Can you get a Car Lease without a job? (Explained)

Leasing a car is the same for everyone, notwithstanding employment status, as long as there is a particular flow of income and financial capacity.

However, there are specific rules wherein a certain income amount threshold should meet the requirements to prove that you can pay for the monthly dues.

Also, the payment duration is considered together with the income capacity of the leaser.

To make the story short, car leasing evaluates your capacity to afford the car price, but they do not restrict the types of income you have.

Lease car without job

Do you need a job to get a car lease?

You’re still not unqualified to apply for a car lease even without a job. Incomes accepted are those taxable ones that can address your monthly payment requirements, not only for the car lease.

Some companies include your ability to pay for the living commodities too! This pertains to not all income types and amounts being accepted. Also, not all employment statuses are accepted too.

Most companies see that you have at least a stable income to fund your needs, assets, and liabilities. Moreover, lending companies also take into consideration your credit performance. Depending on your lender, your leasing application may have bigger or smaller chances of getting approved if it is prime or subprime.

How much income do you need to make?

Before credit, some lenders usually allow leasers to borrow or gain credit and loans should their monthly income reach up to $1,500.00-$2,500.00.

For employed leasers, lenders require at least 6 months duration of employment before they approve leasing applications. Thus, employment statuses from the past that have larger gaps are also declined.

How you can have your car leasing application if you are unemployed

Mainly, to qualify for a car lease when you are unemployed, make sure to have a solid credit line and more sources of income. There are four ways in which you may apply in persuading for car leases to some lenders.

1. Sources of income and properties can be consolidated to prove your financial paying capacity some income sources include:

  • Alimony
  • Properties for lease
  • Pension
  • Social security
  • Regular proceeds from a trust
  • Veterans affair benefits
  • Dividends from investments
  • Inheritances like real estate, securities, etc.

2. Cash Flows highly accepted in Car Leasing

  • Income flows that can give security to your leasing application and even in your approval could be the following:
  • Business owners
  • Self-employed individuals
  • Working Students
  • Disabled
  • Part-time or blue-collar job workers
  • Drivers
  • Retired professionals
  • Hospital Staff and Nurses
  • Agency Workers
  • Temporary or overseas workers
  • In military segments

You need proof of income such as bank statements, payslips, receipts, and other certificates of constant or sufficient payment acceptance from an entity.

How your credit score can affect the leasing application approval

The following credit scores and their corresponding rating will impact your reputation to the lenders:

  • 300-579: Very Poor
  • 580-669: Fair
  • 670-739: Good
  • 740-799: Very Good
  • 800-850: Exceptional

Some implications of getting a car lease

  1. Being unemployed during your application for a lease, you may be tagged as a high-risk borrower. For them, your leasing application might not be ideal, and may impose stricter policies and rules on you:
  2. Such rules and other policies may include setting up automatic payments, a shorter period of lease payment, and the worst case could be that they will charge you with higher interest rates.
  3. Lenders can also give you a lesser leasing amount or interest rates than the normal they could give.

However, when you can find a job or increase your credit score, your interest rates will be decreased. Here, your leasing application could be more affordable. Other conditions and tips are considered when you apply for a car lease.

If you have other debts

Your debt-to-income ratio is another ability that indicates your qualification to get approved. Your DTI can be calculated by adding up your monthly debts and divide them with the total monthly income.

Lending companies prefer lease applicants to have DTI or debt-to-income ratios that are below 40%.

If you have sizeable down payments

With the total amount you can finance, large down payments can save you money when you pay your lease in the coming months. It is better to have saved some money before applying for a lease.

Bigger down payments can have you approved as some lenders offer you lesser interest rates or discounts on monthly payments.

Therefore, you can save more on your lease amounts. Avoid paying the monthly payments beyond the due date to avoid penalties which can even increase more expenses.

Leverage your car

You may declare to rent out your car or have it signed in Grab or Uber. You can maximize the utilization of your car and make money out of it, so save for the insurance, loans, gasoline, and maintenance expenses.

Pay in cash

Paying in cash can also save you more money because there are no interest charges to banks and teleservices involved.

Offer to use collateral. Some collaterals include:

  • Asset titles
  • Real estate deeds
  • Cash account statements
  • Machinery and equipment receipts
  • Investment statements
  • Insurance policies
  • Valuables and collectibles
  • Pending customer or client payments into the future


Getting a car lease when you are unemployed is not that impossible, only very difficult. However, employment is not the only proof of income, so you do not need to worry if you have other streams of financial means or you are doing things differently.

Getting a car needs enough money. Therefore, you are expected to consider the price and the expenses when you decide to get one. As long as you have a stable and secured means, you will have no problems acquiring and owning a car.

Owning a car is more like responsibility at first as it is both considered a liability and an asset. There are many financing types that you can opt for. You need to sort out and study which kind is best suited for your situation. You can get a car lease even when you are unemployed.

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Lease car without job