Upcoming 2020 Toyota Fortuner Facelift: Release Date, Specs & Price

Upcoming 2020 Toyota Fortuner Facelift: Release Date, Specs & Price | Because of the robust, strong and rugged, Toyota Fortuner has taken over the car market. With the help of its stylish and well-made design configuration, Toyota Fortuner stays to catch the eyes of the observers. Toyota spread the all-new Fortuner in November 2016. Ever since the car has been out-selling every other SUV. For most shoppers, if it comes to buying a luxury SUV, the Fortuner’s frequently the only choice. The Fortuner is multipurpose and the seating can be transformed depending on your desires. The following are things you want to know about the Upcoming Toyota Fortuner.

New Toyota Fortuner Facelift – What To Expect?

Toyota’s focus on refinement is certainly worthwhile, as the Honda Fortuner is sized for comfort. Vehicles from Toyota are known for being robust. Many people buy and sell Toyota Fortuner without any depreciation of the value of the vehicle after several years of use. The Fortuner served almost the same off-road smarts with similar roughness, but it did so at a far lower cost in contrast to its brother on the other side of the stable, the Prado. The 2020 Toyota Fortuner must be an overhauled SUV which highest quality is the raw toughness.

2020 Toyota Fortuner Redesign

The Toyota Fortuner may not sound familiar in the USA and Europe, but in fact, it’s prevalent in parts of the world such as South East Asia and Australia and so forth. It is a rare bird nowadays when crossings dominate as a conventional SUV body-on-frame. The latest reports suggest that in the near future to it could come to North America. Toyota’s new premium SUV 2020 will be the new Toyota 2020 Toyota Fortuner. By releasing the Fortuner 2020, Toyota tries to demonstrate its identity in the SUV market. A premium SUV with high technology and feature is the Toyota Fortuner. You get a premium driving experience of the highest standard.

If it ever comes in, Toyota Fortuner 2020 is likely to come with a number of amendments, making it more appropriate for the North American market. However, the characteristic of the base design would definitely be the same. But it’s more streamlined than the previous one. The external design of the new Fortuner 2020 looks more beautiful than the present model in some spy shots. The Toyota Fortuner 2020 will feature a wealth of new styling details. Naturally, the majority of them would be reserved for the front, although other areas may also suffer.

Interior Changes

Many reports have said this new Fortuner would have completely new interior design. The size of the cabin remains the same as the previous cabin. However, the dashboard has a new design. On this dashboard, you can find a new digital panel and an LCD touchscreen. The current model will offer a lot of capabilities, but the interior is more functional. A possible arrival in North America would, therefore, bring many changes to the cabin. This mainly refers to higher material quality, plenty of soft-touch surfaces, and the like. Furthermore, count on the latest technology, security systems and the like.

The Fortuner 2020 cabin will feature many modern technology and features. The dashboard looks awesome and works. The seats are designed in a modern and elegant style. It uses premium leather to provide you with driving comfort. Your leg and head will have the cabin wide and comfortable. New perforated seats and heat rejection glass are provided for the SUV. It was expected to receive significant upgrades, although no significant changes were made by the company. Other features include the leather-coated multifunctional paddle shifter steering wheel, automatic air condition control, the Smart Key Entry start/stop button, etc.

Engine Specs

The engine is going to have a few variants. For the plus model in 4 cylinder configuration, a base model of Fortuner 2020 will be 2.7 liters and 3.0 liters. The transmission system will be used automatically. For the engine specification, there is no official information from Toyota. There are even reports that Tacoma’s 3,5 liter V6 has the same output. It will not be surprising if we also see a diesel version in the product. The diesel is good for 177PS, while 420Nm is good for 6-speed MT and 450Nm with the 6-speed AT if the petrol makes 166PS of power and a 245Nm torque. This engine is coupled either with a five-speed handbook or an automatic six-speed drive with paddle and paddle shift.

On the front, you’ll see the new headlamps. The LED lights will be used to give good lighting. The grille is new in style as well. It is more contemporary and trendy than the old model for the new Toyota 405. The dimensions of the body are still identical to the existing model. But lighter and stronger materials are used to reduce the overall weight of the body. This will improve the speed and fuel consumption of the new Fortuner.


The new Fortuner is provided for safety with seven airbags, EBD ABS, starting support, vehicle stability control and control of traction and downhill (4WD only) control. The company also offers the new color scheme for the Chamois interior. New perforated seats and heat rejection glass are provided for the SUV. It was expected to be upgraded significantly, though no major changes were made by the company. A 17-inch or 18-inch wheel shod with all-terrain pulls has been fitted on the wheel arches. In the back, the SUV is chic with LED taillights, a new stunner with built-in reflectors, a spoiler on the roof, etc. The TRD Sportivo version comes with a radiator grill with a bottom grid cover, 18-inch TRD alloy wheels, an out – of-roof blacked and pillar blacks and external TRD-inspired accents.

2020 Toyota Fortuner Release Date and Price

Ford has updated the Endeavour, which was launched only a few months in front of the second-general Fortuner pre-facelift. The facelift is designed for Toyota to update the SUV’s list of features, as it looks rather out of date, particularly in comparison to Ford Endeavour. The official confirmation of the 2020 arrival of Toyota Fortuner is still awaiting us. Presumably, the 2020 Toyota Fortuner price will be around $30,000 at the end of the year. It is a little more expensive than the current model that we can predict.

in Australia, the Toyota Fortuner is also known as the Toyota Hilux SW4. The price of the Toyota Hilux SW4 aka Toyota Fortuner starts at $ 44,590

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