Peugeot e-Legend, An Autonomous Vehicle for the Future

If you’re looking for an autonomous vehicle with a cool design, the new Peugeot e-Legend can be a great example. This vehicle makes its appearance at the Paris Show, displaying an autonomous vehicle which still looks like an actual car. It shows that it has something different from the rest.

For those waiting for this car to hit the American market, it must be good news since this Peugeot is coming to the U.S. But, should we really care about this car? The idea of a self-driving vehicle is surely interesting and this car also has a great concept.

Even though it’s only a concept, at least Peugeot and the other manufacturers in the group are certainly putting some electrified cars into the production as shown at this show. It is meant to have the ability of autonomous driving, so it can be worth checking out actually.

What to Know about e-Legend Concept

When we saw the new concept of e-Legend, we can say that it has the appeal of Pininfarina in the 1960s. But, this electric car is supposed to offer something more modern for the future. Plus, it also has an advanced autonomous driving system which is worth to expect.

The e-Legend concept is created to have bodywork of a coupe with 19-inch alloys wheels which look really cool. Not only are cool, but these wheels also have another function since the front ones manage an air passage to increase airflow. The black trim at the rear pillar’s bottom, moreover, is like the 504 Coupe.

Then, what can we expect inside this futuristic Peugeot e-Legend concept? We can look forward to a retro theme. You won’t see traditional controls since they have been switched by a six-inch touchscreen and a rotary knob. Then, we can find a digital toggle bar which displays some commands.

Moreover, we can also expect for 12-inch displays added into the sun visors. There’s also a wide 49-inch curved display and some other screens which are plastered all over this car’s cabin. In total, we can find 16 displays with diverse sizes in this e-Legend. It seems amazing, doesn’t it?

New Peugeot e-Legend Release Date and Price

The news about e-Legend doesn’t stop in its amazing exterior and interior. It’s also important to know that, this car has a massive 100-kWh battery pack offering enough power for 383 miles in the brand new WLTP cycle. Interestingly, it only takes about 25 minutes to recharge the battery.

Then, when is this e-Legend scheduled to hit the market? At the time of writing, there’s no official statement related to the exact release date of this e-Legend. But, it’s reported that further announcement about this car will be made after the pre-production is complete in 2020.

how much is Peugeot e-legend? When it comes to the price, there’s no official information regarding how much the cost to get behind this electric car. This futuristic e-Legend is still a concept, after all, so we need to wait until the manufacturers decide to create this wonderful Peugeot e-Legend or not next year.

Peugeot e-Legend, An Autonomous Vehicle for the Future Pictures

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