8 best van for Camper conversion comes from a car with van models. In this world, there are so many types and types of house cars that you can see. Not a few home cars or campers are issued by automotive companies. Home cars released by automotive companies usually have extraordinary features and completeness.

Best Van for Camper Conversion Ideas Less Budget

These 8 best van for Camper conversion is certainly an alternative to adjusting the appearance of the vehicle as desired. The outside appearance of interior modification that is important for some people. This is especially true for owners of van-type vehicles.

However, the price offered also does not play and is very expensive. If you really want to enjoy the thrill of driving this house car, actually you don’t have to buy it. You can modify several types of cars that have spacious cabins for you to make cars, some types of cars can be 8 best van for Camper conversion based on netizen’s opinion.

8 Best Van for Camper Conversion Ideas

Here are the 8 best vans for Camper conversion that might meet your ideas:

  1. Ford Econovan Camper Conversion

Ford Econovan appears as a new Camper Conversion will remain the same as the current model. As we know that this car is quite unique and interesting to look at. It is not surprising that there are a lot of rumors and speculation related to this car. Maybe, it’s better not to wait for that to come because it is not too much different from the current model. It is said that this car could be a car that would invite a lot of debate. If you like touring, it’s better to buy Ford Econovan.

  1. Ford Transit Van Camper Conversion

    Ford Transit Van Camper Conversion Ideas

Van car is indeed not too wide. However, it is suitable for you who do not want to be complicated with a long vehicle. In fact, a van like this can be equipped with a shoe rack, kitchen, bed, and dining room.

  1. Mitsubishi Delica Camper Conversion Van

This is a vehicle that can be an inspiration to make the house run next. It would be exciting for sure if we and our partners make a house in this van with a complete interior like a house.

  1. Mitsubishi Express 4×4 Camper Conversion Van

It would be nice to be successful backpacking touring to 12 countries within 12 months. It turns out that the style of backpacking with touring vans can make us apply a new lifestyle, namely a minimalist lifestyle.

  1. Toyota Hiace Van For Camper Conversion

    Toyota Hiace Van For Camper Conversion

This car almost proves that we can live without even living in a conventional house. Although the space in the vehicle is not too wide, these deficiencies do not eliminate the intention of the true travelers to live in the wild.

  1. Toyota Landcruiser Troopcarrier For Camper Conversion

    Toyota Landcruiser Troopcarrier For Camper Conversion

Apart from that on the roof and the hood and the back door of this car, the users of this car don’t have to worry about the blisters because of this, the car is scratch-resistant. Venturing into the forest. While the identity of the van is suspected of being available in the rear cabin.

  1. Toyota Townace Camper Conversion Van

This white colored van is truly amazing. The car is equipped with kitchen facilities, bathroom, toilet and bedroom, windows, terrace, new floor, sofa to relax, and ventilation space. It would be nice like that?!

  1. Volkswagen Transporter Camper Conversion Van

It is not impossible, the interior that was originally only the factory default can be transformed like a luxury room in one’s own home for various purposes. In fact, this modification has become a trend for its own devotees.

Van for Camper Conversion & Modifying Tips

Modifying van campers to be safer and more attractive, there are a few tips that you can do the following. First is the budget. Make sure you make a modification plan according to the budget you have prepared. If indeed you are beyond your ability, it’s good that you change your modification plan so the results are also more meticulous and useful.

The second tip is interior to taste. You do not need to place the camper’s furniture that has a large size such as cabinets, beds and the like. Just enter items that can be useful such as sofas, small stoves and so on.

The next tip as stated in the first paragraph is about security. Installation of equipment and campers in the car must be done properly and make sure the furniture is not moving from the place. It would be very dangerous if you just put your furniture campers into the cabin of the camper’s car.

The next tip is to install outdoor equipment. If indeed there is not enough space in the cabin of your camper’s car, it never hurts to place equipment outside the cabin. You can add containers to the top of the car to store your luggage. You can also add a bicycle place on the back of the car if you like cycling. Not only that, you can also install a relaxed umbrella installation on the side of a wide-open car.

By listening to some car camper’s modification tips described above, you can now modify your car campers according to your wants and needs. The most important of these modifications is to maintain the initial function of the car itself. For that, besides paying attention to safety, you also need to pay attention to the power of the car you are modifying. Such are some interesting information about car camper’s modifications that you can see. Hopefully, the information of 8 best vans for Camper conversion ideas above can be useful for you.