New Lexus Pickup Truck: Everything We Know So Far

It is always fascinating to have a chat with car enthusiasts on the topic of some upcoming cars.

The segment of the truck in the car marketplace is full enough nowadays. There is a lot of car manufacturers and car models to choose from the list.

That can get much more crowded with some upcoming trucks that include the new Lexus pickup truck. It is currently a talk of the community regarding the new truck from Lexus to expect shortly.

In the US market, it is clear that Toyota is considered the leader in trucks. That can only mean one thing. Toyota will try hard to hold its position as the leader of the truck segment of the US car market. One thing to do that is by releasing a new truck soon enough. So, it is reasonable to think that Lexus’s new truck will most likely be a 2022 model.

Lexus Pickup Concept Design

The new Lexus pickup truck that will probably hit the market in 2022 is not in a bright shade of information at all so far. The brand Lexus is very famous for its luxurious style. It means that the new pickup truck will certainly be in the segment of luxury trucks in the car market. The car’s design language may not be too far away from the LX 570 models from Lexus.

It is simple to bring the iconic look of the LX to a new pickup design. There is not much competition in terms of luxury trucks as of today. That will benefit Toyota to offer almost any look and design of its upcoming pickup truck for 2022. An interesting thing to discuss is the platform of the pickup. It can either be a unibody or a body-on-frame.

With the possible base of LX, some touches may be there in the new pickup truck to look a bit more aggressive. A muscular grille, a bed liner, and brand-new skid plates will certainly be altered and redesigned for the new pickup. Car enthusiasts hope that the new car will be in the form of a full-size pickup truck in a luxurious appeal from front to rear.

New Lexus Pickup Truck Price and Release Date

Lexus Pickup Interior

The only thing to expect from Lexus when it comes to the interior is a definite luxurious feel and appeal. The new Lexus pickup truck will powerfully scream luxury inside the cabin.

Following the high-class appeal of the interior room is a spacious interior. When it comes to a full-size pickup truck, the interior space will be massive. A crew cabin design of it will be a nice one for sure.

The materials of the interior will most likely be in all high-end levels. That is highly needed to support the idea of the luxury of this particular car from Lexus. High-quality materials mean nothing but comfort. Thus, it is expectable that the interior of the new 2022 pickup from Lexus is very comfortable. Aside from that, the interior of the car will also be enjoyable at the same time.


A decent engine is needed to support the aggressive appeal of the exterior of this full-size pickup truck. An option for a full-size pickup truck will be a Twin-Turbo V6, to the least. The currently available lineup of cars from Lexus sees a 3.5-liter V6. The upcoming pickup truck may be using at least that engine. An upgrade to the use of a V8 is a reasonable thing to do for sure.

The new Lexus pickup truck will deliver up to 278 horsepower upon using that V6 engine. The possibility of peak power outage upon using a V8 is up to 470 horsepower as long as it is a 5.0 -liter engine. The bigger engine is a much more reasonable option for a full-size pickup truck that Lexus need to consider.

Lexus Pickup Release Date & Price

The last couple of things to discuss upon Lexus’s upcoming pickup are the release date and the price. There is a clear hint so far regarding the possible release date of the car. It may be presented by Lexus at the end of this year or early 2021 as a concept. This pickup’s year model will most likely be 2022, that it will not be available until 2022 for purchase.

Regarding the price to expect, the new Lexus pickup truck will not be more than $50,000. That price is a reasonable price for a luxury brand that originated from Japan.

At the moment, it is nothing but those rumors and ideas about the possibly new pickup truck manufactured by Lexus. It will remain that way until some spy photos of the car are available to analyze further.

New Lexus Pickup Truck: Everything We Know So Far Pictures

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