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Am I looking for a Vans car to fit the whole family in? But wanting a Vans that is also a modern car? Well, maybe the New Ford Tourneo can be an option to check out. This car will surely fit the whole family with its massive space. There are two options for the vehicle, a five-seat design and a seven-seat design.

There isn’t much difference between the two styles that have been released. However, the main difference might be in the engine with an option of 1L and 1.5L. But still, people can adjust the car to their needs.

2021 Ford Tourneo Custom Review

Here are some things you should know about if you plan to buy a new car from Ford. Indeed, it will help the decision in which option to buy:

2022 Ford Tourneo Exterior

The New Ford exterior isn’t that stylish compared to other SUV cars. The shape is boxy, making the car look a bit old style. Like every other Ford car, the car’s front has LED lighting, and the higher variance uses HID Xenon. The design of the front side isn’t long, adjusting the shape of the car too.

This way, it makes it easier for people to drive the car without worrying about the front. However, the car’s front also has a thin line to make the car look bolder. As for the colors, there are seven options people can choose for their 2022 Ford Tourneo. They are available in Dark Blue and shadow black for dark colors. As for the lighter colors, frozen white, red, and silver. People can choose any color without worrying about the extra fee from Ford.

2022 Ford Tourneo Interior

When you open the sliding door from the back seat, you can see a massive space inside the car. There are five seats in the back and two seats in the front, including the driver seat. People can change the design or flow of their seats, considering how they like it. Depending on how they want it, they can pull it forward or all backward.

2021 Ford Tourneo Interior Custom Vans

The seats are made from one of the most delicate fabrics, so it is comfortable. As for the driver’s seat, it is set with the standard, making it is easy to adjust for any size. The loading height is also made not too high, making it easy for people to carry things in. Don’t worry about the  Ford Tourneo’s trunk because it is also designed with a great design. So, you can travel with many people and still bring many things at once.

Engine Specs

The New Ford machine is available in two options of engines which are the 1L and 1.5L. The 1L engine will produce 99bhp and 125 lb, enough for driving around the city. The sound of the machine is quite loud for this engine. People do not recommend using it for far drives, just alright for driving to cities.

This engine is also best used in the five-seat style rather than the seven-seat design. Most people recommend using lower power because it is enough for the five and seven design seats. Just imagine how heavy it will be for the seven-seat design! The second option of the engine is 1.5L which produces 99bhp or 118 bhp. Whichever engine people choose, they both have emission and economic savings.

Technology and Safety

Despite the boxy design, the new Ford comes with advanced technology. People can connect their smartphones to technology. So, they can make hands-free calls and stream songs or videos simultaneously. With this technology, drivers can also get directions to the nearest place they need just by saying what they need. Whoever drives the car will feel the easiness with the many futures near the driving area.

For example, I need to park, or I am hungry. The technology then will show the closest place to park. Or any place that is your request. Don’t worry about safety because it is also guaranteed inside the car. Airbags for the drivers and passengers beside are included in the front of their seats. There are also a few options for features such as a lane-keeping alert or brake assist. These simple New Ford features will help avoid an accident.

2022 Ford Tourneo Price and Date Release Date 

The latest generation of Ford Tourneo is available in 2019, with different prices according to the type. The lowest price starts from the five seats with the 1L engine, which begins at £16,545. As for the seven-seat using the same engine starts at £17,000. As for the seven-seat, I am using 1.5L starts at around £19.945, which is bestselling.

If you plan to use the vehicle for short trips, the 1L one is better. For higher power, the price difference is about £500. On the other hand, those looking for a vehicle to drive between cities can choose the 1.5L. Just adjust it with your personal needs and, of course, adjust it with your budget.

Overall, the New Ford Tourneo is an excellent option for a Vans. Other brands share the same market; however, the cost is more expensive. If you are not too in the car’s design, then this choice is ok. Even though it is not as attractive as other cars in the same competition, overall, it is a recommended car for the whole family to ride in and very useful. Try it out and give yourself the experience of riding the new Vans.

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