2021 Mercedes Sprinter Van, Specs, Redesign & Release Date

Vacationing with family or friends would be very fun, even more so you can take a vacation using a van. However, you must choose the best van, such as the 2021 Mercedes Sprinter. This van has a complete interior with a very capable engine.

Mercedes Sprinter has been sold a lot since its appearance 17 years ago. This is because this van is so special with its perfect interior and exterior. If you are curious about the latest generation of Sprinter, let’s check this article:

In addition to holidays, this van is also suitable for holding a lot of things. This is because this van has a spacious cabin with a very powerful engine. The following are the details that you should know about this great van:

2021 Mercedes Sprinter Redesign Exterior & Interior

The previous generation of Sprinters just looked like a basic van. However, now it looks like a lot of changes must follow the trend.

Now, Sprinters are far more stylish and modern. This van has the latest features with an elegant, luxurious interior and also prioritizes comfort. Moreover, this van also passes the manufacturing stage and its finer dynamics. This van is a van that has more functions than just carrying passengers.

Or, a van that can only carry lots of goods sent a great distance every day. That’s why the latest generation of Sprinters is made to maximize the function of the van itself. However, the interior and exterior changes are not too noticeable, but still, the changes are for the better. For example, it looks much more modern, elegant, luxurious, and perfect for a van in 2021.

Exterior Changes

Vans have the same appearance. However, this  Mercedes Sprinter exterior has a different look compared to vans with the same segment. This different look is usually the added value for a van. However, usually, the appearance of the van is not too visible or not the main point.

The sprinter comes with a very nice exterior for a van with a luxury segment. This van has a more modern look with smoother wheels.

2021 Mercedes Sprinter Configurations

However, the exterior corners of this van are less sharp. However, this less sharp corner is the hallmark of a van. The grille on this van might get bigger. What’s more, the headlights will be more dynamic, which adds to the van’s aesthetics. In previous generations of Sprinters, the weight was quite light for the van class. Hopefully, in this generation, the Sprinter also has a lightweight for the van class.

Inside of New Mercedes Sprinter

The Mercedes Sprinter interior will be much better and futuristic than the previous generation. This van will have sophisticated technology so that it becomes the perfect van for you.

This modern technology is equipped with a good engine to support this van. Therefore, this van sounds like a great van. This van is usually used as a variation of the holidays. You can imagine with very sophisticated technology, and your vacation will be very enjoyable using this van.

Your vacation is also more fun because this van has the latest entertainment details with sophisticated menu methods. However, this van was indeed made for commercial purposes. In terms of interior, this Sprinter has large cargo space. Therefore, this van can fit up to 15 passengers with lots of luggage. In this van, it is hoped that there is a multilevel dashboard as an added value as a van.

There is also a circular HVAC vent and an HVAC button on the dashboard. However, like vans in general, the interior of a van is not very aesthetic. However, it must have maximum functionality with an organized interior appearance.

Engine Specs

The engine is indeed an important component in a van. Therefore, the upcoming Mercedes Sprinter engine has a powerful engine that can take you to all-terrain. This van has a motor power ranging from 95 to 190 hp. The energy consumption is also quite efficient, with an average energy of 6.3 liters for 100 kilometers.

There are two turbocharged diesel motors, namely 3.0-liter six-cylinder and 2.1 liters four-cylinder. The four-cylinder engine will pair with a nine-speed transmission. This van has a combined 6-speed manual gearbox transmission with automatic 7G-Tronic. In addition, this van also has exceptional winding techniques, namely the presence of crosswind and crosswind aid.

This van is also perfect for your adventure because it has quite complete specifications. For example, this van has a car and a stop accident eradication system help. In addition, there is also a management method of street signs that help preserve comfortable in this van. Then, an entrance light control system helps the colossal ray, and sightless location management assists blind location.


The Mercedes Sprinter features are expected to have many choices of assistance for the driver. For example, there is an itemizing of reference point level options or a regular model. This van also has features that you can count on, for example, the rules of the wheels or the roof method.

This is a very important feature in a van. This van is also has a modern entertainment device with a touch screen. Usually, the system uses Mercedes Benz User Experience (MBUX), which will make it easier for you. The next feature is the safety feature.

This is because this feature must be important to note for a van. These features include forward warning, a 360-degree parking camera, navigation, and USB connectivity. There are also blind-spot monitoring, traffic warning systems, and compatibility of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

2021 Mercedes Sprinter Pricelist

This van is a large and complete van that price will certainly be high, the same as the previous Sprinter case. However, the price you pay will certainly be the same as the spec and features you will get.

The prices of these vans range from $47,590. Regarding the cost of leasing, of course, it varies greatly based on its features. In addition, the presence of specials seasonal and regional will also determine the cost of leasing.

Regarding the release date of this van, there is no info related to this matter. Nevertheless, you can expect that this van will be released next year. However, this van is certain to be designed in 2020.

To sum up, you can count on the 2021 Mercedes Sprinter as the previous generation. This van will have an outstanding performance with a complete interior. You can also choose an optional package that you can choose according to your budget.

Picture: 2020 Mercedes Sprinter

2021 Mercedes Sprinter Van, Specs, Redesign & Release Date Pictures

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