2020 Nissan E-NV200 Review, Range, Speed, Interior & Price

Nissan has started shipping this type of vehicle to buyers all over the world. 2020 Nissan E-NV200 has been distributed to 4,600 orders since the first marketing in January 2018. This car is produced at the Barcelona factory to meet global market demand.

This car has the latest features, just like the features of a Nissan car that won the NV200 award. The electric vehicle model uses the best-selling electric vehicle models such as the Nissan LEAF. If you are intent in knowing more about the 2020 Nissan E-NV200, here are 6 interesting facts:


The battery in this car has a special charging ability. You can use a vehicle battery to store electricity and turn on other features. Moreover, you can even reuse excess electricity to help balance the local energy network.

This car has a large space so it can carry up to 7 people. Therefore, no wonder if this car is usually used to meet public transport demand. For example, it is used as an office, hotel, or taxi transportation.

The seat configuration of this car is 2 + 3 + 3. You can see the second-row seats and when so as to provide more cabin space. For example, you can see the second-row seats forward and upholstery when you fold to the side. So, you can bring 3 bicycles without removing the tires in this car.


The new Nissan E-NV200 combines the features of the NV200 van with the Nissan Leaf. This car offers electric drive, which uses sophisticated onboard technology. In addition, this car also allows you to configure the cabin.

This type of Nissan is under the homologation procedure (WLTP) with a 40kWh battery upgrade. By using these batteries, this car can travel up to 200 kilometers using the WLTP test cycle. When you drive this car in urban areas, it can reach 301 km.

Therefore; you can see an increase in the range of 60% in one charge. With a larger battery capacity, the charge capacity increases. This car can carry loads up to 705 kg in cargo vans.

2020 Nissan E-NV200 Price

In September 2019, Nissan announced that the selling price suggested by manufacturers in the United States would start at $22,830. This car has 2 classes, namely S and SV classes. Of the two classes, the most expensive is the SV class, which starts at $23,830.

That price certainly includes the best commercial van warranty in America. Coverage is limited to 5 years per 100,000 miles. The powertrain warranty is also as much as 5 years per 100 miles.

Suitable for Outdoor Activities Freak

Nissan seems to be aiming at lovers of outdoor activities who want comfort. Therefore, Nissan issued the E-NV200. The distance is quite short, therefore suitable for those of you who live near the mountains or the sea.

For those who don’t need an electric variant, you can choose the NV300 which adopts a 1.6 liter DCI diesel engine. There are four choices of energy produced, namely 94 Tk, 118 Tk, 123 Tk, and 143 Tk.

Apart from the engine options, both have exterior and interior designs that can support your vacation optimally. The cabin you can use for a mini kitchen.

For example, you can make it a sink, refrigerator, and gas stove. At nightfall, you can change the interior into two beds. The second sleeping area is on the roof that you have raised.

There are 2 Options of This Car

You can choose from two body options, the E-NV200, and E-NV200 Evalia van. Both series have a versatile interior. For example, you can configure the shelves contained in the car. In addition, you also configure bins and seats. Therefore, you can adjust the seat according to your needs.

Both of these car series have the same outdoor space, which is 4.2 m3. The space is certainly suitable for cargo weighing more than 740 kg. Evalia NV200 is suitable for those of you who have a lot of passengers. This car is also suitable for those of you who often carry a lot of things in the car.

It is because this car is ideal and it has a modular seat and there is enough space for luggage. Furthermore, this car is an electric van that has seven seats. If you have a car or a taxi rental business, this car is the perfect choice for you.

Can be used as an Ice Cream Car

The E-NV200 is an electric-powered Nissan van suitable for small and medium businesses. This ice cream concept car is the result of a partnership with Mackie’s of Scotland.

Moreover, this vehicle is very environmentally friendly so it is suitable for enjoying the summer. One way to enjoy the summer is to eat ice cream. The power used to operate the refrigerator to store ice cream is a diesel generator.

This car has 2 Nissan Energy Roam portable power packages and uses lithium-ion battery cells. Furthermore, this battery is also the latest battery technology used in Nissan’s first-generation electric vehicles.

Each portable power package unit has a storage capacity of 0.7 kWh. So, the unit can produce up to 1 kW. You can charge the unit in one hour using 230V electric power, or through a solar van panel.

If you want to fill it to the full, it usually takes from two to four hours. This van has a low roof, and there are pop-up halls and vendors who stand next to the van. Nissan also thinks about the payment and consumers can pay using cash or cashless.

Those are the 2020 Nissan E-NV200 review that will amaze you. This car is suitable for all your needs, from family cars to cars for business purposes. This electric car has two classes that you can adjust to your preferences and needs.

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