2021 Volvo V40 Release Date, Redesign, Pricing & New Features

2021 Volvo V40 will be sold starts from January next year. However, most people have anticipated the coming from today, so are you one of them? Before deciding to buy this tremendously excellent car, we will you some information about its price list and lease deals.

2021 Volvo V40 Features

There are some dashing features of the 2021 Volvo V41 you don’t want to miss out on. These features are remarkably excellent, especially for B-segment car users. If you wish to search for a B-segment car with C-segment features, you must choose this car as the next one you’ll buy.

Power Train

The first feature of the Volvo V40 is its efficient power train. Like other Volvo cars, V40 uses the power from Drive E-petrol – the invention from Volvo itself. As support, V40 also uses a healthy diesel power train and six speeds automatic transmission. This Volvo V40’s power output varies from 120 to 152hp, an adequate strength for a B-segment car type.


This is what makes Volvo V40 different from other cars in its class. It offers a comprehensive connectivity option, including an innovative invention named Volvo On Call. It is a specialized app to control your Volvo just with a click on your smartphone. Through Volvo On Call, you can give commands such as pre-heating, locking, navigation, and many others. You don’t need to be as close to providing these commands; do it wherever you are.


Like other car types, this Volvo V40 also supports many infotainment media, from television to the internet. It has this built-in Wi-Fi so that you can access the internet freely inside the car. Besides, it also has some embedded apps, such as TuneIn, Baidu, Wikilocation, and Yeps. The truth is, there are some cars with better infotainment media than Volvo V40. However, Volvo V40 has other tremendous features that make it worth buying.


Safety makes Volvo cars popular among their users, and V40 will bring you the same sense. V40 has the best safety feature called “Volvo’s City Safety,” which allows you to feel relaxed on the road. Volvo’s City Safety has a collision avoidance system, mitigation functionalities, and pedestrian/cyclist detection.


As for the appearance, the next generation of Volvo V40 uses the company’s old style consistently. Despite its unique features, this old-fashioned style makes Volvo V40 less attractive. Nevertheless, Volvo makers are sure that appearance wouldn’t ruin the car’s demand since Volvo intends to sell excellent and comfortable features first hand.

Tremendous Facts of the Volvo V40

Some remarkable facts appear due to the release of the upcoming Volvo V40. Here are some facts about the new car series of Volvo to trigger you to buy this car.

The First B Segment Car From Volvo

Previously, Volvo only released a car from C-segment. Since they sold their brand to the public, Volvo branded itself as a family-friendly car. And the release of the 2021 V40 will be the first time Volvo ever release a B-segment vehicle. The upcoming Volvo V40 release is the decrease in profit growth that happened to the company this year. So the company thinks that this is the time they must innovate their car positioning.

First Electric Car Made By Volvo

Besides being the first B segment car, Volvo ever made, V40 also be the first electric car from its company. In 2020, Volvo had a mission to sell only plug-in hybrid cars, and the V40 series became their first step. However, according to the latest news, Volvo intends to make a pure electric car by 2021. But to reach the goal, Volvo must gain 20% annual sales from its plug-in hybrids car.

Has the US as The Hometown

Unlike the previous Volvo car series, which has been built in Europe, V40 will have the US as its hometown. Volvo announced this firstly in June 2018, in South Carolina. Based on this fact, we can reckon Volvo is targeting a more prominent customer and more market highlights this year. Nonetheless, what makes Volvo’s plan more suspicious is its plan to release just about 24 V40 cars this year.

Will be Released in 2020

You probably have been anticipating this, but the V40 series will be release indeed in 2020. The exact date is still unknown, but according to the expected release date, Volvo will be releasing V40 in mid-year. Even if it’s still a prediction, you can start to save money from now. Because just as mentioned, there’ll only be a small amount of car will be sold. And if you want to get it, you’ll need to compete with thousands of people who want to buy the same vehicle.

Cheaper Than the Usual Electric Car

This Volvo V40 series is planned to be the cheapest electric car you can have at your garage. With the 2025 green mission of Volvo, you can buy this great car starts from $34,000 only. Regardless of the low price, Volvo will give you the same experience as the other electric car. Moreover, unlike other electric vehicles, Volvo V40 is a “medium-family car,” so there must be families who want to buy this even now.

2021 Volvo V40 Release Date, Price & Lease Deals

It is planned that the New 2021 Volvo V40 will be available by the end of 2020. Still, considering the global economic conditions, which are currently in recession due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we expect that there will be a delay until an undetermined time.

As mentioned, the 2021 Volvo V40 price will starts from $34,000. However, the highest price you need to provide to buy this excellent electric car is just $48,000. Even if you compare it with some electric vehicles in the same range, Volvo is still a champion from its price competitiveness.

If you want to search for a lease deal to buy it, we recommend you start doing it from now. With its affordable price and outstanding features, many people could grab it right before you.

That’s all the information about Volvo V40 features, facts, and price. Don’t forget to seek the best lease deal around you; it starts from now! Because you could lose the chance to have it just in seconds!

2021 Volvo V40 Release Date, Redesign, Pricing & New Features Pictures

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