20+ Best Affordable Luxury SUV & Crossover [2022]

Are you shopping for the best affordable luxury SUV? It is not impossible to find the newest yet luxurious car without breaking your wallet. On the other hand, you also don’t want to lose comfort and space.

Don’t worry. We have a list of the best luxury SUVs that won’t force you to wreck your budget. Also, these cars are the newest. Some of them are still waiting for the release date.

For more information about luxury SUVs for affordable budgets, read this article thoroughly. You will find some cars are cheaper than others for reasons though.

So, Which luxury car is most affordable?

My personal choice fell on the New Lexus UX. But we have 20 other options that you can choose according to your style, features you need, and budget. For sure, you will never go wrong by selecting one of them.

Best Affordable Luxury SUV & Crossover on the Market Today

Lexus UX

The Lexus UX is part of the subcompact crossover segment since the previous version had begun the competition in this class in 2019. The newest version is the third version of the UX.

It’s still unclear how this car will turn out since the release date is expected in 2020’s fall. The pricing is also still closed, but we estimated around $33,000 to $40,700.

In the previous version, the Android Auto was included in the standard features. The blind-spot monitoring is also available for basic trims, which is also expected from the newest version of Lexus UX.

Volvo XC40

The Volvo XC40 has been on the road since 2019 and is considered one of the best compact SUVs ever since. The most distinctive features of this car are its performance, flexible space, and unique design. 

The 2021 version is priced from $35,000 to $44,000. Coming with three distinct trims, you can choose between the R-Design, Inscription, and the Momentum. 

The price you must pay depends on the configuration, whether it’s AWD or FWD. The 2021 XC40 comes with the same features as the 2020 version. 

You would love this car for its elegant interior and superb styling on the outside. Performance and handling shouldn’t be doubted. 

However, the second row is tight, while the cabin may get noisy when you drive at high speed.

Lincoln Nautilus

As the replacement of the MKX, Lincoln released the Nautilus in 2019. The newest model is expected to come without any significant changes, though.

Checking the outside look, the newest Nautilus uses the contemporary look with an upscaled yet striking design. Using a great amount of chrome, the latest Nautilus suits well into the luxury SUV segment. 

Compared to the current model, the 2021 version still uses the same interior design. Thus, this car is relatively easy to use even though the materials are upscale. We cannot say that this is the most striking design, but every user would love its simplicity.

The price is estimated between $42,600 – $65,400, depending on the configuration.

Audi Q3

In the luxury subcompact SUV segment, the Audi Q3 is ranked near the top. Featuring dynamic handling and a fantastic ride, this car is such the right decision to make. 

The tech is intuitive and made of premium materials. You may not like this car for its below-average fuel economy rating. 

The transmission is unrefined, and the cargo space is relatively small. The new features on the 2021 version are the lane departure warning that now comes as the standard features. 

However, you may not expect the Prestige trim to be available on this 2021 version. This car is worth considering, after all. This Compact SUV Costs you around $36,000, and this one is the least expensive Audi SUV.

Lincoln Corsair

The newest Lincoln Corsair comes as the refreshed version of Lincoln in the crossover class. The luxury amenities are featured in the 2021 version while adopting the hybrid technology on the other hand. 

This car is priced between $35,900 and $47,000, depending on the configuration and trims. It would be best if you still came to see this car in flesh and blood, though.

The Corsair is equipped with a 2.5L Inline 4-cylinder engine. It will be your partner to tackle daily driving. This car is considered safe since it achieves a 5-star rating from NHTSA for overall performance. 

The newest collections of the Corsair still feature luxurious cabins and generous space both for passengers and cargo.

Acura RDX

The Acura RDX comes in the compact luxury SUV segment with its competitive look and specs. The pricing is expected between $38,000 and $48,000, depending on the configuration and trims. 

No significant changes are expected in the newest version. As part of the best luxury SUV for an affordable budget, the Acura RDX is the third RDX generation. 

You would love the newest vehicle for its roomy space both for the cargo and cabin. Its handling and steering are crispier than ever. 

Coming with a well-trimmed cabin made of luxury materials, this car is quite competitive. Also, the tech will blow your mind.

