10 Best SUVs for Camper Conversion (2024)

SUV is one of the best vehicles for traveling. It is not only because of the powerful engine but also because it tends to have a spacious interior. That’s why travelers often also use their SUVs for a camper.

Check the list of the best SUV for camper conversion below to get the most suitable one.

Ford Explorer

Some travelers love to drive Ford Explorer while traveling because this vehicle has an open back door. It makes this car look like a hatch. You can also remove the seats anytime you want to get more space inside the vehicle. It is why Ford Explorer is a popular option for a camper conversion.

Ford Explorer Pictures

Travelers even can customize this vehicle to get more benefits and maximal comfort during traveling. For example, one Ford Explorer owner created a box system with a full kitchen to supply ingredients and food.

Another owner customizes this vehicle into a simple and elegant little camper with a single bed with plywood and foam, a utility with a table, and an outdoor kitchen. You can even add a bit of portable toilet inside the car. Indeed, the customized models are impressive enough for comfortable traveling. You can stop anywhere you want, turn the vehicle into a camper, and get rest while enjoying the surroundings. 

Subaru Forester

Subaru Forester is roomy enough for people who love to travel around. You only have to focus on the cargo to transform this car into a comfortable and functional camper. Let’s say you can put built-in drawers by using used materials.

You can even do a simple thing like putting a few stackable containers on the cargo. Use the drawer to bring items you need for the trip. Cover the drawers or containers with a bed cover, and you will have a comfortable sleeping area inside your Subaru Forester.

The drawback is that you have to deal with the lower roof. Investing in a rooftop tent is perfect. Subaru Forester is compatible with the tent and strong enough to hold you.

The tent setting up process takes about two minutes. This idea keeps you safe while sleeping in an outdoor area without going too far away from the vehicle.

Honda Element

Honda Element is perfect if you want to have a more spacious camper. You can remove the seats and other interiors in a few minutes and change the area into a comfortable sleeping space. Open the rear side doors outward for the sense of a more spacious room. At least, it helps you move in and out of this SUV right away anytime you want.

Honda Element is large enough to build a cabinet, small kitchen, and bed. You can set the properties for two people. This car is perfect for couples who love traveling and need a powerful vehicle and a comfortable camper.

The design makes you feel to bring your house inside this vehicle. Thanks to Honda, it produces a car with a pickup truck and an SUV, making it easy to convert into a camper. Unfortunately, Honda stops producing this vehicle. It’s your luck if you still have a Honda Element today.

You can find Used Honda Element for the price starting from $5,488 to $19,504. What a bargain for such a great Crossover.

Chevy Suburban is The Best SUV for Camper Conversion

GMC Suburban

GMC Suburban is another excellent option to have a camper. The vast area inside the car provides you with more space to set up a comfortable camper. One of the simple ideas is to remove the car seats and customize the interior into a camper.

For example, you can add a stove and sink water to the car. It is also possible to create a bed. You can even put a bed for two people. Indeed, GMC Suburban is perfect for couples who love to travel by car.

Put a small fridge between the front two seats to bring all ingredients you need. You can also use the fridge’s top to put something you have to carry during the trip. There are still enough storage compartments even after customizing the car into a camper, such as under the bed, the wall, and even nooks and crannies. 

Honda CR-V

Honda Element is not the only SUV you can improve into a camper. Honda CR-V is also perfect for a traveller who needs a comfortable and functional camper. The compact model makes Honda CR-V suitable for off-road trips. How about the camper? It is easy! You only have to remove the seats first. The impressive thing is that the seat-removing process is simple by using a few standard tools.

Honda CR-V For Camper Conversion

The space inside the car is ample enough for solo or two travellers or travelers who want to bring their beloved pet to come along. Open the rear side and back door for easier access to go in or outside the camper. Then, put a raised bed inside the car. Use the space under the bed as storage to bring things that support your trip. One of the Honda CR-V owners even customizes the interior to build a hammock for her dog.

Dodge Durango

A Dodge Durango is typically a vehicle for travelers who love to bring many things while traveling. This vehicle is vast enough to tow up to 6.200 pounds. Plus, you will have a car with the J2807 SAE certification.

This certification explains that Dodge Durango is ready to bring heavy loads. It means that this car is prepared to pass through all terrains without making the camper messy. The trip will be more comfortable due to the torque and horsepower of this car.

One couple of travelers converts their Dodge Durango by adding a bed, drawers, and a kitchen. They use birch wood, magnets, and bolts to create the best camper inside a Dodge Durango. This couple only takes 25 minutes to customize the vehicle into a camper. It is fast enough to bring a small house along with you on a trip. Soon, you will have a perfect camper van for traveling anywhere you want.

The latest model of this SUV, the Dodge Durango, costs about $31,765.

Honda Passport

Honda Passport is another great SUV for camper conversion. The rooftop of this vehicle is compatible with a variety of rooftop camping tents. The size is even suitable enough for a two-person rooftop camping tent. Indeed, the car verifies that you can install the tent in a few minutes. Use a plate to protect the underbody and side steps to keep it accessible to reach the roof.

The rooftop of this car is comfortable enough for a person up to 6 feet and 10 inches tall. Travelers who try this trick explain that they can build the tent maximally and safely.

It is a good idea if you want to keep the seats and have a camper at the same time. They also still have enough room to relax at the top of the car. Indeed, the camper at the top of the Honda Passport is safe enough to keep you warm in a cold temperatures. 

Hyundai Santa Fe

The Best SUV for Camper Conversion

Hyundai Santa Fe is also perfect for travelers who need a camper. Luckily you can put a drawer in Hyundai Santa Fe because you can use it for a kitchen table. Remove the second-row seats, and you can bring a table and drawer there. Customize the camper by using birch plywood for a more durable option.

Hyundai created an SUV with an ample trunk space perfect for people who want to modify their cars into campers. You can open the rear side and the back door easily. Adding a parking heater is also a good idea if you’re going to camp in the winter.

All you need to do is prepare the power source and ensure it is safe enough. Imagine that you can put all these components into the car. This model gives you a chance to travel anywhere you love safely and comfortably.

Toyota Highlander

Toyota Highlander is suitable for those who don’t want to improve to create a camper radically.

This car is spacious, along with a large cargo in the back. You only have to fold the back seats to get an even larger area inside the vehicle. It is perfect for a camper! The size is large enough for two people to sleep there comfortably.

For a comfortable and straightforward camper, lay blankets and pillows on the flat surface once you remove or fold the back seats. That’s it! You are ready for a long trip and get rest anytime you want inside the car. Indeed, Toyota Highlander supports you to have a cheap and comfortable camper.

The most important thing is that you don’t need any complicated improvements to have a camper.

Toyota Highlander Costs about $34,810.

Nissan Pathfinder

Nissan Pathfinder is compatible with a rooftop tent. This car also has 79.6 cubic feet of area behind the front seat. This area gives plenty of room to set up a sleeping bag. You can even use the space to sleep with your partner while traveling. Plus, there is still enough area in the cargo to store all your camping supplies.

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