2020 Ford Focus Active Engine Specs

Ford has confirmed that the 2020 Ford Focus Active will be launched at the end of 2019. Well, if it is postponed, at least you can wait until the earlier 2020.

This new model will replace the current Focus model. So, if you are the sedan user or hatchback lover, you must open your eyes to this car. Through Focus Active, Ford offers you a “private fleet” where you can feel the spontaneous adventure. As a hint, Ford increased the height and made the wheel wider. By these touches, you might wonder about the flexibility and more practical.

Not to compare with the latest version, but we can say that the Ford Focus Active is one step forward entirely. This car is still inspired by the SUV family. But the difference is from the technology inside. Ford offers you drive modes that allow you to control your journey. Also, some features that blended very seamlessly. If you are curious about Ford Focus Active specs and detail, then you must read this article.

2020 Ford Focus Active Price

Actually, Ford has not released the price officially. They still keep it as a mystery. So, you are freely wondering how much the cost. For the first time, they planned to produce it in China. But some news said that they canceled this because of the production cost there. Seeing this matter, you might have a guess about the price would be. Several people speculate that the price will be about $20,000 range. This number is lower from the previous model which is the Ford EcoSport crossover. For your information, the Ford EcoSport crossover was started at $20,995.

Talking about the unreleased price, Ford also has not given the Ford Focus Active release date yet. But they guaranteed that you can see this car in 2020. All you need to know is Focus Active kind of a hatchback car. But you will find the unique front and rear trim with its extra body.

Ford really wants to spoil their market. They prove it by making this Ford Focus Active. Seeing the copy of its brand, they say that “A Good Dilemma to Have…”. Is it that worth to change your current car with this? Well, just see the specs and details below:

Engine Specs

Let’s peek under the hood. This Ford Focus Active engine is available in two choices, they are 1.0-liter three-cylinder turbocharged and 1.5-liter four-cylinder turbocharged. Actually, there is another one of the engines, which is the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder diesel. But not many people are sure this version will be available in the US. The most likely engine is the 1.5 liter one because it produces 148 or 180 horsepower.

Another interesting thing is the six-speed manual gearbox. It offers you an eight-speed automatic transmission. But, hold on yourself. Because there are still many specification details information pending by Ford.

2020 Ford Focus Active Interior & Exterior

Move on the other part, now we are talking about the interior. Ford has done great touches for interior design. They changed the standard model by adding new features with textured materials and surfaces. The look is cleaner compared to the previous version. There is a large display in the center stack. Exactly it is placed at the very top of the dashboard.

You can feel the convenience of the car because there are Ford products there, such as SYNC telematics, wireless charging, and wi-fi hotspot. Various audio packages are also available in each trim. Furthermore, you can personalize your driving by altering the throttle response, gear-change behavior, and many others. More than that, there are seven different modes, which are Normal, Sport, Eco, Comfort, Eco-Comfort, Trail, and Slippery.

Ford has been a company that serves the market with hatchback cars. So does when you see the Ford Focus Active exterior design. It is a four-door hatchback car that completed with a 1.2-inch lift of suspension. Looking to the down part, you will find the black plastic around the arches of wheels. And also, for the front and rear. Have we mentioned about these parts? Yes, Ford places the faux skid plates there. Above all, this car looks more perfectly unique with the bumper. You will find a different bumper and grille design.


Many people don’t really care about safety. They are bewitched with the design and engine. However, safety is an important thing to concern too. It makes your driving more convenient without having worries. Ford already fulfilled all standards of safety for the vehicle. But they add more features to it.

For example, an adaptive front lighting system. It is very useful for improving your visibility while you are rounding the corners. Also, there is adaptive cruise control, speed sign recognition, and lane-centering technology. Those are just pieces of driving technology that you will enjoy.

Other Features

We have said that Ford added many features for this car. We like to inform you about the other feature that is very useful. You might not find this feature in the other car. Ford gave the technology that helps the driver to stop or slow the vehicle. The technology “Evasive Steering Assist”  will steer you to avoid collisions. Well, seeing this feature and other things above, now you cannot agree more that Ford really fulfills its customers’ needs.

2020 Ford Focus Active is a perfect choice for you in 2020. Wait for it in the showroom nearby. Then prove the convenience by driving this car. Figure out what your needs really filled by Ford.

2020 Ford Focus Active Engine Specs Pictures

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