2020 Ford Kuga Plug-in Hybrid Review – Is It Worth?

Define the elegant style of driving. You won’t find the best feeling before driving the 2020 Ford Kuga Hybrid. If you are the SUV lovers, then this car is worth to try for driving test.

The Ford Kuga was indeed redesigned to keep Ford’s success in selling SUV and attract more buyers at the same time. Ford already knew that the SUV sector is still booming. Thus, they come up to the market with their SUV new generation.

For your information, the Ford Kuga Hybrid of 2020 is Ford’s third generation of best-selling SUV. Thus, you don’t have to hesitate about how impressive it is.

Ford added this new model with plug-in hybrid and mild-hybrid powertrains. This offering is perfectly completed with conventional petrol and diesel too. Ford really read their market because what Ford has done to Kuga Hybrid was that people expect.

Ford Kuga Hybrid of 2020 Price: Is It Worth?

Within its technology and features which will be discussed further, people expect the rational number for this car. Ford claimed that the price of Ford Kuga is affordable. Actually, until now there is no official price yet. But the hint is from around £24,000. This number is £1,000 cheaper than the current starting start. Even though the market also already known that there will be an increasing amount in the standard kit.

On the other hand, the market considers how worth this Ford Kuga Hybrid is. Because they must think about fuel savings and taxes too. Moreover, there is a residual value that has to be balanced with a high price. However, Ford offers you four trim levels. You can choose from the entry-level Trend until the luxury-focused Vignale. Between the two of them, there are the high-end Titanium and the sportily styled ST-Line.

A Glance Inside the 2020 Ford Kuga Plug-in Hybrid

Now it is time to walk inside the car. Get ready to know to dig deeper the one who beats Nissan Qashqai, Kia Sportage, and Hyundai Tucson. Okay, no more words, let see what Ford Kuga has below:


Before we step further, it is better to see from the outside first. Ford has done many things to its Kuga. The model is far less boxy, even though at the inside you will get more spacious and practical. Ford decided this through many insights from their customers. The market wants a larger and more practical car. This design makes the customer look more to stand out. If they want space, they could buy a van. But if they desire a sophisticated and more outgoing car, then Ford Kuga Hybrid is the answer.


  • Length‎: ‎4524mm
  • Width without mirrors‎: ‎1838mm
  • Height‎: ‎1689mm
  • Width with mirrors‎: ‎2077mm
  • Trunk Capacity: 456-litre


  • new metallic Diffused Silver
  • Sedona Orange
  • Blue Panther
  • triple coat Lucid Red
  • Star White pearl


Walk closer to this SUV, now we arrive at its interior. This car is designed for any kind of possibility. It means the interior gives you freedom in every journey. You can adapt the room by setting the seat. Ford designed the seat very flexible. Just by sliding forward and backward, then extra leg-room or boot-space is available for you.

Another thing about the interior is the dashboard. Its design is still influenced by the latest Ford Fiesta and Focus models. But it is more upright and set back if you compare to the previous Ford generations. One thing you should thank Ford is the headroom. Even though the Kuga is 20mm lower, you will get the more inside.

Technology & Features

Ford Kuga Hybrid technology attracts the market’s attention too. This car is completed with the FordPass Connect modem. This technology brings you to various features to elevate your driving. There is 4G LTE Wi-Fi connection which allowed for ten devices. You don’t only get the update of traffic, but also sending the destination through your phone is not a dream anymore.

Surprisingly, Ford’s technology makes you are able to control the car everywhere you are. Just get your phone and use the advance remote feature. Locking and unlocking the door, detecting your car position, until warming it up can easily be done through your finger.

Engine Specs & Performance

When you are about choosing the car, the engine is the priority consideration. So, now we move to talk about the 2020 Kuga Hybrid engine. This car has the power of a 2.5-liter petrol engine and an electric motor. This power is able to cover up to 34 miles with only using electric power. The other choice that customers can do is choosing a self-charging hybrid. You don’t have to do plugging in because it already linked to the 2.5-liter petrol engine. The engine can result in 50.4 mpg and 130g/km.

There are two other hybrids, a mild-hybrid and conventional. For the mild-hybrid, you don’t have to plugin too. Because it is using 48V electric technology that is light. It boosts the car efficient in the number of a 2.0-liter diesel engine. This number is able to deliver 56.5 mpg and 132g/km of CO2. The last one is the conventional version. It is 1.5-liter petrol and 2.0-liter diesel. The engine is linked to the six-speed manual or eight-speed automatic machine. To make a perfect wrap up, Ford offers you two and four-wheel drive options.


Safety is also the main factor before you buy a car. 2020 Kuga Hybrid safety is complete as you need along the journey. All safety standards are definitely available. But Ford added more things. As we mentioned above about the technology, you are able to do self-parking because the system directs to an end-on space. Don’t be a worry when you are in traffic. There is an automatic system that breaks when the car moves forward or backward into crossing traffic.

2020 Ford Kuga Hybrid features are very complete. Have we told you about the new-radar and camera-guided system? Well, find more assistance through this car for your driving on the street. Stylish outside, versatile inside, that is all about this car.

2020 Ford Kuga Plug-in Hybrid Review – Is It Worth? Pictures

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