2020 Suzuki Swift Sport Review: What a Powerful Hatchback!

Maybe you already know when Suzuki uploaded the photo of 2020 Suzuki Swift Sport which became the latest generation and has been waiting for its presence. Some time ago Suzuki officially uploaded an important photo that deliberately given to lovers of high-speed cars, as well as issues that develop, relates to this car will be much better than its predecessor.

Like a rolling snowball, once officially introduces through its official photo, a number of codes re-present and the appearance of 2020 Suzuki Swift Sport provides some important information relates to this car. Through leak images uploaded, you need to observe some parts stuck in the Suzuki Swift Sport.

The development of the era definitely produces interesting new things to be observed for developments in the variants of four-wheeled cars update models and specifications of the New Suzuki Swift Car 2020. Activities that are mostly carried out for automotive enthusiasts in the world as if things are endless for car enthusiasts. The look of the car always wants you to modify according to the character and style you want.

In order to get an update on the basic specifications of the new Suzuki Swift 2020, there are things that need to be considered so that the desired results match what is expected. Is that what is taken is the style of variation that is to be done for example elegant, custom and four-wheeled car with a full body and only a few parts. That can greatly affect the issue of funds being poured out for the modification process. Every car has certain special things, so you need to know the flow of modif like what fits your four-wheeled car.

If you have not found “something” that I mean, you better read this article and then please check to the photo. In Suzuki Swift Sport has a front grille and bumper that is entirely different from the standard version, which is a more aggressive and larger appearance on a wave-shaped pattern.

2020 Suzuki Swift Sports Interior Shown Differently

  • In 2020 Suzuki Swift Sport get alloy wheels labor two current colors, while on the back side, Suzuki Swift Sport will have a diffuser that frames two exhaust holes that are also given a thin chrome.
  • Lights, you will not see a significant difference when compared to the standard Suzuki Swift version.
  • It is interesting to be present on the interior of the Suzuki Swift Sport. Swift Sport still equipped with bucket seat with embroidered “Sport” which has a red color under his headrest. In addition, you will find red accents that come in several details on the dashboard, seat, gear lever, and also on the center console.
  • Do not forget, an instrument panel of Suzuki Swift Sport cannot be separated from the touch of red color that has a psychological value, which displays the impression tough.
  • Unlike the other interior parts, the speedometer has a grey color, while the circumference of tachometer has a red finishing like in other parts.

You will be treated to the looks and exciting features of this Suzuki Swift Sport, namely the presence of animation to show boost on Turbo model similar to the animated pointer and Torque in Suzuki Baleno Hatchback. And for you who are a petrol head, then there is encouraging news because Suzuki Swift Sport has a six-speed manual transmission, like its predecessor that accompanies the six-speed automatic transmission as well.

Engine on 2020 Suzuki Swift Sport

  • Suzuki Swift will use a 1,400-cc engine with Turbo that will replace the legendary 1600 cc N / A high revving engine.
  • In the Suzuki Swift Sport embedded 4-cylinder turbo engine capable of producing a total power of 150 PS at 5,500 rpm and the torque is amazing for this compact car, which is 245.17 Nm in the range 1500 to 4,000 rpm.
  • Large-sized grille, front lip splitter, side skirts, 17-inch alloy wheels, rear diffuser, 195.45, and dual exhaust tire profiles have successfully overhauled Swift’s looks become sportier.

These Changes Make Suzuki More Daring to Show the Aura of Racing on Swift Sport Getting Thicker.

Dimensions, Swift Sport has a length of 3890 mm, width 1735 mm, height 1500 mm with a distance of 2.450 mm wheelbase. Looking at the updated engine, dimensions, and lightweight, then you should not be surprised when driving because the power-to-weight ratio of this car will certainly be impressive.

In addition to the engine and body, the color of the car is not less impressive because there are six options, is yellow and white, like its predecessor, and equipped with other colors: red, black, blue, and grey. You can sort the color as you wish.

2020 Suzuki Swift Sport is scheduled to show off at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Not only the engine gets a new touch, but the physical part of the weight of only 870 kilograms also makes this car 200 pounds lighter than its predecessor.

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