8 Best Toyota SUV in the U.S You Can Buy in 2022

When it comes to the best SUVs on the market right now, Toyota is always on the list. There are several reasons why you may love and have to choose Toyota in the first place.

In this article, we will show you the best SUVs from Toyota along with reasons why you should consider buying this car.

Which is the Best Toyota SUV?

There are several Toyota SUVs that you can choose from at this time, such as Toyota Land Cruiser, 4Runner, Sequoia & Highlander. They have a huge fan base in the United States, and we wouldn’t hesitate to say that they are the best SUV from Toyota you can buy right now.

Reasons to Choose Toyota SUV

As has been explained earlier, when it comes to SUVs, Toyota always comes to mind first. Buying a Toyota SUV is a brilliant yet wise choice. Here are things why you must buy Toyota SUVs over anything. 

Toyota provides durability. You may even find Toyota cars made 20 years ago on the road. This aspect also means considerable savings for the long term. 

In case you want to sell your vehicle in the future, the resale value is still high. This also has a lot to do with durability.

All Toyota vehicles deliver agile handling and an enjoyable off-road experience. Regardless of the size, you will be pleased. Toyota is designed to suit any lifestyle.

Another aspect that you need to take a look at before buying a car is the safety features. Toyota takes this aspect seriously. It is proven by a lot of awards given to Toyota when it comes to safety features.

The list above is just a few things you would love from Toyota SUVs. Those are also the reasons why this brand is still around for years across the globe.

Is Toyota SUV Reliable?

Toyota has a legendary title when it comes to reliability. You can buy with confidence for sure. 

Toyota wants the customers to get the best experience driving the vehicle. You don’t need to worry about this aspect since Toyota only hires top engineering expertise, well-trained technicians, and upscale materials.

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Best Toyota SUV for the Money

Toyota Land Cruiser

If you are looking for the best off-road experience, the 2020 Toyota Land Cruiser will give that to you. As one of the best 8 Toyota SUVs on the market, Land Cruiser provides a solid reliability rating and many features. 

You would love the new Land Cruiser for its phenomenal ability on off-road tracks. It comes with a muscular V8 engine. Also, the standard features are getting extended. You can pick the Heritage Edition from the new Land Cruiser.

However, the price is too lavish even for the basic class. Even though it comes with three rows, the third row is too tucked up. Handling is considered cumbersome, while the fuel economy rating is fuel.

MSRPFrom $85,415
Towing Capacity8,100 lbs
Fuel Economy (MPG)13 city / 17 Highway
Dimensions195″ L x 78″ W x 74″ H
Horsepower381 Hp

Land Cruiser comes in two trims. The Heritage Edition is equipped with many upgrades, but this comes without the third-row seats like the regular edition.

Toyota 4Runner

The next name on the list is the 2021 version of Toyota 4Runner. This one can be touted as the most rugged mid-size SUV you may find on the market. However, this vehicle is also the least refined. 

You would love to drive this car on the off-road track since it comes with sturdy construction. Toyota 4Runner is constructed for roomy cargo hold and comes with a bunch of standard features.

Still, this car shows some flaws you may want to reconsider before purchasing one. Its plasticky interior is not a thing you would be happy with. Handling is considered sloppy while the fuel economy is poor, though.

MSRPFrom $37,515
Towing Capacity5000 lbs
Fuel Economy (MPG)18 Combiner / 17 City / 20 Highway  
Dimensions191.3″ L x 75.8″ W x 71.5 ” H
Cargo Volume 96 cu ft 
Horsepower270 Hp @5600 rpm
Transmission5-speed automatic with manual shifting mode

Long story short, the 4Runner is excellent for an off-road experience. However, it doesn’t act that excellent when it comes to on-road. We still recommend this car for off-road enthusiasts. If Jeep Wrangler is too pricey for you, the 4Runner may come in handy.

Toyota Sequoia

Are you looking for a roomy SUV? Toyota Sequoia should be on your list too. Besides accommodating people comfortably, putting cargo is easy in this vehicle. 

You would love this car for its powerful engine. The car comes with three rows of seats. Each of them is roomy and comfortable for taller passengers. The Sequoia comes with tremendous cargo capacity.

However, some flaws may need to get a closer look. The cabin styling and infotainment system are considered outdated. Talking about the ride quality, this one is not that excellent in the class. Handling is not quite agile.

This is not a car you look for if you need an excellent fuel economy car. The towing capacity is below the average number.

