2020 Mercedes E300e Hybrid Sedan – Specs, Price, Lease

2020 Mercedes E300e is expected to hit the market in the future. This rumor starts with the moment Mercedes was caught testing a restyled E-class prototype which is supposed to be a new model. Through this prototype, it seems like the automaker is trying to hide its rear fascias and new front.

Moreover, it’s also discovered that most of the work is supposed to be performed on the front end. This is because the part is covered the most by camouflage. But, there are some other details which are hidden too. Considering this part, we should look forward to what’s new here.

The existing E-class itself is due for a redesign next year, considering the fifth generation was released in 2016. We expect that most updates will be primarily about the styling. It’s done to make it reflect the automaker’s new design language better. Then, what should we expect next?

2020 Mercedes E300e Updated Specs and Features

For the 2020 model year, it seems like we shouldn’t expect for an engine change. This is because the automaker starts selling its E-class with a new generation of straight-six four-cylinder diesel engines. Both engines are still utilized in many vehicles nowadays. So, it probably doesn’t get any update.

  • Exterior

When it comes to the exterior, the automaker tends to change the headlights. This way, it can be in line with its newest model. Then, the car is probably going to be slimmed down too. It might receive a more aggressive slant too. The grille shape seems to be updated as well.

  • Interior

The 2020 Mercedes E300e should come with the new MBUX infotainment system in its refreshed model. This innovative infotainment system debuted on the new A-Class and there is a high probability that the next E-class will receive this update too. For the others, there will be nothing major in the changes.

  • Powertrain

Different from the Europe market, the new E-class which comes to the United States will have the same two non-AMG engines. But, there’s also a report which said that the car will have an updated 2.0L turbocharged inline-four engine which can create 255 horsepower and 273 lb-ft of torque.

2020 Mercedes E300e Release Date and Price

Then, when can we meet this new car on the market? The new E300 should come to the market in 2020. However, we’ve not got any official word regarding this issue. So, we perhaps need to wait for a bit more to see the new Mercedes E-class to be released.

The starting price for the base version of 2020 E300 is expected to start at $54,000. The facelift is supposed to not affect the pricing significantly. In case you’re planning to lease the car, the monthly payment is estimated to be around $769 per month.

To conclude, the 2020 E300e is another interesting option once it’s released on the market. it gets some updates that make it more modern and keep it up with its competitors which are getting more powerful day by day. Now, let’s wait for the next update of this 2020 Mercedes E300e.

2020 Mercedes E300e Hybrid Sedan – Specs, Price, Lease Pictures

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