototype car, or car with historical value, you won’t make a profit from it if you keep it for a long time. Why? It is because the value of a car always decreases over time, unlike a property. Therefore, besides the performance, comfort, and design, you also need to think about its resale value.

Resale value will determine whether that car was worth spending money on. The key here is finding out the difference between the buying prices and the resale price. The buying price wasn’t necessarily the initial price when the car was launched. However, you also can use the price when you buy that car from its seller.

A car with a small difference is the best choice. Therefore, you need to avoid the car with a too big difference between buying and resale value. And, this is what we are going to talk about here. We have a list of SUVs with the worst resale value. Some of these cars are top performance cars. But, you will know that you don’t want to spend your money on them if you see the resale value.

So, here are eleven SUVs and crossovers that have the worst resale value. We recommend you put them out of your car-to-buy list if you plan to get a new car.

1Lincoln MKT66.1%
2Lincoln Navigator L65.7%
3BMW X365.1%
4GMC Yukon XL64.4%
5Infiniti QX6063.9%
6BMW X663.8%
7Cadillac Escalade ESV63.6%
8Audi Q763.5%
9BMW X163.4%
10Inifniti QX8063.4%
11Buick Enclave59.0%

Lincoln MKT

Lincoln MKT is one of the best SUVs you can find out there. It has a good performance, thanks to its twin-turbo V6 engine. The easy-to-use infotainment system will give you the best journey. The inside is also comfortable and spacious. You got a huge space in the cargo area in the back. So, you won’t have any problem keeping your stuff when you are traveling.

However, the resale value depreciation is too big. According to the research, the depreciation of its original value after 5 years of usage is 66.1%. That’s the biggest among other SUVs. With the MSRP starting around $50,000, you can get five-yeard-old Lincoln MKT for $15,000. That is the worst resale value for an SUV.

Lincoln Navigator L

Lincoln Navigator L holds the second-worst resale value SUV on our list. The depreciation value reaches 65.7% of its initial price. This car has a big body, which allows it to carry more passengers than the normal SUV. Furthermore, it has a top-quality seat design and system. It gives you the most comfortable seating when you are on a long trip.

However, it might be too big for a city car. It would help if you also considered the place where you will keep it when you buy it. More importantly, it is also expensive. Its MSRP is around $100,000 at max. It is almost twice the price of the Lincoln MKT. With that level of depreciation value, you can easily understand how much money you waste for this car.


The next car is the product by BMW. Design-wise, this car may be one of the coolest crossovers you can find on the market. You can see the muscle and sporty touch on its exterior. Furthermore, it also has a slight vibe of luxury.

Performance-wise, it has everything that you need. The soft and easy handling gives you the best experience to control this automobile running on the road. A powerful and fuel-efficient engine boosts its performance. Previously, this series was the sedan model by BMW. Therefore, it can still maneuver in the corner. But, with the 65.1% of depreciation value, you might need to consider it a thousand times before you buy it.

GMC Yukon XL

GMC is trying to improve the comfort and convenience level of this series. Now, Yukon XL has a better wheelbase design. The wider wheelbase provides a more stable and comfortable ride on many roads with a different texture. The interior also got a total redesign. It helps the people who ride it to feel homier inside. With the powerful engine under its hood, you can see it as a perfect SUV to buy.

However, before you decide to spend your money on GMC Yukon XL, could you take a look at its depreciation value? It reaches 64.4%. The MSRP is starting from $50,000. So, can you imagine how much money you will lose when you try to resell it?

Infiniti QX60 

Next, we have Infiniti QX60. This one has a good quality engine. The V6 engine produces 295 horsepower for pushing this car around on the road where you drive it. Other than that, the cargo area is also quite satisfying. It is big and easy to arrange. It is a good feature for the family car.

However, it doesn’t have that much eye-catching interior. The interior is pretty much plain. Even this series has been released this year; there is no big change or improvement. Maybe, that is why it has a more affordable price than the SUVs in a similar class. Along with its affordable price, you also get quite a big depreciation value for its resale price. It reaches 63.9% of its initial price.  


BMW X6 is more of a sedan than an SUV or crossover. However, with its high ground clearance and big size wheel, we can easily see it as BMW’s effort to create another crossover model. It looks good, though. It oozes the sporty and luxurious vibe.

As for its performance, it is quite satisfying. The V8 that became the core of its performance boosted it with 335 horsepower. It is quite big for a city car, which you also can use for the suburban drive. However, the price is not that affordable. It would help if you prepared around $100,000 to purchase it. With it being in this list, it means the resale value is also not that good. Its depreciation value is 63.8%.

Cadillac Escalade ESV

The Cadillac Escalade ESV looks different from other SUVs in its class. This car has a strong premium vibe from its appearance. On the inside, it has more space than the previous model. Plus, if you look at the new release, you also can see a lot of improvement in its interior features. However, it lacks power for the off-road or suburban drive.

You may need to push its engine to the max to tackle the non-city road condition. If you prefer an SUV for the city only, this is a good choice. But, remember, the 63.6% depreciation value will take your money away when you decide to resell and change it with a new car.

Audi Q7

Audi Q7 comes with a more powerful engine. The new model uses a turbocharged V6 engine that has a hybrid feature. It sounds good, as it also not only gives you good fuel consumption but also more power. It also has more safety features now.

With all these additions, we can easily presume that this car will be your best choice for an SUV. However, the difference between the resale price and its initial prices is too big, 63.5%. So, you might need to consider more before you buy it, especially if you plan to change your car frequently.


BMW X1 has so many interesting features to offer. First of all, it has a large cargo area. Therefore, you can choose it as a family car or traveling car. The new model also has a refined and more powerful engine. The turbocharged four-cylinder engine gives you 228 horsepower.

You will get the speed as well as a powerful ride for city and suburban areas. The design looks great on the metallic silver color. Is it worth buying? The price is quite affordable, which is around $32,000. However, with the 63.4% price difference when you resell it, you should think carefully before buying it.

Infiniti QX80

Infiniti QX80 also has a similar depreciation value as BMW X1. It is 63.4% of its initial price. However, we can easily put it in the not-so-bad position because it holds so many interesting features.

Starting from the powerful V8 engine to the complete set of driving features, such as adaptive cruise control, we think you will get a nice deal with it.

Buick Enclave

The last car on our list is Buick Enclave. It is not as sporty as the other cars. However, the price difference is quite acceptable, at 59% of its initial price. You can buy it for short usage before you upgrade your car to a new and better car. It may cost you more, but it is a last resort you can use.

10 Best SUV for resale Value

Yes, if there is the worst, of course, there is the best. This is the data on the 10 SUVs with the best resale price according to iSeeCars.com

RankModelDepreciation Price ( Average 5-year)
1Jeep Wrangler Unlimited30.0%
2Jeep Wrangler31.5%
3Toyota 4Runner36.5%
4Toyoa Rav444.6%
5Toyota Highlander44.6%
6Honda CR-V44.9%
7Mercedes-Benz G-Class45.2%
8Mercedes-AMG G-Class45.9%
9Toyota Land Cruiser48.6%
10Subaru Outback50.1%


Those are eleven cars with the worst resale value in today’s market. Some of them have top features and performance. If you don’t mind the price drop when you resell it, you can get one of those cars and use it for your daily activities.  

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