2021 Suzuki Jimny Updates, Redesign, Hybrid Engine & Price

2021 Suzuki Jimny is supposed to make a comeback in the worldwide market shortly. However, the remarkable new Jimny probably won’t come to the US market, considering that there is no good news about its debut in the respective market.

It’s no secret that the automaker has made its Jimny will be available in 194 countries and regions around the world for a long time ago. However, for its 2021 model, Suzuki seems not to include the US market as its destination to sell the new Jimny.

It is indeed regretful considering that many auto lovers in the US market have waited for the Suzuki Jimny to return to the nearby dealer.

2020 Suzuki Jimny Blue Colors

Considering that there is just Jeep Wrangler available on the US and Canada market when it comes to a small, all-mighty off-road vehicle, the upcoming Jimny is, of course, worth checking for. While waiting for the automaker to change its mind, let’s discover more about this 2021 Jimny below.

2021 Jimny Interior Updates

Suzuki Jimny is quite popular as a well-rounded vehicle with reliable fuel-efficient, striking appearance, and powerful capability. The 2021 Suzuki Jimny interior is equipped with cutting-edge technologies and features to keep its driver and passengers enjoy the most of their ride anywhere.

The interior of Suzuki Jimny 2021 is perfect for those of you who are looking for a modern vehicle with style and personality. This car is expected to come with a more contemporary design compared to its predecessor. Some advanced features are also expected from the new Jimny.

Potential buyers can look forward to a more convenient cabin with greater space. Meanwhile, the Suzuki Jimny interior design is supposed to be equipped with a selection of upgraded safety features for both the driver and passengers. A long list of standard features is also offered.

The highlighted features will include:

  • Side Protection Bars
  • Fog Lights
  • Electric Mirrors
  • Door Objects
  • Progressive Directions
  • updated air conditioning,
  • brake assist
  • brake lights

A panoramic sunroof is supposed to be available in the new Jimny, too, along with advanced allow wheels.

Furthermore, you can also expect a bigger glass on the new Jimny that allows for better visibility. Considering the Suzuki Jimny review, potential buyers may expect other standard items on this car, including tri-link suspension and other pieces of modern equipment.

2021 Suzuki Jimny Interior Concept

Refresh Exterior Updates

Unlike other models offered previously, the forthcoming Suzuki Jimny is designed to be driven both on the road and in the city. Plus, you can count on the new Jimny to go through the forests and woods as well.

The exterior design of this new Jimny is exceptional and chic, making it pretty outstanding when being driven on the road. While the previous Jimny is a small retro-styled SUV, the upcoming Jimny is supposed to be a more modern boxy off-roader.

Before talking about the Powertrain, let’s look a little closer at the exterior of this car once again. As you can see from numerous pictures of this new Jimny on the internet, it will come with an updated grille and a front bumper.

Moreover, advanced twin hood scoops are also available for the new Jimny. Potential buyers should look forward to new LED DRLs that will replace the existing fog lamps, offering a better look. Split-bar LED lights might also be added to the roof of this new Jimny.

Engine Specs, Fuel Economy & Hybrid Options

Then, how is the new Suzuki Jimny engine and performance? Under the hood is expected to be armed with a DOHC 1.3-liter 16-valve gas engine paired with Variable Intake Control (VVT) technology. As a result, the new Jimny can produce 85 horsepower.

All engine variants offered by this new Jimny are probably supported by five-speed manual transmission and 4×4 tractions. For your information, the fuel economy of this new Jimny is reliable, with average fuel consumption of 10.4 km per liter on the highway and 10.3 km per liter in the city.

Suzuki Jimny Hybrid 2021

Considering that many modern off-roaders are currently offering a hybrid version, the Suzuki Jimny 2021 hybrid is not impossible. In addition to the gas engine, the automaker may also provide the new Jimny with a hybrid version to better compete with other vehicles.

If you’re wondering about the mechanical specifications of this new Jimny, keep in mind that it will have transverse and front axle suspension supported by helical springs, a stabilizer bar, and a firm type of wheel. The rear suspension of 2021 Jimny is identical to the front one.

2021 Suzuki Jimny Prices and Lease Deals

It’s no secret that how affordable the 2021 Suzuki Jimny price has made many auto enthusiasts thing interested in getting behind its wheel. So, how much is the price of this upcoming Suzuki Jimny if it is finally available on the US market?

If the 2021 Jimny finally arrives in the North American market, the car will cost around $18,000 for the base 4WORK version. Meanwhile, potential buyers interested in the 2021 Jimny DESERT probably need to pay about $22,000 to get behind its wheel.

When we talk about the new Suzuki Jimny price, this new car is becoming a great competitor for the 2021 Jeep Wrangler and Ford Bronco. In addition to the two trim levels mentioned above, there should be the other two offered by the 2021 Jimny.

Of course, the price of this new Jimny will depend on the features you want to include in the car. If the price is still too high for you, looking for a lease deal would be possible once the 2021 Jimny hits the US market one day.

All in all, the 2021 Jimny will probably not hit the US market. However, auto enthusiasts are still craving its comeback, considering how affordable and powerful this vehicle is. So, let’s wait until the automaker decides to bring the 2021 Suzuki Jimny to the US market.

2021 Suzuki Jimny Updates, Redesign, Hybrid Engine & Price Pictures

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