2021 Volkswagen Transporter T7 Redesign, Release Date & Price

Volkswagen, or famously known as VW, is one of the luxury brands of cars. They sold many types of automobiles, which is people’s need. VW Transporter has been one of those bestseller cars since the first launch. It has been six generations, and people are starting to ask about the next 2021 VW Transporter. Here are some reviews and rumors about that concept car.

New VW Transporter T7 Van Interior

VW Transporter itself is a van, which has a big size. Of course, people buy this car because it is spacious and comfortable. Here is some review about the interior.

  • Comfy Seat

Sitting inside a car while having a trip may become frustrating if the leg space is too small. VW Transporter has a comfy seat but still too little legroom. At the front seat, the latest VW transporter has three seats. It may stay like that for the next 2021 generation since people bought this car to change it into a campervan or customizable vehicle.

The seat is safe with a standard seatbelt in each of them. The designer also has a brilliant taste of making the passenger still feel comfortable without that spacious legroom.

  • Bigger Cabin

In a few pictures on the internet, you can see that many VW Transporter has an additional rooftop. This can also be a brilliant idea for the next generation. The cabin behind the driver’s area is big and enough to be a proper campervan.  You can add some sofa, bed, or other things inside. The high of the cabin is enough. Not too high, because this is still the same medium van size car. But overall, the next generation of T7 may even look the same.

  • Upgradeable and Customizable Car

Since this car is called a commercial vehicle, you can make it have more seats too. So you can have a bigger car to pick up your travel client. You can choose the best quality seat according to your budget. This car is also comfortable to be a family car. If you have more than three kids, you will like this car.

The size is not too big or small. You can carry anything you and your family need without worrying about comfort while making a long trip. The New  Volkswagen Transporter T7 is still the same. Ut can be upgraded to whatever you need. It will always be comfy and luxurious if you can be creative while redesigning the cabin.

2021 Volkswagen Transporter T7 Redesign

Some people don’t like the van because it looks too big and hard to control. But this car has a medium size, so it is easier to use. Here is the review.

Big But Still Proportional

This car is more prominent than SUV but not too big. It still looks ok to use on a busy road. The exterior design of the new VW Transporter seems excellent. It has small headlights, too little for a big car. But it makes this car looks cute. When this car is tested on the road, the size and design are not too different from the latest generation from the spy camera. Maybe it is because VW is focusing on another side of the car. VW is trying to be more futuristic and be a modern car.

Balance Wheel

The last generation has enough balanced wheels. But if VW wants to make better progress, they will be better at adopting more balance wheels. It is because of the size of the car which makes people think twice before they buy it. Not all people can drive a big car, so if it has more balance wheels, maybe people will love the car more than before.

2021 VW Transpoter T7 New Pictures

New Features Updates – Modern Technology

There will be a lot of modern technology built into the next T7 car. Here is some example of them.

  • Touchpad on Dashboard

The latest VW Transporter already uses a touchpad on its dashboard. So it means at least they will use the same thing in the next generation.

The driver and passenger can operate maps, multimedia, air conditioners, and many things from that touchpad. The touchpad also can connect to Bluetooth or wifi. This function is like a basic need for a new car, which was launch in 2015. So, VW, which is a luxury brand, is impossible to miss.

  • Built-in SIM Card With Futuristic Function

Moreover, this car also has a SIM card. Just like a phone with a sim card, you can quickly look for it in the parking lot. You can “call” it, and the car will answer if you upgrade to We Connect Plus. You can also lock and unlock the car remotely, setting speed alerts, and do many brilliant functions. For boosting the system, VW Transporter also uses some software. So the car can be upgraded easier.

  • Modern Electric Car

There is a rumor that the 2021 VW Transporter will be an electric car. This is reasonable because the global warming and fuel issue is getting high. This is how VW answers modern people who need a comfortable, customizable, and eco-friendly car.

2021 VW Transporter T7 Release Date

Volkswagen doesn’t mention yet when this electric car will be launch. But some rumors said that it would be announced at the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021. If you want to purchase it, you can try to hit it online. There, you can see the price estimation according to what you need.

The New VW Transporter T7 Should be starting at $35,000 for the base version.

When it launched, the 2021 VW transporter will be the most luxurious medium size van. It might be too expensive, but the touch of VW is hard to deny by its fans. So be ready and keep updating the news.

2021 Volkswagen Transporter T7 Redesign, Release Date & Price Pictures

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