Lincoln Aviator

The 2021 version of Lincoln Aviator comes with comfortable two rows. Even though the headroom is slightly limited, you may use the third-row seats for kids only. 

Being in the segment of the A-grade luxuries, the interior part of this car offers a roomy cargo hold. While being distinctive in the design, the engine features a 3L V6 machine.

The performance features the “Excite” mode for driving while giving a sporty look for an SUV car. Its slick automatic transmission comes with a 10-speed.

The pricing hasn’t been confirmed yet. If there is no dramatic change, the MSRP starts from $51,000 to $88,000.

Range Rover Evoque

The Range Rover Evoque comes in the best affordable luxury SUV segment. In overall review, this car is such a regal presence on the road. 

Its interior offers a luxurious feeling all around. On the other hand, you can choose from several powertrains.

However, you may experience a sense of boat-like driving at some point. The storage is limited even though it looks so cubby. Coming in the affordable segment for SUVs, the price range is not so-called-affordable, $93,350 for the base trim.

Every Range Rover goes standard with AWD configuration. Its V6 version comes with a plug-in hybrid option, while the V8 allows you a vigorous acceleration.

Genesis GV80

Genesis has been in the luxury segment for years now. The GV80 is ready to battle competitors in the premium SUV segment. 

Every GV80 provides a serene ride and agile handling at the same time. You would love the GV80 for its lovely ambiance in the interior while using high-quality materials. 

The tech features emphasize high standards. As has been said earlier, the handling is agile. The 2021 version of the GV80 comes with a third-row seating configuration. 

However, the third row is too tiny. If you live in the U.S., you may not find the diesel option. At some point, the steering wheel feels so heavily weighted. 

Starting at $49,900, the car offers a bunch of features wrapped in luxuriousness. If you are looking for an affordable SUV without losing the luxury feel, this car should be on your list.

Tesla Model Y

The Tesla Y Model comes with the most advanced driver aids. Generally, this car is comfortable for seven people. 

Starting at $53,000, this electric car is worth considering especially if you are looking for an environment-friendly vehicle. No significant changes are being announced. 

However, the manufacturer tends to update the vehicle throughout the year.


We have the BMW X1 on the list of the best affordable luxury SUVs. The upgrades may include its expanded safety features and a heap of convenience. 

The newest version of the BMW X1 includes more fuel economy on the highways compared to rivals. Still, this car brings the same design language as the previous version.

Starting at around $35,000, the X1 comes with a 2L inline-4-cylinder machine with a Twin Power Turbo feature. Coming with two trim types – the sDrive28i and xDrive28i – we recommend you to pick the xDrive28i. The X1 could do the 0-60 MPH dash for less than 7 seconds, according to the speed test. 

Cadillac XT5

Along the history told, the XT5 is one of the most desired cars in the American automotive market. The 2021 version is starting at $44,095 for the base trim. 

Coming with a 2L inline 4-cylinder engine and a 3.6L V6 engine, you can choose which one you like. Rumors have said that the AWD configuration is standard while the performance is expected to be more refined. 

On the other hand, the FWD drivetrain allows a better fuel efficiency rating. The newest XT5 is expected to have a more extensive yet better entertainment system. Featuring some sophisticated features under the hood, this car is worth considering.

Infiniti QX50

The Infiniti QX50 is ready to compete in the compact luxury crossover SUV. Starting at $37,000 for the base trim, no wonder if this car is one of the best affordable luxury SUVs on the market right now. 

Coming with a 2L inline 4-cylinder engine, this car is ready to produce 268 horsepower. The newest QX50 will spoil you with its elegant design without leaving its quirky character. 

Compared to rivals, this car can produce more power. It is believed that the new version will be one of the safest crossover SUVs on the market. 

Its price tag and acceleration may cover the drawbacks, though.

Land Rover Discovery Sport

When it comes to luxury and performance at the same time, you need to check out the Land Rover Discovery Sport. As a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), the Discovery Sport is ready to come with sustainable performance.

The newest Discovery Sport comes with a powertrain 1.5L 3-cylinder Ingenium engine. You can enjoy the 66km of driving by fully charging the battery. 

