Car Rental Companies with AAA Discounts in 2024

Many people look for cheap deals on car rentals. Several ways can be pursued to get the best car rental prices, including car rental with AAA discounts.

So, not all car rentals provide a discount program cooperation with AAA, you should know what rentals provide this attractive discount offer.

About Car Rentals With AAA Discounts

One way to save on renting a car is by utilizing the car rental with AAA discounts offer. So what is AAA? This is a program that lobbies for various drivers’ rights based on fair laws. It has been serving consumers for 115 years.

Now, AAA has grown and has many members, you may be one of them. Various top-quality membership services are provided by AAA, one of which is roadside assistance. If you need roadside assistance, then we highly recommend using AAA services.

AAA introduced this useful service in 1915 and consistently provides the best service until now. This service is still often relied upon as the most helpful membership feature. Within AAA, there is equality, strategic planning, and diversity.

AAA conveys the essential inclusions of ACG to maintain a sustainable foundation. So, are you looking for a discount on your car rental needs? AAA is the one to turn to. Quite a few car rental companies provide access to AAA discounts to save you money.

Car Rentals With AAA Discounts

Car rental is a natural need for many people, especially those who are constrained in accessing private vehicles. Many benefits can be obtained from car rental services, be it in terms of convenience, flexibility, safety, or savings. To be more efficient in renting a car, you need to take advantage of various reliable discount programs.
One of them is the AAA discount program for car rental service, so what are the car rentals that offer discount program cooperation with AAA, here are some of them:

Thrifty Car Rental with AAA Discount

One option for car rental with AAA discounts is Thrifty. Established in 1958, Thrifty offers a car rental system that is always evolving every decade. Thrifty is a rental brand that is known by many people and can provide the best service for each customer.

So what benefits can you get from using AAA membership for car rental at Thrifty? You can get the following benefits that can save you money:

  • Free for additional qualified drivers, you can save $13.50 per driver and day
  • Get 10% savings on any of your rentals (base rate)
  • Free safety seat, $13.99 for saving per day
  • Get prepaid fuel discount of up to 10%
  • On most car rentals, you can get unlimited mileage for free.

Dollar Vehicle Rental with AAA Discount

For car rental with AAA discounts other option, you can rely on Dollar Car Rental. This car rental company has been around since 1965. A man called Henry J. Caruso is the founder of Dollar Rental. Now, this car rental has expanded the scope of operations to scale and become another brand known to many people.

One of Dollar Rental’s strong foundations is its high-quality approach to customer service. It’s not just about customer service; the fleet of vehicles available here are also high-quality vehicles.

Get the convenience you need to do whatever your trip is, whether it’s a business trip, sightseeing, and so on. You can get customized vehicles here. Also, get low-rate offers so you can more easily adjust your car rental budget.

There are additional programs that can provide extra benefits for customers to enhance their car rental experience. You can get quite a few benefits from Dollar car rental using the AAA program. Here are some discount points that can benefit you:

  • You can add additional drivers who fully meet the essential requirements for free, saving about $13.50 per driver and day
  • For the basic rental rate (all rentals), you can save about 15%
  • Safety seat for free, save about $13.99 per day
  • You can get a 10% discount for pre-paid fuel
  • Almost all rental services provide unlimited mileage.

Hertz Car Rental with AAA Discount

Another car rental with AAA discounts is Hertz. Hertz Corporation offers a comprehensive vehicle rental service, one of the most recognized in the world. Hertz offers various programs for customer needs such as Mobile WiFi, Ultimate Choice, unique vehicles, Carfirmations, and other useful, attractive services. That’s why Hertz is different from other rental companies.

A wide selection of cars can be found here, and they offer easy rentals too. Hertz Car Rental can provide interesting benefits for you with discounts from AAA; here are some benefits you can get:

  • Additional professional qualified driver from AAA for free, save about $13.50 per driver and day
  • Free child safety seat you can get per day, saving about $13.99
  • 20% discount on all rental rates provided
  • Policy fee waived for young AAA members (aged 20-24). From it, you can get $29 savings per day.
  • For prepaid U.S. car rentals, save about 10% (only for online)
  • You can get 10% savings for prepaid fuel, must add ‘Fuel Purchase Option’ or FPO first
  • Get extra savings offer (limited time)
  • Get car loss damage limited to $5,000

In addition to some of the interesting points above, you can also get discount offers for international rentals. You can get additional qualified drivers from AAA for free and up to 10 percent saving for the standard car rental base rate.

So, those are some rental cars that you can consider if you want to use the benefits of AAA membership for car rental discounts. You need to find a car that best suits your driving activities or needs. You might need a car that can accommodate quite a few passengers or a car that can go through all terrain. As we know, some of the rentals above provide a large collection of vehicles for us to choose from.

Decide on your best vehicle first before you start renting a car. To get the maximum benefit from car rental with AAA discounts, don’t forget to read every terms and conditions.

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