2021 Lexus GS Redesign, Interior & Pricing

The latest Lexus GS 350 has been released and be one of the most wanted sedans. The luxury feel of this car has made a lot of fans. And they are asking about what will Lexus do next for 2021 Lexus GS? Can it be better? Or it will just be the ordinary Lexus that people already knew.

2021 Lexus GS Redesign Exterior

People fall in love with this car just because of seeing the exterior design. The designer is made the whole body so simple but elegant.

Big Grille

There is a big grille in front of the car, which is almost 7/8 of the car snout. This style is used too by some luxurious car brands. So people think that a big grille is an icon of luxury style. That grille uses horizontal metal. There is also a curve on the grille’s edge, making the front car look dynamic. Besides the grille, we can see the headlight and the sign lamp. The headlight design itself looks sharp and pretty.

The next generation of Lexus GS may still use this style because the trend is still like that grille. Moreover, from almost all sedans that Lexus has launched this year, this horizontal grille is only used by the GS series. So maybe this is the signature style of Lexus GS?

Back Side Design

On the latest Lexus GS, the designer doesn’t make any ornament on the backside of this car. It stays simple with some curve detail. The designer probably only wants to explore the shape of the brake lamp. The shape of the lamp is unique but still stunning. It has an ended sharp edge in the side of the car. And a little curvy on the other. At a glance, it looks like sharp eyes.

Then, there is also a Lexus logo in the center of the backside, exact in the center of the trunk lid. So when the lid is open, it will be lifted. The next generation of Lexus GS may still use the same simple style. A little change maybe happens, but people think that the simple style will stay.

Whole Body Design

Overall, the whole body of Lexus has been designed well. The car’s shape is aerodynamic, too, so it can accelerate faster. It also has a moonroof above the car. You can easily open it while driving to get some fresh air and sunlight. The sunroof must be preserved in the next 2021 Lexus GS. Because a lot of people like it even they don’t use it frequently. But the existence of this feature becomes a plus value to the fans.

Gorgeous Interior Design

The next fabulous thing about Lexus is the interior design. The latest Lexus GS has a great design. It can stay like that or maybe be upgraded to the next level tomorrow. Let see the possibilities.

Covered by Full Leather

The leather is not just used in the seat but also in the dashboard. From this point, we can see that Lexus is pretty serious about the whole detail of this car. The dashboard looks clean and has less ornament. But it has a modern touchpad in the center of it. A little detail of wood is also emphasized there.

This detail is horizontal and a line with the AC void. It makes the void look connected naturally to the whole dashboard. If the next Lexus GS 350 wants to have a classic elegant feel, this leather touch must be maintained because this leather touch has already become a standard of a classical luxury car interior design.

Comfortable Seat

The next important things about the interior are the seat. People will spend a lot of time there, and if the car is luxurious enough, it has to have a comfy seat. And this car has owned it. The seat design follows the curves of the human body. So the driver or passenger will not feel tired or ill at some point. Then, the leather is stitched well, so it has a strong pattern. This quality must be used in the next generation.

Will 2021 Lexus GS Have Hybrid Technology?

Lexus has launched some hybrid concept cars.  For the next 2021 Lexus GS, they might make the hybrid type too. An electric car has known to be the most wanted car now. Almost every brand wants to make a hybrid car, maybe as a real action to save the world from climate change and global warming issues.

If it happens, it will make almost the whole part of the engine change and causing a higher price. The latest Lexus GS 350 are sold starting from $51,000, and the sport type starts from $52,000. You can build your own unique Lexus GS 350 and count the price online. Maybe the 2021 generation will do the same way, too but with a higher price. It might start from $65,000 or more.

However, Lexus has its fans. So even the car price is flying high, they will try to buy it. Lexus will not be left behind. If you are an elegant person and looking for a new modern car, the next Lexus GS may be a great choice. They do not even launch the hint on their official website, but maybe in early 2020, the concept car of Lexus GS 2021 will be launched there.

So don’t forget to keep up the news. Open the website frequently, so if there is a pre-order or launching announcement, you will be the first person who knows.

Is Lexus discontinuing the GS?

Lexus confirmed that the lowest model, the GS 300, would be discontinued. But, GS 350 and GS F will still be available.

2021 Lexus GS Redesign, Interior & Pricing Pictures

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