2020 VW Tayron Overview, Will It Come to the U.S.?

The 2020 VW Tayron is expected to arrive on the market as another China-only offering. As we know, the Tayron was launched in the Chinese market as a midsize SUV based on the identical platform as the Tiguan. Following the 2019 model year, a 2020 Tayron is supposed to hit the showroom in the future.

The current Tayron itself has a highly identical look with the Tiguan. This is because both of them are in the part of the Volkswagen Advanced Midsize SUV. For the upcoming Tayron it seems to have some fresh styling compared to the previous model. It may get an update on the taillights and headlamps, mostly.

The details about the 2020 Tayron remain unclear. While it’s supposed to be a China-only product, we can still wait for the car to be released on the American market. But, it may take time until this midsize SUV to enter the United States. Read on to learn further about this car.

2020 VW Tayron Interior

Visually speaking, Tayron has a sporty look. Compared to the Tharu, this car is slightly sportier. It also looks stylish to compete with the other SUV in its segment. This car will have a 107.5-inch wheelbase with the standard size of the midsize SUV. Then, how is a powertrain?

Considering the “380 TSI” badge, discovered below the Tayron logo, we can be sure that the car will come with a turbocharged petrol engine. Local media reported that the machine is to be exact a 2.0L turbocharged with 220 horsepower. This spec is excellent enough for a midsize SUV.

The 2020 VW Tayron is also armed with a long list of safety technology features. We can expect a Pre-Crash system which can alert the driver when there’s a crash, and a lane assist. There are some other features offered by the car for the 2019 model, and we hope it remains the same.


There will be a few trim levels available, and the turbocharged engine is standard. It will be paired with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. In addition to 380 TSI, there will be 280TSi and 220 TSI, which you can choose based on your needs and budget.

2020 VW Tayron Release Date and Prices

Then, how much is the 2020 Tayron? We believe that the car won’t be so different from its predecessor in terms of pricing. It’s probably sold around $26,880 to $45,380. For the release date, there’s no official statement regarding its arrival. But, it can be released anytime soon.

Unfortunately, we don’t know when this car would make its way to the United States. Since it’s initially designed for the Chinese market only, we’re not sure about the future of this car on the American market. So, stay tuned to the latest update of this midsize SUV.

To conclude, the 2020 Tayron is expected to arrive on the market as a follow-up of the existing model. There might be no much difference, and it may still use the same engine with its predecessor. Then, it’s not clear whether the 2020 VW Tayron will come to the U.S. or not.

2020 VW Tayron Overview, Will It Come to the U.S.? Pictures

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