12 Trucks With a Sunroof/Moonroof in 2024

Nowadays, trucks are usually customized to meet the demand of varying owners. Therefore, if you are looking forward to buying a heavy-duty, full-size, or midsize truck, ensure you choose the one that comes with a moonroof or sunroof. This makes an incredible addition to your truck since it provides extra ventilation and light in your entire cabin.

Similarly, most truck brands with a moonroof or sunroof can only guarantee you this exceptional feature on chosen trim levels. Suppose you are not familiar with such trucks, worry less because this detailed post has you covered.

Keep reading to familiarize yourself with multiple truck options of trucks with sunroofs and moon roofs available today.

RAM 1500

Are you looking for the best truck with a moonroof or sunroof? If so, choose RAM 2500, which is an outstanding full-size truck with a panoramic sunroof. With the 2016-2023 Ram 1500 types, you can comfortably enjoy your sunroof.

New RAM 1500 With Dual Panoramic Sunroof Pictures

Furthermore, this type of truck guarantees you two varying sunroof models, primarily the dual-pane powered sunroof, available on the crew cab models, especially when you opt for Limited trim levels, Rebel, Big Horn, Laramie Longhorn, and Laramie. The second sunroof model is the quad cab model featuring a single pane-powered sunroof, which you can get on Rebel trim levels and Big Horn.

Nissan Frontier

The Nissan Frontier, which is midsize, has a tilt feature that provides a power moonroof sliding glass. However, you can only get it on several chosen models, which is optional on SV.

Nissan Frontier With Moonroof

This truck offers the passengers seated at the front an additional light, which applies to most of the best trucks featuring sunroofs. Other passengers are also advantaged because they get maximum ventilation.

Bear in mind that this truck has been in the industry long enough and does not incorporate issues. Therefore, if you are searching for a midsize truck featuring a sunroof or moonroof, consider Nissan Frontier because it is worth an investment and has off-road cred.

Toyota Tundra

It is an American full-size truck that features a Wi-Fi hotspot, Android Auto, Amazon Alexa, Apple CarPlay, and a 7- inch touchscreen. The 2023 model Toyota Tundra has a large sunroof compared to other Toyota trucks.

You must choose limited TRD Pro trim levels and Platinum to enjoy this feature. This truck’s interior is luxurious and uses a top-quality Entune infotainment system. In addition, a massive sunroof retracts to develop cool ventilation when cruising. Similarly, its rear window is retractable, making it a special truck in the market.

RAM 2500

This heavy-duty, full-size truck offers you a powerful sunroof in Limited trims, Laramie, Big Horn, and Mega Cab configurations on the SLT and crew cab. Additionally, this sunroof is on heavy-duty Ram under the capable version, off-road-oriented Ram, and Power Wagon Ram.

You must know that Ram 2500 has not been redesigned. This means it only can give you a traditional sunroof over your front seats. It is known globally for its maximum performance.

Chevy Silverado HD

Most people refer to this truck as a massive carrier because it has the potential of towing 36000 pounds. This means it can haul almost all loads.

On the other hand, it features a panoramic sunroof option. Suppose you want to acquire this feature; ensure you choose LTZ trim. It features a robust sunroof, which can slide efficiently to your truck’s roof as it penetrates the front row. However, its sunroof is minimal, unlike those featured in full-size trucks. Fortunately, it guarantees you slide and tilt features alongside an express close and open choices. Thanks to its exceptional features for making it recognizable globally.

Toyota Tacoma

You must know that Toyota Tacoma is the best midsize pickup. Furthermore, it offers you a sliding moonroof and power tilt alongside a sliding sunshade, usually featured on high-end models. This kind of sunroof is on TRD Off-Road trims and Double Cabs of TRD Sport.

On the other hand, it is usually standard on excellent off-road potential TRD Pro and limited models. And you can acquire all of them in the Double Cab configuration. Suppose you want an outstanding midsize truck featuring a sunroof. Toyota Tacoma is the best choice.

Honda Ridgeline RTL

The Honda Ridgeline RTL falls among incredible trucks with a sunroof. Therefore, there is absolutely no doubt that this Honda brand offers its entire trucks with a single-touch power moonroof using a tilt feature.

Bear in mind that this moonroof is standard on Black Edition trims and RTL. Likewise, you can never get it on Sports trims and lower-end RT.

