2022 Chevy El-Camino Reborn; Everything We Know So Far

The rumor of the 2022 Chevrolet El-Camino being reborn never gets old. Words about the car circulate the vast community of car enthusiasts all around the globe. Unfortunately, there is nothing real about it at all so far. At the end of 2020, there are no signs from the manufacturer to recreate this iconic car.

This legendary car from the past has no future. It will most likely stay as it is as a legend among the many modern vehicles of today. Yet, it is interesting to talk about it through some words out there.

Is Chevrolet making a new El Camino?

The million-dollar question of many people out there is whether or not the car will be back in the future. Sadly, there is no clear and positive answer to that question up to this moment.

The official website of Chevrolet is the best place to find out about it. So far, there is nothing about El Camino on the discussion there. On the Trucks section of the website, there are only three vehicles available. They are the Colorado, Silverado, and Silverado HD.

The last model of El Camino was in 1987. There are two generations of cars that look different from each other. Regardless of that fact, both automobiles look iconic at the time. That makes it very reasonable for many fans of the car to hope that it will return at a time in the future.

The fascinating thing to do is imagine and visualize what it looks like when it returns for real. Will it be retaining the look of its last generation? Or else, will it be sporting the design of modern pickup trucks?

The rumor about the return of El Camino started to buzz in 1992. The reason for that is a concept drawing published by Chevrolet. Unfortunately, that concept drawing went out cold. In 1995, a new rumor circulated with the Chevrolet Caprice to be the base model for the El Camino return model. Once again, that remains a rumor without any measure of realization at all.

Why does the rumor of Chevy El Camino’s return get very popular for years? The sole reason for that is the fact that the car is legendary in its time. Many automobiles from the past are popularly known to be legends. Just think of the well-known Camaro and Charger in which both of them are available today in their modern versions. It is possible for both Camaro and Charger. Why does El Camino not make a return?

Looking back at the vehicle’s demise, it is clear that the reason was the introduction of four-cylinder pickups. The purpose of the smaller engine is to meet economic factors. An eight-cylinder car is no longer an option for a daily-driven car.

The majority of people will go to more efficient and economical options. Nowadays, because many people realize the importance of fuel efficiency in their cars, it will be impossible to bring the idea of El Camino into reality.

Many people of today focus more on practicality and functionality. If a car enthusiast wants to get the excitement in driving an El Camino, the first thing that comes to mind is to find a real El Camino out there.

There is no point in releasing the so-called reborn version of the car without retaining its original aspects from the past. So, the name of El Camino should continue its rest without any possible return in the future.

Anyway, it remains interesting to touch the surface of some possibilities for the car. Just think of it as a big what-if. If the vehicle is about to hit the market again, what design appeal will it incorporate? Chevrolet may look into its pickups for the base. A naughty thought is to use the front section of the Camaro and add a bed to make a pickup out of it. That will make a lot of people happy for real. The thing is, the reborn of El Camino will deliver a fresh new look of modern car culture.

New Chevrolet El-Camino Updates

2022 Chevy El-Camino Specs

In terms of the performance section, bringing the performance level of Camaro is a decent idea. Other than that, using a 2.5L four-cylinder engine with 200 horsepower and 191 lb-ft of torque is enough. That will provide the performance level it needs as a truck.

More importantly, that will deliver a decent set of fuel economy at 19 MPG city and 25 MPG highway. The starting price should be low for the car. The price tag of $25,000 is a good one for it to hit the market hard.


It remains a possibility the Chevy El Camino will be back. Yet, it will not be the same as its original models in the past. It will most likely be a small modern truck with a high fuel economy as its focus.

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