2021 Toyota Fortuner Facelift, Specs, Release Date & Price

2021 Toyota Fortuner Headlamp Updates

Toyota Fortuner has been one of the top SUVs in the market since its first release. Therefore, this time Toyota redesigning the car into a better version. They are planning to release the 2021 Toyota Fortuner, which they say is better on almost all sides.

Since the release of the announcement, many people are curious about how the car will be. Seeing the excitement from the Market, Toyota has been very intelligent in choosing each detail for the car.

Even though the car hasn’t been officially released yet, but Toyota has given a sneak peek to people. The response from the people was quite positive and happy. So at least by seeing the future car, people can get to know how the new 2021 Toyota Fortuner is. Is it worth the price and excitement? Or is it just the same as the old one with a different design? Well, check out here to find more about how the New Fortuner is.

2021 Toyota Fortuner Redesign – The New Fortuner Exterior

Seeing the car at first, people will surely say that it is a big car. The Fortuner exterior makes it’s manly and tough to go against other cars. As for the bodyline of the Fortuner, it has a modern-day line which makes it bright all day. The lines also make the car look more edgy and sharp at the same time. To support the exterior, the new Fortuner is available with LED lights and daytime driving lamps.

As for the colors, there are 3 colors available to choose from. They haven’t released the formal color yet, but it says there will dark, maroon and gold coloration. People can choose whichever color they like, without any additional cost. At the end of the car, there aren’t many changes with the old ones. The only big change is the taillight and the color available.

2021 Toyota Fortuner Facelift

The Interior Design

There isn’t a huge difference in Toyota’s interior design by sight. The car can bring up to 7 people, with 2 people behind in the third row. The space between each row is quite big making it comfortable for all passengers. The design of the seats is also luxurious because it is made from fine leather.

The driver side is made very modern with many features available to help through the drive. The area beside the driver where the hand brake is, the materials are shining making it look modern. As for the trunk behind, the space is quite wide to put many things inside. Overall, the interior isn’t very different from the last one, still comfortable and wide. The whole family can fit inside and sit with comfort. So your long trip can be safe and enjoyable.

Engine Performance

The Fortuner’s engine will be available in three options, two are the same as before. If this right, then it will be the single drivetrain as before. The previous engine is a 2.4L, 4 Tube Diesel system which makes a 150 HP together with 260lb. The second option is a 2.8L, several tubes systems & a 175 HP. The last and the strongest engine is 4.0 L, with a six-cylinder with a direct injection system support.

The three powertrains are all available in a 6-speed transmission and great for a four-wheel drive. The old Fortuner itself has proven that the existing engine has made a comfort driving for the far destination. So, if you are planning to drive to other cities, the Toyota Fortuner is a great option.

Technology and Safety

Toyota’s technology is not known and informed. However, overall it is said that it will minimize the same as the Fortuner before. People will be able to connect to the audio using their Bluetooth, making passengers able to streams songs online. The car also has map features, which can help guide people through their journey. As for safety, their airbags available in both the passengers and driver’s seats.

There are also alerts that will turn on when the condition is not normal. For example, if any doors aren’t tight, the light will turn on. Or if the driver and the passenger beside is not wearing seatbelts, an alert will go on. The alert will only turn off if the drivers after there is an action. So, the Fortuner will sure ensure the safety of their riders.

2021 Toyota Fortuner Release Date and Price

There hasn’t been any official release yet about the date release and price of the upcoming Fortuner. However, people are predicting that it will come out in the first quartal of 2021. Therefore, it will be one of the newest cars in the new year of 2021.

The price is also still not confirmed, but it is estimated at around $44,000 for the lowest spec in this type. For each higher type, the difference is around $1,000 – $2,000 for every design. So the estimation for the 4.L engine is around $50,000. This is a great price for the new Fortuner. In this period, people predict that other SUV cars will also be coming making it a competition for the Fortuner.

Overall, the 2021 Toyota Fortuner is much more modern and interesting in the eye. The car is good to use for inside the city or between cities, with the support of the tough machine. Going with the family or alone, the car is a great option with its wide space inside. In the same period, Ford and Mitsubishi are going to release an SUV that will compete with Fortuner. Whichever car you just, adjust it with the needs of your families and budget.

2021 Toyota Fortuner Facelift, Specs, Release Date & Price Pictures

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