Honda Ridgeline RTL Moonroof Images

You must know that all Ridgelines crew cab models have a sunroof engulfing front passengers, leaving rear seats in the dark. Honda Ridgelines is perfect for someone who requires a vehicle with a sunroof and can manage light truck duties.

Ford F-150

This is an outstanding full-size truck that gives you an awesome driving experience. Besides, it guarantees you an exclusive interior and features a wide range of powertrains. On the other hand, it provides the purchaser with a panoramic sunroof option on any given type from 2015 to 2023. Its sunroof comes on multiple trim levels, including Lariat, Platinum, King Ranch, and XLT. However, limited models are standard.

Remember F-150 incorporates a twin-panel sunroof, engulfing a great cabin section, entailing rear seats. The iconic glass roof front section can open to offer ample lighting and airflow. Most people love this car because it comes with a sunshade to make you comfortable by maintaining the interior cool even during summer. This truck gives you the luxury you require at any time.

Nissan Titan

There are many full-size trucks nowadays, but Nissan Titan is unique since it features a breathtaking interior. In addition, it has remarkable electronic control systems that entail a heated steering wheel and climate-controlled front seats.

The dual-pane panoramic sunroof gives you a great view of the sky on a calm night or beautiful sunny day.

To get the panoramic sunroof on your Nissan Titan, access Platinum Reserve trims level or SL, and it is standard in all. Additionally, its window features a power sliding back glass that lets in fresh air when necessary.

Ford F250

The Ford F250 incorporates six trim levels, with three guaranteeing you a sunroof. One among the three is limited, including a sunroof, while the remaining two, Platinum and Ranch, feature sunroof packages, which are worth the value. Besides, this truck offers back and front-row sunroof advantages. Multiple people love this truck because it has headroom, ample leg, and massive cabin space.

Unlike other models before, the 2023 Ford F250 features a large double-panel power sunroof. Opt for a 2023 model to enjoy the massive sunroof and the luxury that comes with it. Choose this product and save the cash you would have used on upgrading your sunroof.

GMC Sierra 3500 HD

This truck offers you an outstanding powerful sliding sunroof. GMC Sierra 3500 HD from 2018 to 2023 have these feature. Furthermore, SLT and SLE trim levels are standard.

Bear in mind that this truck has a luxurious sunroof, which gives you an awesome panoramic view and handles both regular commutes and work. If you are searching for a powerful truck featuring an expansive sunroof, do not hesitate to consider GMC Sierra 3500 HD because it is unique.

Ford F350

If you are searching for a truck with the maximum potential to haul a lot of cargo with rear-end bouncing and zero bucking, choose Ford F350. It has an expansive sunroof, which provides its interior with a lot of natural light. 2016 to 2023 Ford F350 trucks usually come equipped with this feature. To acquire an excellent sunroof, you must opt for a Limited trim level, which offers a standard sunroof. Remember, its sunroof serves both the back and front rows. Consider it today and watch it deliver exceptional performance.

Can you get a sunroof put in your truck? How much does it cost?

Ideally, if your truck does not feature a sunroof, consider leaving it the way it is. But if you consider adding it, you are likely to feature a few limitations.

The primary downside will be losing your headspace because the truck is not designed with additional space. Therefore, it is likely to drop down your truck. On the other hand, you risk water leakage in your vehicle.

Remember, a truck built with a sunroof is usually sealed according to the manufacturer’s standards. And this does not apply to aftermarket sunroof since it does not have similar industrial sealing strength. If the sunroof is not installed correctly, you risk water leaking in your truck whenever you wash or it rains.

Adding a sunroof to your truck will likely cost you $300 to $800, especially if you install a unit that can easily open for ventilation. However, if it is a top-mounted glass version of a motorized version that slides or tilts outside your truck’s roof, buying will cost you $750, while installation is between $600 to $1000. On the other hand, the one that slides and opens inside your truck can cost you $1000 to $ 2000.

Final verdict

This comprehensive post has familiarised you with the best 12 trucks with a sunroof or moonroof. Therefore, it calls upon you to efficiently choose the best that suits your demands. Many sunroofs and moonroof trucks are on the market, but the guide above will help you choose the best. If your truck does not have a sunroof, avoid adding one to prevent water leakage.

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