2020 Seat Ateca TGI, a New Compact SUV With CNG Engine Model

2020 Seat Ateca TGI Preview and Engine Specs

With the upcoming 2020 Seat Ateca TGI, the company sets a strategy to multiple its gar cars. After the existing Arona TGI, the Ateca seems to be the next model to offer compressed natural gas to the buyers. This is one of the good reasons to keep an eye to this upcoming vehicle.

Well, the new Ateca TGI is nice and affordable for the consumer. The manufacturer ensured that the short-term future in its model will bring the gas to the ultimate implantation of the electric SUV. This way, the manufacturer aims to increase its sales of gas cars.

This feature has actually been demonstrated with the Seat Ibiza which was introduced last year. Then, the Arona is supposed to get the TGI treatment as well, and the car will be scheduled to hit the market later this year. That’s why Ateca TGI seems to follow its siblings too.

Ateca TGI Specs, Features

If you’re wondering what makes the TGI version is special, the answer is actually clear. This version is supposed to offer excellent performance and consumption. It won’t take much cost even compared to a diesel car. And the eco-label should make it cheaper in the long-term.

When it comes to the engine, a 1.5 TSI turbocharged engine is supposed to power this new car. It will come with cylinder disconnection system. Nevertheless, this feature has been modified by the company to be able to perform either with gasoline or compressed natural gas.

2020 Seat Ateca TGI SUV Dimensions & Volume

Along with the engine, the 2020 Seat Ateca TGI may get advanced gas autonomy. We can’t deny that this part has received a lot of criticisms. For this reason, we expect the Ateca TGi to mount three gas tanks up to 8kg instead of two like the current TGI models.

The tanks can be set under the boot floor like the previous models. This way, they won’t take much space. In return, the manufacturer may cut the fuel tank capacity. Moreover, there can also be more updates received by the car along with the new TGI version.

2020 Seat Ateca TGI Release Date and Price

Some sources reported that the Ateca TGI will be on sale in 2019. But, we haven’t got any information yet regarding the release. We may need to wait for a little bit longer to see the Ateca TGI published on the market. Then, how much is the price?

Unfortunately, we haven’t got any information about the official pricing yet. And we can’t speculate the price as well since it will be a new version of the Seat Ateca. But, we can be sure that if this car comes to reality, it will be a great car to be taken into account.

All in all, the 2020 Ateca TGI is expected to be the next SUV from Seat to receive TGI treatment. This means the new vehicle will be propelled by compressed natural gas. Since it hasn’t been released yet, we should wait for a bit longer to see the 2020 Seat Ateca TGI.

2020 Seat Ateca TGI, a New Compact SUV With CNG Engine Model Pictures

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