13 Upcoming SUVs Worth Waiting For 2025

The automotive industry evolves constantly, introducing new models and technologies every year. 2025 promises an exciting lineup of SUVs featuring advanced features, innovative designs, and sustainable powertrains.

This article will explore the most anticipated SUV releases of 2025, highlighting their key attributes and highlights.

2026 BMW iX3

  • Class: Electric Compact SUV
  • Price: Starting at $60,000

BMW continues its electric vehicle expansion with the highly anticipated iX3 SUV. As a compact luxury model, it offers impressive performance, boasting a range of approximately 250 miles and fast charging capabilities.

With cutting-edge technology, such as autonomous driving functions and connected services, the iX3 aims to deliver an engaging driving experience while reducing emissions.

2027 Rivian R2

Rivian R2
Via Rivian
  • Class: Compact EV SUV
  • Price: Starting at $45,000

Following the successful launch of the R1T pickup truck and R1S SUV, Rivian plans to release the more affordable R2 series.

While specific details about the R2 are limited, it is expected to share many components with its predecessors, including a versatile platform designed for various body styles and configurations.

Additionally, Rivian intends to maintain its commitment to sustainability, incorporating eco-friendly materials into the design.

2026 Cadillac Vistiq

Cadillac Vistiq
  • Class: Electric 3-Row SUV
  • Price: Starting at $65,000

Cadillac’s all-electric future includes the sleek and stylish Vistiq crossover SUV. Designed for urban environments, the Vistiq prioritizes aerodynamics and efficiency without sacrificing comfort or convenience.

It also features General Motors’ latest Ultium battery system, allowing for rapid charging times and long ranges between charges.

2026 Porsche Cayenne EV

Porsche Cayenne Sport SUV
  • Class: Electric Sport SUV
  • Price: Starting at $80,000

Porsche’s iconic midsize SUV receives an electrified update with the introduction of the Cayenne EV. Utilizing the same platform as the Taycan sedan, the Cayenne EV delivers exceptional acceleration, handling, and overall performance. Furthermore, drivers can expect a luxurious interior with modern amenities and premium materials.

2026 Kia EV4 & EV3

Kia EV4 Concept
Via Kia
  • Class: Compact EV SUV
  • Price: Starting at $40,000

Kia expands its electric vehicle offerings with two new SUV options – the EV4 and EV3. These compact models cater to different customer preferences, with the EV4 targeting adventure seekers and the EV3 appealing to those seeking practicality and affordability. Both vehicles feature efficient electric powertrains, contemporary exterior designs, and user-friendly infotainment systems.

2026 Toyota Compact Cruiser EV

Toyota Compact Cruiser EV
  • Class: Electric Off-Road SUV
  • Price: Starting at $36,000

As part of Toyota’s broader electrification strategy, the Compact Cruiser EV joins the growing list of small SUVs entering the market.

Inspired by the legendary Land Cruiser, this all-electric off-roader combines rugged capability with environmentally friendly transportation solutions. Its modular architecture allows for multiple drivetrain configurations, ensuring flexibility for diverse consumer needs.

2026 Fisker Pear

Fisker Pear
  • Class: Small SUV
  • Price: Starting at $30,000

Henrik Fisker’s latest venture results in unveiling the Pear, an accessible yet fashionable electric SUV. Featuring unique sliding doors and a spacious cabin, the Pear caters to young families who value style and functionality.

Moreover, Fisker emphasizes sustainability through recycled materials and solar roof panels, enhancing energy efficiency and environmental consciousness.

2026 Volvo EC40

Volvo EC40
  • Class: Compact Electric SUV
  • Price: $55,000

Volvo takes a bold approach to electric mobility with the EC40, a boxy and utilitarian compact SUV. Built upon the company’s new pure-electric platform, the EC40 focuses on safety, durability, and adaptability.

An extensive suite of driver assistance features complements the robust construction, making it well-suited for active lifestyles and challenging terrain conditions.

2026 Genesis GV90

Genesis SUV
  • Class: Luxury EV SUV
  • Price: Starting at $100,000

Genesis enters the large luxury SUV segment with the imposing GV90. Combining refined elegance with powerful performance, this full-sized SUV targets affluent buyers desiring luxury and sophistication.

Advanced technological innovations include semi-autonomous driving capabilities, augmented reality displays, and immersive sound systems, setting it apart from competitors.

2026 Lincoln Star EV

Lincoln Star EV SUV
  • Class: Electric Compact SUV
  • Price: Starting at $65,000

Lincoln introduces the futuristic Star EV concept, which redefines luxury electric mobility. Drawing inspiration from aircraft design, the Star EV showcases flowing lines, expansive glass surfaces, and a minimalist cockpit.

Cutting-edge features encompass artificial intelligence integration, wireless smartphone connectivity, and personalized ambient lighting, creating an exclusive and serene sanctuary on wheels.

2026 Nissan Leaf SUV

Nissan Leaf SUV
  • Class: Electric Small SUV
  • Price: Starting at $30,000

Nissan extends its popular Leaf family by including an all-new SUV variant. Expected to retain much of the original hatchback’s DNA, the Leaf SUV provides ample space, increased ground clearance, and improved cargo capacity.

By leveraging lessons learned from previous generations, Nissan strives to create an eminently practical and cost-effective solution for everyday commuting.

2026 Subaru Forester Hybrid

Subaru Forester Hybrid
  • Class: Electric Midsize SUV
  • Price: Starting at $35,000

Subaru embraces hybridization with the revamped Forester Hybrid, blending traditional values with modern propulsion methods. Retaining its renowned AWD prowess and durable build quality, the Forester Hybrid adds enhanced fuel economy and reduced emissions.

Drivers benefit from seamless power delivery, regenerative braking, and optimized suspension tuning for heightened stability and control.

2026 Volkswagen ID.8

Volkswagen EV SUV Concept
  • Class: Electric Midsize SUV
  • Price: Starting at $45,000

Volkswagen’s expanding ID lineup welcomes the ID.8, a three-row electric SUV, to accommodate larger households. This spacious offering offers generous legroom, flexible seating arrangements, and abundant storage compartments, ensuring maximum comfort during extended journeys. Bolstered by VW’s MEB platform, the ID.8 guarantees spirited acceleration and nimble handling dynamics.

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