2021 Volvo S40 Redesign, Specs, Release Date & Price

2021 Volvo S40 Engine Specs

there is a rumor about the 2021 Volvo S40, are rumors about this car overdone or can it really happen? For cars lover, the news that can make them exhilarating is the release of a new car. Every year the cars release never slip on them. And of course this time too. In 2021, Volvo Cars will release its new series. After the release of 2019 Volvo XC40, some reports said that Volvo will release a new 40 series.

The rumor says that this car is the sister of Volvo S60 but in the smaller format. This will make the price of Volvo S40 lower than its sister. Not only that, it is said that Volvo S40 will use T3 Drive- E engine. With this rumor about Volvo S40, there’s no way you’re not curious right? So let’s take a peek at 2021 Volvo S40.

2021 Volvo S40 Redesign Exterior & Interior

When you see a car, first you will look at its exterior design. How the body looks, how the wheel is and so on. An interesting exterior can attract a lot of attention after all. And so, the Volvo S40. It uses a new concept that is CMA. As you know, this CMA is also used in X40. This unibody perfectly providing the foundation of Volvo’s small car.

Volvo S40 uses a coupe-like roofline model as the body. This will make it a small car with two doors and a hard roof. Because of that, it can’t carry many passengers on. The appropriate maximum number of passengers in this car is four people. But because the body is smaller, the interior space is also getting smaller.

Even so, this type of body matches well if you just want to go on a trip with only two people. Not only that, but it also comes with four threshold designs and makes you wonder what will the car looks like. With that kind of body, Volvo S40 works well with SUV layout. And that makes this car is different from the other version.

2021 Volvo S40 Specs

Interior Design

Let’s move on to the upcoming Volvo S40’s interior design. First about the cabin. To describe the cabin of Volvo S40 just contain one word. It is lovely. In the first place, S40’s cabin looks like the cabin of XC90. It is no exactly identical, but how it uses the single, small change receiving is almost the same. Nevertheless, the dashboard of this Volvo S40 definitely more extraordinary with elevated hardwood implant on it.

If you looking at S40 interior design you will find that it can accurately manage the features on it. Your current music taste and the usual position of the baby seat are some of the features that can be managed well. Moreover, this car is made so there will be many buyers, and to achieve that, it has a slim design and unique look such as gentleman-made wood and metallic.

The other part that seems notable is the chair. Volvo series always make their chair so comfortable, so it can make the passengers feel cozy. And that includes Volvo S40.  Its seat is homely because it follows the ergonomic style that not only comfortable but also safe.

Engine Specs

The Volvo S40 uses an engine that gives power and speed equal to 190 racehorses with 290 lb-feet of torque. What makes this car is special is the fact that Volvo S40 uses the new revealed T3-Drive-E engine. The using of this engine is because Volvo wants to focus on efficiency, so it is moving to the smaller engine. Because of that, this new engine is very light and compact. The Volvo series that used this engine for the first time is the new XC40.

As for the gasoline, the Volvo S40 has four gasoline water pipe. It also provides four pipes of diesel. There are three new turbocharged piping for about 1,5 liters. As a result, its unitary capacity is about 492,2 cc. With this kind of engine, the match transmission for it is a six-speed manual transmission. Also, there is a possibility in all motor units will consume 55 Kw/74 Hp for 9.7 kWh lithium-ion power electrical battery.

2021 Volvo S40 Release Date and Price

The Volvo S40 till now still in the progress of making. If everything according to the schedule, then you can wait for the release in 2021. Because of the production staff will use this one year remaining to utilize this Volvo S40 to the maximum quality. This has to be done so everyone that waits for the release won’t be disappointed in the quality of the car.

Besides the release date, the thing that you wait for is the price of Volvo S40. As one of a luxury vehicle, you can’t expect this car’s cost to come pricey. For the standard design with the smallest potential engine, the cost is about $50.000. But as we know, the Volvo series has already its name as the luxurious car, so it is understandable if this Volvo S40 gives a price for about $70.000. Although it seems expensive, the price is normal for the Volvo series has already proven its quality.

The 2021 Volvo S40 is yet to launch, but it has already spoken of. This is because almost every car lovers always wait for the release of the new car include the Volvo series. After the latest release of Volvo XC90,  the Volvo S40 is starting to get attention. With all of the specs provide by Volvo S40, it is expected to enter the stage in 2021 and compete with the other cars to be the top, be it the number of sales or the quality as the luxurious cars.


2021 Volvo S40 Redesign, Specs, Release Date & Price Pictures

2021 Volvo S40 Specs2021 Volvo S40 Release Date & Price2021 Volvo S40 Interior2021 Volvo S40 Hatchback2021 Volvo S40 Engine Specs

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