10 SUVs & Trucks With Front Bench Seats You Can Buy Today

Bench seat maybe is one of the best inventions ever been made for the car. It does not only save more production costs. But, passengers also feel more comfortable sitting on this seat during a trip with their vehicle. And, American car manufacturers bring this bench to even further development.

Previously, they only installed this seat on the back or passenger seat. Then, they develop it as the front seat, giving the driver a more spacious seating area.

Mostly, the car with the front bench seat is quite difficult to find. However, we have already made a list of the best SUVs, trucks, and other vehicles using front bench seats. If you are interested in these cars, please continue reading this article.

New Chevy Silverado With Front Bench Seat

Here is our list of the best SUVs and Truck With Front Bench seats. Let’s start!

SUV with Front Bench Seat

First of all, let’s find out more about the SUV that uses this unique type of front seat. We have four SUVs here.

2016 Chevy Suburban

The V8 engine produces 355 horsepower, which gives you enough push to travel around your city. However, this is an SUV. Even though it runs well in both, it has a different fuel economy for each of them. So, it is also a perfect ride for a suburban area.

New Chevy Suburban WIth Front Bench Seat

As for city riding, it only has 15-16 mpg of fuel economy. If you take it outside the city and drive on the highway, it increases a bit to 22-23 mpg.

However, the most important thing is its interior. Is it comfortable with the front bench seat? The answer is yes. The cloth upholstery covers the seats, a perfect choice for all seasons.

Furthermore, it also uses the heated front seat to help you drive during winter’s coldest weather. With the extra addition of leather upholstery on the upper trim, you will feel like inside the palace on your journey.

2016 Chevy Tahoe

Tahoe has a similar power core as Suburban. It uses a V8 engine and has 355 horsepower forces that move it around.

To facilitate this power, Chevrolet installs two driving systems: rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. Depending on the road condition, you can adjust the driving mode for more convenient and energy-efficient driving.

The front bench seat has a different look than the standard bench seat. It uses a combination of leather and cloth upholstery for more comfort value. It also has a beautiful design, combining traditional and minimalist modern designs.

Furthermore, the interior has exclusive features for the best driving experience. Start from the 8-inches display screen as the control panel to the heating system for your comfort.

2016 GMC Yukon

This car is another powerful SUV you can find on the market. Its V8 engine has similar power to the previous two, 355 horsepower. It also is available in other versions, which is Denali. This one has a bigger engine capacity that produces more power (420 horsepower). 

Inside, it has a set of premium features. You can get a 10-way power driver’s seat, automatic climate control, an advanced multimedia system, and many more. As for the front bench seat, you won’t find it on its standard version.

However, GMC provides this seat as an option. So, if you plan to buy the 2016 GMX Yukon, do not forget to ask for this option. You may have to pay more. However, it is a good investment for convenient driving.

2016 GMC Yukon XL

GMC Yukon XL offers more space than the Yukon model. The XL version has a larger cargo area. The cargo area sizes are 121.1 cubic feet if we measure it from the first-row seat. As you might already know, the car seats are foldable. The initial cargo space is only 15.3 cubic feet. However, if you fold the second and third seat row, you get that cargo size.

As for the front bench seat, it is similar to GMC Yukon. It is optional. The bench seat itself has a beautiful design. It uses leather as the cover, which feels comfortable for a long trip. The big cargo area also was made for that purpose. So, this car is your perfect choice for a family car that you want to ride for vacation or visit your family in another town.

Truck with Front Bench Seat

Now, if you need a bigger vehicle than SUV, you may consider buying a truck. And, you also can find and get the car with the front bench seat. Here are some examples of cars with that feature.

Nissan Titan XD

Nissan adds the front bench seat as the initial feature of this car. You don’t need to pay for the additional cost like when you get it from the other vehicles. The front bench seats come in 40/20/40 size.

The middle seat also can change into a desk or cup holder. It depends on how you will use it while you are driving. It is not only a front bench seat. But, it is a seat with multiple functions.

The 2017 Nissan Titan XD also holds a powerful engine under its hood. It uses a 5.6-liter V8 engine with 390 horsepower of output. It also has low fuel consumption. In short, if you are looking for a truck with the best comfort value and performance, this truck is what you need.

Ford F150

The best about the Ford F150 front bench seat is how Ford treats it like a king. They give it a premium treatment and addition. It uses standard cloth upholstery as the cover. Furthermore, you also can get a leather one, if you want.

Moreover, the front seat also has a heating and ventilation system for more pleasant driving. This luxurious seating design also is applied in the back seat. In short, the whole interior will give you the most comfortable experience.

Additionally, F150 also has one of the most advanced interior features. You can find the SYNC infotainment system that you can control on the 4.2-inch touch screen display. Bluetooth and smart device integration system is available for supporting your activity.

Chevy Silverado

Another truck you can choose is the 2016 Chevy Silverado for its front bench seat. The seat doesn’t only have a comfortable design. It also uses many features, such as a heated and ventilated front seat, beautiful leather and cloth upholstery, and many more.

When you enter this truck and sit behind the wheel, you can feel its luxurious atmosphere and appearance. Furthermore, the cabin also has a good sound and noise isolation feature. It feels quiet and peaceful inside. It is a perfect truck to ride for you who love a beautiful vehicle.

GMC Sierra

The 2016 GMC Sierra has a unique front bench seat design. The middle part, the tiny seat, initially folded to the front.

Behind its backrest, it has an area for cup holders and a small compartment to keep your belongings. However, if you need an entire front bench seat, you need to unfold this middle seat to the back. You get a spacey and big bench seat in your cabin. The best of all, the room in this area is so big. It feels comfortable for the driver as well as the passenger besides. 

Toyota Tundra

2016 Toyota Tundra Interior With Front Bench Seat

You get front bench seats as the standard features of this car. But it is very comfortable for a long journey. The seat uses only cloth upholstery. And, similar to other trucks in this list, it has a split-folding middle area.

In general, this truck has one of the most comfortable front bench seats. It gives you cup holders and a small compartment when you fold it. The leather upholstery is available as an optional addition. You might want to increase its luxury and comfort value by ordering this upholstery.

Other Cars (Van & Sedan) with Front Bench Seat 

Besides SUVs and trucks, you also can find other cars, such as vans and sedans, with front bench seats. Here are two of them that you can try.

2013 Chevy Impala

The 2013 Chevy Impala is one of the sedan cars with a front bench seat. The cloth upholstery that covers its surface also feels very comfortable. Then, the six-way power-adjustable system also helps you get the best position for your trip.

2016 RAM Promaster

If you need a large van to transport your stuff, a front bench seat, the 2016 RAM Promaster is the best choice. It is comfortable and spacious. The seat also uses leather upholstery and the other parts of its interior.

SUV and Truck With Front Bench Seat

Final Word

Those are SUV and Truck With Front Bench Seat, plus other cars. When you buy a vehicle with a front bench seat, make sure to look for its comfort level. A high comfort level will always give you the best driving experience.

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