2021 Toyota C-HR Specs & Updates

The launch of the 2021 Toyota C-HR early last month surprised some parties. With lightness, many people saying if this car is too expensive. Even bluntly comparing it directly with a similar concept crossover that was first launched, the Nissan Juke. Or with the Toyota Fortuner worth similar but measuring twice as big.

Having the full name of Compact High Rider, C-HR is Toyota’s answer to the increasing market interest in crossovers. How is it, Toyota must provide a differentiator so that its products are visible in the market, among the sea of ​​other compact crossovers that are in a similar shape.

2021 Toyota C-HR Redesign – Exterior Style

We are sure anyone will immediately fall in love at first glance when they see the exterior appearance of the 2021 Toyota CHR. Many people predict that this is what a sports car will look like in the future. Have a sexy appearance, great performance, steady driving, but it is still practically used anytime and anywhere.

The production model is indeed a bit different from the 2014 concept version. For practical reasons, the concept of a three-door coupé does not exist. However, as seen in the Nissan Juke and Honda HR-V, the rear door is the same as the “fused” door hinge and is on the roof.

It seems that Toyota prioritizes styling rather than function in designing the C-HR. According to chief engineer Hiroyuki Koba, the design of the Toyota C-HR presents the concept of a sensual speed cross.

Front headlamps combined with sharp body sculptures give the appearance of a sports car. They are combined with a lower grille patterned honeycomb, impressive accent tough as it should be a crossover.

From the side, it’s obvious how the Toyota C-HR has a diamond-like silhouette. There is a 17-inch aluminum rim that reinforces the sporty accent on the tagline crossover “against your stereotype.”

The feel of the sport is emphasized on the rearview through the presence of large spoilers that blend into the overall sporty design of the car. It is unique to see a rear light design similar to the latest generation of Honda Civic.

Interior of the New Toyota C-HR

The interior of the Toyota C-HR 2018 is dominated by Licorice Brown, giving a luxurious accent while remaining sporty. Very modern dashboard design complete with the presence of AVX 7 also with Digital Display.


The All-New C-HR is equipped with Lumbar Support in the driver’s seat, which can be operated electrically to support the driver’s comfort. It also can accommodate five passengers.

Unlike the initial allegations, surprisingly, relief cabin deserves thumbs up. With settings according to the front driver, passengers can sit comfortably. The headroom still leaves a distance of about 9 cm.

Instrument Panel

Some gimmicks on the instrument panel are rarely found in other cars, such as the G-force indicator, a display that is generally only owned by sports cars. Do not forget information on cruise control and the driving mode, which can be seen on the TFT MID with a size of 4.2-inches.


Toyota C-HR has fairly complete safety features. You are starting from the presence of seven SRS Airbags, Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), and many others. The latter is a helper feature when you need to exit back and forth from the parking lot. The system will warn the driver when it detects the appearance of the vehicle from the side.

Engine Specs

Before the official launch of the Toyota C-HR, there was some speculation about the possibility of the engine being used. In the end, PT Toyota-Astra Motor chose the 2ZR-FBE unit with a capacity of 1,800cc. The engine can spawn 141 ps at 6,400 rpm and torque of 17.4 km at 4,000 rpm.

It uses a different engine from a hybrid unit by Toyota International. Even with the version sold by general importers using a 1.2NR-FTS 1,200R-FTS and AWD turbo unit.

The 2ZR-FBE unit has the same basic engine as the Toyota Corolla Altis, with differences in the flex-fuel ability, aka being able to drink ethanol as fuel. TAM presents the whole Toyota C-HR 2021 from Thailand as the cornerstone of this machine’s presence. Because actually, we in Indonesia do not know of any alternative fuel other than pure gasoline.

Three driving modes are available: Eco, Normal, and Sport. All three are distinguished through a gearshift algorithm. Acceleration is fast but still linear and smooth. One of the benefits of the Toyota C-HR 2021 is that it sits on the new TNGA platform. Toyota promises TNGA has the advantage in terms of driving quality. Toyota C-HR can present the sensation of driving that is different from others.

However, the steering wheel feels solid in your hand and can provide accurate feedback on road conditions without reducing the slightest element of comfort.

2021 Toyota C-HR Price & Release Date

It comes for around $34,692. Sound expensive? Well, please do not juxtapose it with two SUVs in the market with a similar concept, namely Nissan Juke and Honda HR-V.

Not only because of emotional and lifestyle factors, but the Toyota C-HR 2018 is also not in the segment with these two models. At present, the use of the TNGA has only reached the C-segment, namely middle-class cars such as the Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic.

If you are looking for an available vehicle to deliver from point A to point B, then the 2021 Toyota CHR is not an appropriate choice. It’s better to glance at a similar model worth cheaper or buy a larger Toyota Fortuner. However, this is the right figure for looking for a stylish vehicle that can represent your status as an active and dynamic person.

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