2020 Lincoln Nautilus Interior Color

What across your mind when hearing the 2020 Lincoln Nautilus? If you don’t get the picture, then we will tell you one thing. Just imagine the midsize luxury vehicle meets the exhilarating performance. This new SUV offers you a different sensation from Lexus, Volvo, BMW, or even Mercy. Wait for the luxury standard and improved features in the showroom nearby. Then, prove how comfortable driving it on the road.

You might be wondering what is new inside this Lincoln Nautilus. Before we tell you further about the car’s specs and details, we can whisper several hints.

This upcoming car only includes three trims which are Standard, Reserve, and Black Label. Each of them has a unique feature. Thus Lincoln might set various price ranges among them. But surely, the Nautilus Black Label presents you with a real luxury car. It was treated to fine leather with 19-speaker Revel audio inside. Moreover, it has a 21-inch wheel to create your comfort in driving.

2020 Lincoln Nautilus Price

As we mentioned at a glance about the price, are you curious about the number? The estimated range is started from $41,000 until $65,000. If you want a breakdown, there is still no official price yet. But we will try to give you the answer here. For the Standard, it might be up to $42,035, with it misses out on V-6 power. The Reserve model has a higher price due to its engine, so the price rises in the range of $49,000 until $56,000. Last, the complete Black Label is $65,000 as the highest.

Seeing the price, you might think about the economy. Well, there is no hesitation about this car. With the standard for all-wheel drive, this Lincoln Nautilus will figure out 19/26/21 mpg. While the other type is the standard turbo-4 fares that manage 21 mpg city, 26 highway, 23 combined with front-wheel drive, also 20/25/22 mpg all-wheel drive. The total cost is the maximum catch up to $2,000 cost for the fuel. It is applied to all models, so you don’t have to worry about your budget.

Now it is time for you to get further with this car. We tried to collect any information regarding the interior, outside look, engine, feature, and safety. We know that there are still many things you might want to know. But, at least by seeing the explanation at glace below, you can take a picture of its beauty:

2020 Lincoln Nautilus Exterior & Interior

Lincoln wants to hit the market starts from the outside. You can see the front side of this car. A new design freshened up, and better shape looks, especially for the taillight design, which is bright and broad. If you want to sum up, there is nothing more luxurious than it looks.

Are you ready for the comfy? Yes, we move on to the interior now. However, entering this car is more amazing. Lincoln did a great job for this 2020 Lincoln Nautilus interior. They put the newest model for the cabin. There is a center-mounted screen between the pushbutton shifter and the other controls. The black trim gives you a unique view of the deep red leather. This car is suitable for those who are looking for a luxury interior SUV car.

Engine Specs & Performance

Talking about the engine, Lincoln brings their work this deep far to the engine. They want to prove that it is their masterpiece. So, all you will feel is a comfortable, quiet, and confident acceleration. The base the next year’s Lincoln Nautilus engine is a 2.0-liter turbo-4. It makes 250 horsepower, also at the same time can reach up to 280 pound-feet of torque. This is more than enough for an SUV of this size. The power comes above 1,500 rpm in linear and very quiet. This is another great job from Lincoln that dampens the engine noise.

No matter what Nautilus that you choose, you will get the 8-speed automatic standard. This automatic is talented for choosing the proper gear, and you can free to shift the hitch even though you might need more time to be used to the pushbutton controls.


If you look for the highest score inside this car, then safety has it. This 2020 Lincoln Nautilus safety has a complete basic standard of safety. But Lincoln also put other features, such as automatic emergency braking, active lane control, and special monitors for blind-spot. You might find an adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go, a steering assistant when you are in maneuver, and many more for the higher trim. More than that, Lincoln wrapped it up perfectly by adding the surround-view camera system.

Other Features

Talking more about this car, Lincoln gives more features inside. That is why, if you compare the price, you will think the number is rational and worth it. Let’s talk from the basic model. And this car has synthetic leather, touchscreen entertainment with Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto.

Those are just pieces of the features. This model has satellite navigation, a 19-speaker Revel stereo, and a panoramic roof compared to the Reserve. While for the Black Label, the trim is top-of-the-line with the luxury interior. All you dream of about the SUV car you can find inside the Black Label.

Seeing the 2020 Lincoln Nautilus features above is just the grand picture. It will be more surprising when you hand the stir, drive on the street, and feel comfy. It is hard not to say that this new Nautilus cannot impress you through its changes.

2020 Lincoln Nautilus Interior Color Pictures

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