2022 Honda Passport Redesign, Release Date, Price & Specs

2022 Honda Passport is yet to be officially announced by Honda at the moment. Some ideas about the car are circulating already. It is very usual in the car industry that rumors and thoughts of upcoming cars are circulating within the community long before the car’s release.

So, what about this Honda midsize SUV then? Will there be many changes to expect from the current year’s model?

This car from Honda has been around for a long time since 1994. The car was shown publicly in 1993 for the year 1994 model. There were three trims available back then under the name DX, LX, and EX. So far, the 2021 model of Honda Passport is the one that remains available for purchase. It is interesting to talk about the possibilities for the 2022 version.

2022 Honda Passport Release Date & Price

The current model of Honda Passport is on sale at $33,710 in its cheapest version. It means that next year’s model could be available to purchase between $32,000 and $40,000.

The 2022 Honda Passport will probably be produced by Honda starting at the beginning of 2021. Thus, the car will not be available until at least 2022. It is only reasonable for this SUV from Honda to be highly anticipated by car enthusiasts due to previous things.

2022 Honda Passport Redesign & Changes

2022 Honda Passport Specifications

The new look of a car is always part of things to discuss upon the coming of it. This SUV may well be a bit sportier than 2021 that looks great already. This midsize SUV’s body and wheelbase will be shorter than the current version for the upcoming release. Of course, the exterior appeal of the 2022 Honda Passport will look fresh.

Honda modifies both the front and rear fascia to deliver a more aggressive appeal to the car. The taillights are going to be smaller than before, with a very decent look to spot. The ruggedness of the exterior appeal is enhanced further by adding some unique silhouettes as well. The exterior of this car is unquestionably stylish in many ways to enjoy.

Honda Passport Colors

Platinum White PearlSport, EX-L, Touring, Elite trims
Deep Scarlet PearlSport, EX-L, Touring, Elite trims
Lunar Silver MetallicSport, EX-L, Touring, Elite trims
Modern Steel MetallicSport, EX-L, Touring, Elite trims
Black Copper PearlSport, EX-L, Touring, Elite trims
Crystal Black PearlSport, EX-L, Touring, Elite trims
Obsidian Blue PearlSport, EX-L, Touring, Elite trims

2022 Honda Passport Interior & Features

The interior cabin of the 2022 model Honda Passport is about to get more space. The vibe of the interior remains pretty close to the current version. The interior is maximized and optimized to provide cargo space up to 78 cubes when the rear seats are closed. That will be very helpful for those who use the car to move things regularly.

The driver section of the 2022 Honda Passport will not be the same as the previous model. The new steering wheel will be a nice for-spoke wheel. It looks and feels great to add to the overall appeal of the cabin. On the other hand, the entertainment center has a new 8-inch touchscreen on its vast and glossy dashboard.

The entertainment section of this car is also experiencing some changes. The interior cabin now has a set of seven-speaker to optimize the audio quality inside. Honda offers keyless ignition and entry for this 2022 Honda Passport for a bit of futuristic touch. That particular feature is more about the convenience of accessing the car.

With a considerably large touchscreen interface as the center of its entertainment system, the system can connect to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Wi-Fi connection is there as well. It comes with permanent connectivity to the HondaLink car suite. The top-level trims will enjoy enhanced features like a heated steering wheel, ambient lighting, and ventilated seats.

Safety Features

Well, The 2021 Model gets a 5-start safety rating by the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA). So, in terms of safety, the Honda Passport is very trustworthy.

Safety features are significant nowadays that new cars will not neglect them. The standard features in terms of safety to find in this car include adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assistant, collision mitigation, and automatic high beams. The blind-spot monitoring is there as well. More navigational features are available on the top trims only.

The latest Honda Passport is equipped with various security and comfort supporting features, such as:

  • The Honda Sensing Suite. An intelligent suite of safety and driver-assistive technology calms the driver to stay aware of the road and could even avoid a collision.
  • Road Departure Mitigation System (RDM). This feature can determine if you cross over detected lane lines without signaling.
  • Lane Keeping Assist Systems (LKAS). The LKAS subtly adjusts steering to help keep the vehicle centered in a detected lane, which is very convenient for driving on a long highway.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC). These features help the driver maintain a set following interval behind the detected vehicle for highway driving.

Engine Specs & Fuel Economy

What about the performance aspect of this car? The upcoming version of the Honda Passport may have at least a 3.5-liter V6 to boost up to 280 horsepower of its peak performance at 262 pound-feet of torque. The power will most likely be transferred to the wheels by a 9-speed automatic transmission. The car is available on either FWD or AWD.

The next thing to pay close attention to in the 2022 Honda Passport is the fuel economy rating. The car will deliver 20 mpg city and 25 mpg highway on its FWD model in fuel economy. Meanwhile, the new Honda Passport’s AWD model will give 19 mpg city and 24 mpg highway. It is crucial to think of that matter for anyone who will drive it very often.

2022 Honda Passport Redesign, Release Date, Price & Specs Pictures

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