When you turn on the Hybrid mode, the car combines petrol and electricity to give you the best driving experience even though you need to tackle the distance. The base trim starts from $41,500.

Lexus RX 350

The RX 350 was initially introduced in 2010. According to reviews, the 2021 version will be one of the best cars when you are concerned about the “value of money” aspect.

The uber-cool charm is also another thing you can expect from the RX350. In case you want a sportier look, you can check out its F-Sport trim.

Starting at $44,150 for the FWD and $45,550 for the AWD, this car is such a lux in hand. There are no dramatic changes in the overall look. However, some subtle tweaks are shown on the interior part.

Mercedes-Benz GLE Class

The Mercedes-Benz GLE Class comes with more powerful models. Some specs are ready to choose according to what suits you the most. 

The newest GLE Class offers something badass-er than ever. This is such a combination of a level of luxury and fire-breathing engines. 

The 2021 GLE Class comes with two excellent twin-turbo engines. The luxuriousness doesn’t need your doubt both in interior and exterior. 

It also features unique abilities on the air-suspension. However, you may find the coupe version looks a bit awkward. 

The coupe gives a decrease in the practicality score. The responsiveness is not a great as the previous version. Starting at $70,000, this car is such a hotter version of other Benz cars.

Infiniti QX80

The Infiniti QX80 is the next name on the list of the best affordable luxury SUVs on the market. Starting at $66,750 for the base trim, this car offers superb practicality. 

Featuring the latest tech and safe ride along with a stylish yet elegant look, you won’t be disappointed by the newest QX80. As a three-row SUV, this car provides a comfortable passenger room in the first two rows. Yet, the third-row seats are more suitable for kids. 

If you’re looking for an appealing yet desirable SUV, this car is worth considering. Featuring excellent steering and responsive handling, you can choose with confidence.

Audi E-Tron

The Audi E-Tron competes in the all-electric SUV segment. Starting from $69,100 for the base trim, you may consider this environment-friendly car by the end of 2020.

The newest version features an exclusive interior design wrapped in a leather seating surface. The standards also come with the new coupe-ish roofline. 

Other features may include the bigger battery pack compared to the previous version. Its AWD Quattro option allows a complete disengage for the front wheels.

The car is touted to bring a bunch of improved efficiency. Thus, you can choose various hardware and software adjustments. The charging ports are available on both sides of the car.

Range Rover Sport

The newest Range Rover Sport comes with more agile handling. Even though it’s a bit smaller than the previous version, the price tag is less agonizing – starting at $70,850.

You would love this car for its varied options of powertrains. The interior is built of upscale materials and exclusive styling. The interior part will blow your mind.

However, the third row is tight. The infotainment system seems a bit buggy. On the other hand, it’s not the best fuel-economy vehicle. 

Still, this car is one of the best options you have on the market if you look for an upscale driving experience, even off-road. 

Porsche Macan

The Porsche Macan is expected to have no significant change. Still, we predict a few minor tweaks.

This car is a combination of feasibility, design, and sportiness. Starting at $50,900 for the base trim, this car is one of the best cars manufactured by Porsche since 2014.

The newest Macan comes with a bunch of nice things. Its exterior is such a stylish yet impressive one. You would love its superb performance and buoyant handling. As a sporty SUV, the Macan is quite engaging.

Some drawbacks you can consider include the cramped rear seats. It’s deemed to be spendy compared to competitors. Also, it’s not the most fuel-efficient car on the market.

Maserati Levante

The Maserati Levante is one of the most luxurious cars on the market in the SUV segment. Updates include some tweaks and changes. You can choose from several drivetrain options. The safety features are getting extended.

The design is such a remarkable statement for the newest Levante. You would love its acceleration and performance stats, which are exhilarating. 

The suspension is redesigned for better handling and comfort. You can choose from various interior styles.

Starting at $74,500, this car is quite expensive, though. The cargo space doesn’t get any refinement. Also, buttons are switches that rely on not-so-hi-quality materials. Still, this car is worth considering.


More than anything, the choice is in your hand. The first thing you need to do before buying a car is making a list of what you need in the first place. The budget comes after that even though this aspect is quite crucial though.

And this is anything you need to know about the best luxury SUVs on the market for on-a-budget shoppers.

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