New Mercedes Sprinter RV Review, Specs & Cost

The New Mercedes Sprinter RV will introduce better versatility than its predecessors. This elegant limo is claimed to be a great addition to your business and pleasure. It makes a great family van as well. It should be the only multipurpose Sprinter available right now.

The new Sprinter RV offers many things. It comes with a flat-screen TV rolling out the power waning. More importantly, there is also a completely functional bathroom provided. It’s not impossible to enjoy everyone’s favorite shows here. It makes Sprinter RV a great van ever.

2020 Mercedes Sprinter RV Release Date

You can also expect a built-in refrigerator, couches that can fold into a bed, and the internet. There are other options available on the list. Of course, this impressive van comes with a price. It should be higher than $100,000. Let’s read the following information to find out more.

A Quick Review to Mercedes Sprinter RV

As a recreational van, the upcoming Mercedes Sprinter should offer many convenience features. Even though there is not much information about the car, we can expect the upcoming Sprinter RV to introduce something new. But chances are the forthcoming Sprinter will remain the same.

According to some reports, the new Mercedes Sprinter will introduce many active safety features as well. The safety features include Rear Cross-Traffic Alert and Parking Assist with rearview camera. Although many passenger vans may offer the same features, we should still anticipate something more about the Mercedes Sprinter.

Another active safety feature offered by Mercedes Sprinter RV should be Lane Keeping. This system can sense the driver drifting into an adjacent lane. When it happens, it will utilize the brakes to correct it. Moreover, Active Distance Assist is also an intelligent cruise control system.

Other features include Active Braking Assist, Wet Wiper System, Downhill Speed Regulation, Crosswind Assist, Trailer Stability Assist, and Blind-Spot Assist. All these features are supposed to make you more confident when driving the car on the road. Optional packages are also available if you want to upgrade the safety features.

Mercedes Sprinter RV Cost

Unluckily, there is no official source or comment about the upcoming Sprinter RV. We may need to wait a bit more until the automaker reveals anything related to the car. While waiting for the upcoming Sprinter, you can take the current 2019 Sprinter into account. The standard version is lots cheaper than the RV style.

For example, the base version of the latest Mercedes Sprinter costs around $46,008. This trim level comes with a 2.1L Diesel engine with manual transmission. If you are into the high roof model with an automatic gearbox, the price would be around $62,985, while the manual gearbox should be about $50,208.

In conclusion, the upcoming Mercedes Sprinter RV is expected to become a super-luxury vehicle with great ability and performance. It should be well-equipped and offers lots of safety features. And it is safe to say that the car will come with a high quote.

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