2023 Infiniti Pickup Truck; Does Infiniti Make a Truck?

It is always interesting to dig deep into the community’s circulating rumors about possible new car releases.

Car enthusiasts worldwide are talking about new automobiles to come and hit the marketplace at all times. Even just a glimpse of a test appearance on a new car’s road will spark a long discussion in many forums.

So, amidst the hottest things to talk about.

It is interesting to get to know more about it. The most important reason is that it will be the first time for Infiniti to release a pickup truck.

So far, Infiniti delivers decent cars in the form of SUVs, crossovers, coupes, and sedans with a strong flair for luxury. That is reasonable since Infiniti is the luxury brand of Nissan. Even though Nissan has pickup trucks, Infinity has no visible intention and sign just yet of releasing one.

On the official website of Infinity USA, no information just yet about a possible pickup truck for the brand to hit the market soon.

There is not even a concept photo or official rendering image from the manufacturer. The available vehicles to purchase today remain Q50, Q60, QX50, QX60, and QX80. The special edition comes in the form of an all-white Edition 30 version of those Infinity cars. It is to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the manufacturer.

Meanwhile, in the future and concept sections of the website, there are no pickup trucks there as well. Some unique and iconic-looking automobiles are there. So far, the concept sections display QX55, QX60, QS Inspiration, QX Inspiration, Project Black S, Prototype 10, Prototype 9, and QX Sport. So, what is it about the rumors of Infiniti manufacturing a pickup truck? The words on this matter have been circulating for years now.

Following the global pandemic of Covid-19, it is unlikely that a car manufacturer will rush in designing and producing a completely new car model. It is always better to renew the current cars to hit the market freshly. That is the case of the QX80, with a bit of update to make it looks better for the upcoming year. As of the moment, there are no more cars within the release schedule from Infiniti.

Infiniti Pickup Truck Platform

Infiniti Pickup Truck Price

A good thing to consider for a manufacturer like Infiniti is that in 2019, a pickup truck’s price hit the highest average record. Most of the pickup trucks out there have a base price of $50,000 at the moment. People have started to buy pickup trucks for many things that the vehicles offer, unlike other passenger cars. The general idea about pickup truck is that it is the most expensive of all passenger cars.

The Infinity pickup truck’s possible idea may not be too far from Nissan and its previous cars. Some pickup trucks out there resemble other vehicles from the same manufacturer. So, Infiniti may bring one of its SUVs for the basic design of the pickup truck. The result of the draft will most likely be a luxurious pickup truck. That is the line that Infiniti works best in making an automobile for sure.

Infiniti Pickup Truck Release Date

The year 2021 is the time for many businesses to restart after the attack of Covid-19. If Infiniti is about to manufacture a pickup, it will not hit the market soon. It will probably not be available until at least 2022. It will not be reasonable to spend the budget to start new research and development of a new car at the moment. It is better to push the old and available car models for future build and release.

It may need about 2 or 3 years in the future for the rumor to become a reality. That will give Infiniti a decent window to plan the release of its first pickup truck in a luxurious flair. The car will most likely hit some events first as a prototype. So far, it will always be interesting to check on some websites about automobiles on the internet about this matter. Many of those websites positively discuss it as if it is a certainty of things already.


No clear and official statement indicates a possible pickup truck release under Infiniti’s name, as disappointing as it is. In 2 or 3 years to come, it may become a reality. At the moment, Infiniti stays within its comfort zone of making SUVs and sedans. Just make sure to stay tuned to get news and updates whenever there are clear signs from anywhere else within the car communities and fan clubs.

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