17 Best SUV for Tall Drivers, SUV & Crossovers with Lots of Legroom

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Best SUV for Tall Drivers

When it comes to the best choices of cars for tall people, the vehicle’s legroom is among the things to pay close attention to.

A tall person will find it very uncomfortable to drive a car with tight space for them. Just imagine a tall person driving an old Mini Cooper, as seen on the Mr. Bean series from the past days.

So, when a tall person is looking for a car to buy, it is best to check the dimension section of the car specification and check the legroom space at first.

Our top 6 SUV with the most legroom for Tall Drivers

ModelFront Row (in.)Second Row (in.)Third Row (in.)
GMC Yukon44.542.034.9
Chevrolet Tahoe44.542.036.7
Lincoln Navigator43.942.640.9
Hyundai Palisade44.142.431.4
Kia Telluride41.442.431.4
Ford Expedition43.941.540.9

An additional aspect to check following the legroom in a car is the headroom. The legroom is essential, while the headroom will add more comfort for tall people to drive the vehicle for a long time.

Many modern cars are somewhat compact due to the heavy traffic in many places as vehicles’ primary market.

Nevertheless, some of the cars available today offer spacious legroom and headroom for tall people to drive comfortably for hours or days.

17 Best SUV for Tall Drivers

SUVs are the most affordable cars to choose for tall people. SUVs are inevitably bigger than sedans to offer much more spacious legroom and headroom in general.

Some SUVs in the car marketplace today offer better dimensions and interior cabin space than other SUVs. This list will provide brief information regarding the best SUVs in the market with spacious legroom for tall people to get comfortable while driving or even sleep in them. If you often sleep in the car, check out our Best SUV to Sleep in & How to Sleep in Car Safely. So, Let’s dive in into our 17 best SUVs for a tall driver!

GMC Yukon

GMC offers the Denali and XL Denali versions in which the first one is 210-in in length, and the second one is 225.2-in in length. Unfortunately, the interior cabin of both the Denali and XL Denali has the same dimension.

GMC Yukon Pictures

The interior cabin’s dimension is 42.30-in headroom, 45.3 in legroom, and 66-in in shoulder room for the front. The base model or version of the GMC Yukon is offered at $57,800, labeled as the SLT trim, available soon in the fall of 2020.

Lincoln Navigator

This large luxury SUV has not been announced in terms of the recent year 2021 model release. The year 2020 model remains a great car to choose from for an SUV with a spacious interior cabin at the front.

The 41.8-in headroom, 65.2-in shoulder room, and 43.9-in legroom for the front cabin of Navigator is a generous space even for a tall person to drive the car without any problem.

The 2021 Lincoln Navigator is expected to keep that interior dimension, though. The vehicle’s starting price will not be too far from $76,185 for the 2020 version.

Hyundai Palisade

The $31,975 Hyundai Palisade remains the available version of Palisade so far on the official website of Hyundai as of today.

It is a car with a spacious cabin inside its 196.1-in length, 77.8-in width, and 68.9-in height for the exterior dimension. The total interior volume of 173.3 cubic feet at the front is why it is spacious, even for taller people than ordinary people.

The 2021 model year will be as spacious as that to continue being a decent car for tall people to drive comfortably even in an extended period.

Kia Telluride

Kia Telluride has officially released the 2021 model for the year with the starting price of $31,990 to get the base model only.

The size of the car is 196.9-in in length, 78.3-in in width, and 68.9-in in height without roof rails. That leads to the interior headroom without a sunroof of 40.9-in, shoulder room of 61.6-in, and legroom of 41.4-in at the front section of the cabin.

Meanwhile, the total passenger volume is 178.1 cubic feet, making it very spacious for either the driver or the passengers.

Ford Expedition

The global pandemic that hits the world recently has affected the car industry a lot. It leads to many postponements of the year 2021 model releases, including summer 2020 expected release of the 2021 Ford Expedition. It offers the best legroom in its class, even for the second and third rows of the cabin. The base model has a size of 210-in long, 79.9-in wide, and 76.6-in high.

The interior cabin of the front section offers 42-in headroom, 43.9-in legroom, 64.9-in shoulder room, and 62.2-in hip room that leads to a spacious feeling while driving the car.

Subaru Forester

This SUV from Subaru is expected to hit the car marketplace in the fall of 2020. So far, it is nothing but the expected ideas of the year 2021 model. The year 2020 model is offered at $24,495.

The car is 182.1-in long, 71.5-in wide, and 67.5-in high without the roof rails. The 111.9 cubic feet passenger volume for the base model is considerably spacious.

More importantly, it offers 41.2-in headroom, 43.3-in legroom, and 58.2-in shoulder room for the driver at the front section of the interior cabin. That makes the Subaru forester one of the best compact SUVs for tall drivers. That very reasonable choice for a tall person who needs an SUV for a daily driven car.

Chevrolet Tahoe

One of the latest cars from Chevrolet that are available to purchase is the 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe. This car has its starting price of $53,800, which is reasonable for a full-size SUV.

This new Tahoe base version comes in 210.7-in length, 75.8-in in height, and 81-in width. Inside the cabin, it offers 42.30-in headroom, 44.50-in legroom, 66-in shoulder room, and 61.50-in hip room for the front section.

Overall, that cabin size at the front is reasonable for a full-size SUV as iconic as Tahoe that has been around for years now.