MSRPFrom $49,905 est
Towing Capacity7,400 lbs
Fuel Economy (MPG)13 City / 17 Highway / 15 Combined
Dimensions205.1″ L x 79.9″ W x 77.0″ H
Ground Clearance9.9″
Horsepower381 Hp @5600 rpm
Transmission6-speed automatic with manual shifting mode

Coming with a V8 engine, you would love to go off-road with this car. If you are looking for a reliable Toyota SUV, the Sequoia should be on the list.

2020 Toyota CH-R

The 2020 Toyota CH-R is a mid-size SUV that will give you a fun off-road experience and tackle daily driving. Coming with intuitive tech features and poised handling, you would love this car even though you must drive on your own.

You would love this car for its composed handling and ride. Its basic version comes with numerous safety features and sophisticated tech features. The exterior styling is getting updated from the previous one.

However, the acceleration is considered lethargic while the cargo space is too cramped. Its backseat is also too narrow. You can only buy the 4WD version of this car.

MSRPFrom $21,295
Fuel Economy (MPG)27 city / 31 Highway
Dimensions173″ L x 71″ W x 62″ H
Horsepower144 Hp
Fuel tank capacity 13.2 gal

If you are looking for the best subcompact SUV from Toyota, the 2020 CH-R is worth your consideration. Tackling the dusty road with a 4WD car will be more fun with this vehicle.

more info: 2021 Toyota CH-R Review

Toyota Highlander

The 2021 version of Highlander gets a complete redesign. The upgrades include a reworked steering, a stiffer anti-roll bar on the rear, and a stiffer yet sportier suspension. Checking the exterior part, the rear bumper is getting more comprehensive as well.

Generally, the Highlander is a bit smaller than rivals, judging from the outside. This makes an easier maneuver. The interior is also smaller. You get less headroom, while the third-row seats are pretty narrow as well. The car comes with a panoramic sunroof.

Checking the performance, this car comes with a V6 engine as standard. Since the car weighs less than many rivals, the acceleration may get better. The fuel economy depends on the trim you choose. 

MSRPFrom $35,000
Towing Capacity7,400 lbs
Fuel Economy (MPG)20 City / 27 Highway / 23 Combined
Dimensions192.5″ L x 75.8″ W x 68.1″ H
Ground Clearance8.0″
Horsepower295 Hp
Transmission8-speed automatic with manual shifting mode

Compared to the previous Highlander series, this one is by far the best to drive yet. If you are looking for a slimmer yet comfortable SUV to drive, the Highlander should be on the list.

Toyota Rav4

Checking the compact SUV section, we have the New Toyota Rav4. According to reviews, this vehicle has an excellent fuel economy rating. Driving this car gives you a bunch of comfortability and stability around corners. The cabin is made of quality materials while providing ample space.

You would love this car for its hi-class yet cozy cabin. The standard features are a bunch and valuable. Also, the fuel economy rating is excellent.

However, the engine produces a loud noise when you put a heavy throttle on it. The basic version is a bit pricey, though. Still, you need to consider this car on your list.

MSRPFrom $39,220
Towing Capacityup to 3,500 lbs
Fuel Economy (MPG)26 City / 32 Highway
Dimensions182″ L x 73″ W x 69″ H
Ground Clearance6.5″
Horsepower203 Hp
Transmission8-speed automatic with manual shifting mode

Toyota Rav4 is considered a family-friendly compact SUV. Coming with a roomier cargo room and excellent fuel economy, this car won’t let you down. If the price is not a thing you worry about, you should go for this car.

Toyota Rav4 Hybri

Looking at the hybrid car section, the Toyota Rav4 Hybrid is the best on the market. Designed for a well-balanced performance and stable driving across the board, you can find almost no flaw in this car.

This vehicle is made to provide phenomenal fuel economy. Its peppy powertrain that comes with a big cargo room will win the hearts of its potential buyers. Other than that, the cabin is highly modern and roomy.

The only flaw found in this car is on its front passenger seat. This part is mounted too high. Still, this car is worth every penny you spend.

It is safe to say that this car is what you want from a small SUV with hybrid technology. Even though this one is a hybrid car, you can still enjoy the roomy space provided. The price might be something you need to check even though it is worth every penny.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Another name on the SUV electric section is the Toyota Highlander Hybrid. Its sporty look comes with an efficient yet peppy powertrain. You would love its smooth ride and intuitive tech features. 

Other than that, the interior is modern and relaxing in so many ways. The standard features are a bunch, along with the safety features.

However, you may not like its third-row seats – it’s considered cramped. Also, the basic edition is too lavish. 

You must buy this car if you want a three-row SUV without dealing with the gas pump. Even though the third-row seats are more suitable for kids, this car is one of the best Toyota SUV cars.

That’s it, and we hope that the information we provide about the Toyota SUV Options above can give an overview for those of you looking to buy an SUV, especially an SUV from Toyota.

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