2020 Dodge Ram Trucks, Specs, Configurations, Price & more

If you’re looking for a pickup truck that is easy to drive, the 2020 Dodge Ram is a good option. Despite its size, it’s a versatile and quite capable vehicle. So, it’s not a surprise if this 2020 Dodge made it into several top lists of best trucks and SUVs. Back in 2018, Ram pickup trucks were pretty popular among its rivals, improving the design every few months.

There are several models for Ram’s 2020 Dodge. Those are Limited, Laramie Longhorn, Rebel, Laramie, Big Horn, and Tradesman. Thus, 6 models have their size, specs, details, and features. Also, the are Ram’s 2020 Dodge 1500 and Ram’s 2020 Dodge 2500/3500. The differences are on the tow and payload ratings. For 1500, the maximum of tow rating is 12, 560 pounds. Meanwhile, for 2500, it has a maximum of tow rating 1,000 pounds. So, the 2500/3500 models are the heavy-duty ones.

Ram’s 2020: What’s New?

In this 2020 edition, Ram did several upgrades. That includes the improvement of the 3-liter EcoDiesel V6 engine—with a lighter block. Also, it’s larger yet more convenient than the previous outgoing versions. The cylinder-head breathing has been improved and the turbocharger is designed more effectively as well. Other improvements and designs are also made for safety and security—including the frame that incorporates 98% high-quality steel.

Moreover, there are also special editions for some models. In this case, Ram is probably going all-in for the dark and bold exterior. For example, there is a Night Edition package for Big Horn and Laramie models. This edition simply includes all-black exterior details. Yet, you still can pick your choice for the exterior color—available on flame red, silver, granite crystal, ivory white. On the other hand, there is a Black Appearance for Rebel and Limited models. This package applies to the paint of Black Crystal Pearl Diamond for the exterior. These editions pretty much filling the menacing look with an abundance of black, perfect for the fan of the monochromatic design.

Also, the new Ram’s 2020 Dodge combines the EcoDiesel V6 engine with 480 lb-ft of torque. This half-ton diesel also has a minimum of 12,560 lbs capacity for more impressive performance. Additional changes include a blind-spot monitor for Tradesman. And for Longhorn, there is a 22-inches two-tone wheel style. Next, there are also some new exterior colors; olive green and hydro blue— which later will be officially introduced in the last month of this year.

2020 Dodge Ram Trucks – Specs and Features: Here’s More…

Ram’s 2020 Dodge is known for its boldness and aggressiveness in all the right places. A good looking pickup truck with easy to operates features. In this case, it’s not just a powerful pickup truck, it’s also a convenient vehicle to drive. The interior includes 100% leather seat in light frost beige combine with clack argent wood accent. Moreover, a 10-square-feet sunroof allows you to get fresh air and experience with an open view. Therefore, this 2020 Dodge is technologically designed to be an advanced pickup truck.

You can enjoy your driving with a 12-inch UConnect touchscreen with split-screen capability—the largest screen in its class. Also, 360-degree camera, sensors, navigation, auxiliary ports, radio, and music player. If you are an iPhone or Android user, you can control the features you rely on, anywhere and anytime. Thus, you can install the Apple CarPlay (for iPhone user) or Android Auto (for Android users) to integrate with apps, music, calls, and navigation.

Furthermore, even it’s a pickup truck, there is still a lot of space for the passengers. In this case, 2020 Dodge is indeed versatile, but it also roomy. Then, it also has smart storages—including under-seat storage—so that the passengers still can fully enjoy the ride. So, no wonder if Ram claims that passenger’s convenient and their peace of mind is their priority.

It doesn’t end here, yet. Besides all of the new features and changes mentioned above, the Ram’s 2020 Dodge specs also include a cargo management system called the RamBox. Thus, it is simply a secure storage compartment, especially for the hard-working pickup truck owner. For example, you can keep and protect your necessary items like fishing rods, beverages, shovels, or any out-of-the-way kinds of stuff. That said, it comes with remote security so you can lock and unlock this storage based on your need.

Talking about storage, Ram’s 2020 Dodge also has a multifunction tailgate to load the stuff all in. Also, the tailgate available with nitrogen with oil-charged to make a consistent assist even in the warmest or coldest weather. Moreover, it has a 60-40 split and swing-away function to make the owner convenient in loading and unloading heavy stuff. Thus, the tailgate has a maximum load capacity of 2,000 pounds.

2020 Dodge Ram Trucks Price: Is It Worthy?

In August 2019, Ram officially announced the price for the 2020 Dodge Ram pickup truck. The price you should pay to bring this luxury pickup truck home starts at USD 33,000 to USD 58,000—that depends on the models. In this case, the price is quite affordable for this luxurious pickup trucks compared to its rivals. So, if you’re looking for the cheapest diesel with high features, the Ram’s 2020 Dodge might be the best.

Besides All The Pros, Is There Any Cons?

After mentioning all the good features and specs of Ram’s 2020 Dodge, now is time for revealing its lows. Not that it has so many flaws, but here we go. Some people mostly complain about the UConnect touchscreen that sometimes freezes and restarts itself. Moreover, the backup camera in times didn’t automatically show up when the truck is in the reverse.

Next, some people think it can get expensive too. Even though the price is quite cheap for such a luxurious pickup truck, you also have to pay a lot when you want to add more features you need. For example, you have to pay an extra USD 990 for an upgrade for the tailgate function. Moreover, if you want to add a retractable center step on it, you have to pay at least USD 290 more.

In conclusion, the Ram’s 2020 dodge is a luxurious pickup truck with an affordable price. The powerful look on the exterior balance with high technological features on the interior. So, it’s versatile yet still, offers the convenience for its passengers. Simply, it’s like having a luxurious car with really big luxurious storage attached to it.

2020 Dodge Ram Trucks, Specs, Configurations, Price & more Pictures

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