Honda CR-V Hybrid

The famous CR-V from Honda is set to return to the car marketplace, probably at the end of 2020. It will undoubtedly continue the hybrid trend of Japanese cars of today for the sake of better energy consumption. Regardless of that matter, the available 2020 version is considered the right choice for tall people.

Honda CRV has 41.3 inches of legroom for you and your front-seat passenger. The exterior dimension of the car is 182.1-in long, 73-in wide, and 66.5-in high, with 103 cubic feet of the total passenger volume. Priced from $27,750 to $35,950, it is an affordable hybrid car with decent interior space.

Nissan Rogue

The All-New 2021 Nissan Rogue is a beautiful car that is unfortunately not yet released. It promises a lot of new exciting stuff, as seen on the official website of Nissan. On the other hand, the 2020 version remains a decent choice for tall people.

The car has a low starting price of just $25,490. The dimension of the vehicle is only 184.5-in in length, 72.4-in in width, and 68-in in height by being a crossover. Yet it offers spacious legroom of 43-in and headroom of 41.6-in headroom at the front section or the first row of the interior cabin.

Buick Enclave

The Mid-Size Luxury SUV from GM has been planned to get its newer model in 2021. Unfortunately, the global pandemic of Covid-19 has delayed that plan for the Enclave to be eventually released as the 2022 model year.

Looking back to the current model, this car offers 41.20-in front legroom and 62.40-in front shoulder room. Its overall dimension is 204.30-in in length, 78.80 in width, and 69.90 in height. That will at least be the starting point for the year 2022 model to remain spacious. The starting price of this car for its year 2020 model is $40,000.

Jeep Wrangler

The year 2021 model of the legendary Jeep Wrangler has just been spotted being tested. It means that there has not been a lot of evidence and official information regarding the car. Nevertheless, the car will always be a decent choice for tall people.

The year 2020 model is offered at the base price of $34,190. It comes in its dimension of 166.8-in in length, 73.8-in in width, and 73.6-in in height. Inside the cabin of the car is spacious legroom of 41.2-in and 42.6-in of headroom at the front. The front shoulder room is at 55.7-in that makes it spacious.

Chevrolet Traverse

Chevrolet Traverse is one of few cars that have been officially announced for the year 2021 model. It is among the popular choices of people who need spacious vehicles. The car size is 204.3-in in length, 78.6-in in width, and 70.7-in in height.

The interior cabin has 41.3-in of headroom, 41-in of legroom, 62.1-in of the shoulder, and 58.1-in of hip room for the front section. The combination of those measurements is undoubtedly making the car interior spacious and comfortable.

The base price of this mid-size SUV is expected to be around $31,000, following the $29,800 of the year 2020 model.

Nissan Pathfinder

Pathfinder has been one of the popular SUVs for years with the possible refresh for the year 2021 model. So far, there is no reliable information regarding the car, but it is always a good idea to check back the year 2020 model to choose the best car for tall people.

The car has its dimension of 198.5-in long, 77.3-in wide, and 70.6-in high. The front headroom is at 42.2-in without the moonroof and 41.1-in with the sunroof.

Meanwhile, the legroom at the front is 42.2-in that is great for tall people to operate the car quickly and comfortably.

Hyundai Santa Fe

Kona and Tucson are so far officially announced and released the year 2021 model SUVs from Hyundai. Santa Fe is, unfortunately, one of the expected SUVs of Hyundai for 2021. The car has been trendy among people who are taller than most people.

The Santa Fe is offered at $26,275 for the cheapest trim. It is a family SUV with 187.8-in of length, 74.4-in of width, and 66.1-in of height. The combination of 41.2-in headroom and 44.1-in legroom at the front is decent even for a tall person to drive the car.

GMC Acadia

While waiting for the official announcement and release of the 2021 GMC Acadia, it is a great idea to look back at the marvelous 2020 version. The car is available for purchase at its base price of $33,800 for the SLE and SLT trims.

The front section of its interior cabin is perfect for tall people with a 40-in headroom, 41-in legroom, 59.40-in shoulder room, and 55.70-in hip room. Meanwhile, the exterior dimension of the car is 193.40-in in length, 75.40-in in width, and 66.70-in in height. That space guarantees a comfortable driving space for the driver.

Infiniti QX80

If a tall person searches for a luxury SUV to drive comfortably, the 2021 Infiniti QX80 could be the final choice. The luxury aspect is unquestionable when it comes to cars manufactured by Infiniti. The 2021 QX80 is offered at $69,050 with all of the luxury within.

Of course, it is a significant and spacious car, with a dimension of 210.2-in overall length, 79.9-in overall width, and 75.8-in overall height with roof rails installed. The spacious interior has 39.9-in headroom, 39.6-in legroom, 63.8-in shoulder room, and 59.2-in hip room.

Lexus GX 460

The GX 460 is inevitably one of the luxury SUVs in the SUV market today. That is because Lexus has been known as one of the brands that have offered luxurious-looking cars for years. The year 2021 model of the GX 460 may not come very soon, but the buzzes are around for sure.

It is expected that the car will have 38-in headroom, 41.7-in legroom, and 55.4-in shoulder room at the front section of the interior cabin. The 192.1-in length, 74.2-in of width, and 74.2-in height make it very reasonable for a car in its respective class.

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