New Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Redesign, Release Date, & Price

If you like adventure, this SUV is perfect for you. With a solid warranty, you will have a car that has an adventurous style. New Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross has an attractive appearance that will stand out if it is on the road.

This car is also quite athletic with a capable turbo engine. You will be comfortable if you drive and sit as a passenger in this car. If you are curious about all things about this car, here are the reviews:

2022 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Exterior Looks

This car is so interesting for you to know and discuss. There will be many things you need to know about this car, which are certainly valuable to you. You will know this car from the engine side, features, safety, comfort, and economical fuel use.

New Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Specs

As an SUV, the engine performance becomes important so that the car can go smoothly. This car has the latest 1.5-liter inline turbocharged engine. The engine itself will Turbo 4 cylinder to provide a small cease of torque so that fuel will be economical.

Like the previous release of Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, the New Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross engine will use Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT). The function of CVT is to ensure smooth transmission changes.

However, until now, there has been no further information about this engine. The engine itself, theoretically, can produce 150 horsepower with an additional 160 lb-ft. The torque is also very extraordinary, as this car will produce up to 200-horse power with a different powertrain.

In Europe, Mitsubishi offers two car variations: the latest turbocharged gasoline engine and 2.2-liter diesel. Surely this is a beautiful offer for you. If you are in America, the chances are that the CVT gearbox will also be offered.

Fuel Economy

This car is arguably quite efficient in fuel use. For example, in a city, it can be more than 26mpg, and on a flat road can exceed 29mpg. Besides, when combined, the average can exceed 27mpg. This is because this car uses a capable powertrain. This car can use gasoline, and it uses turbo power. Therefore, this car is quite efficient despite having a fairly sophisticated engine.


The features of this car can be said to be quite complete. You will have an Apple CarPlay and Android Auto warranty on this car. If you like entertainment in a car, this car is quite complete for you. There will be a 7.0-inch touch screen, Bluetooth to make it easy for you to control, and one USB port. Usually, these features can be found in ES types that prioritize values.

As for the EL model, the wheels used are 18-inch wheels. Do not forget; there are also Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in this car. You will get an advantage in this car. For example, there is a front seat that can be heated and several USB ports.

The medium type that is the SE type will have good safety features. There is a panoramic sunroof, automatic climatic control, and keyless ignition. The top levels are the SEL level, LED lights, paddle shifters, multi-view camera systems, and driver seat power adjustments.


This Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross safety will likely have a security update compared to the previous year’s version. Of course, security uses the latest technology. For example, there will be automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection.

This feature is only available in SE and SEL car models. There are also high automatic spotlights and lane-departure warnings that complement the safety of this car. Hopefully, in this car, security is improved.

In the 2020 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, IIHS did not choose this car as a Top Safety Pick. Therefore, the safety of this car may meet safety standards. However, until now, there has been no latest news about the latest innovations for this car.

2021 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Interior

Comfort is the priority when you choose a car. Either comfort when driving or comfort when you sit as a passenger. This car is known to have a prominent exterior style. This can be both bad and unique. It depends on you if you like the protruding exterior; this car is perfect for you. This car has good wedges for leverage, but sometimes these wedges are not very comfortable.

However, hopefully, some wedges are good for the style and comfort when you drive this car in this car. The upcoming Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross interior is also good but not too extraordinary or luxurious. The front seats are quite comfortable but not too lateral support.

You can adjust the bucket manually and only in the top trim. This also exists in the driver’s seat, so the passenger seat doesn’t have this feature. The back seat is enough for two adults. Even children will be comfortable sitting here.

The legroom and headroom are quite extensive. The cargo also contains about 22 cubic feet. The floor is also 4 feet more than the rear passenger seat. However, if the rear seats become flat, the cargo can fit up to 48 cubic feet.

Talking about the seat material, in the 2020 version, the material uses only plastic and cloth that is not too soft and smooth. For this reason, this car should have improvements. Such as adding soft touches and other smooth trims to make it look neat and comfortable.

2021 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Release Date and Price

UPDATE: Redesigned 2022 Eclipse Cross will be available at the beginning of 2021, the price starting from $22,995 for the ES 1.5T version. You can also lease this great SUV as low as $238 per month.

This car has various types, such as ES, LE, SEL, or SE. Of course, these types have different prices. The most basic car is the ES type. Prices start from $22,995, depending on the sales area. If you want to upgrade to the ES version, you can add a fee of $600.

Those are the review about the 2021 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. This car might take a long time to be released. This is because there will be a 2020 version next year. Therefore, you can look for information about this car if you are interested in having it.

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