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In case you want to pay with cash but need a rental vehicle, you might run into some difficulties. Although credit cards are the most common form of payment for car rentals, cash payments are still an option in 2023.

In order to make sure you obtain the information you’re searching for without taking any unnecessary detours, we’ll get right to the point in this post and give you a list of automobile rental businesses that accept cash.


One of the world’s top automobile rental firms is Enterprise, and they take cash payments. Nonetheless, there are a few rules and regulations to remember if you choose to rent a car with Enterprise. They include the following:

  • Credit Check: Even if you pay cash, Enterprise will perform a credit check as part of the rental procedure.
  • Cash Deposit: A cash deposit is required, and the amount varies based on the area and the vehicle you’re renting.
  • Age Restrictions: Renters must typically be at least 25 years old in cash rentals if there are any age limits.
  • Returning the car: Your money will be returned to you after the vehicle is returned, less any necessary rental fees.

Fox Rent-A-Car

Another choice for paying cash for rentals is Fox Rent-A-Car. What you need to know is as follows:

  • Cash Deposit: Along with the service charge, you’ll be required to give a cash deposit that is usually equal to the anticipated rental costs.
  • Age Restrictions: Additional conditions and costs might apply to renters under the age of 25. Location Variability: It’s a good idea to inquire with your individual rental location for details, as cash payment regulations may differ from one location to the next.

Dollar Car Rental

Dollar makes it feasible for you to rent a car with cash. You have to put the following factors in mind:

  • Cash Deposit: You will need to submit an upfront deposit, and only renters of cars who have gotten cash deposit identity cards are accepted. A cash deposit will be required, depending on the location and type of car.
  • Credit Check: Even for rent paid with cash, a credit check is frequently necessary. Additionally, there is a $15 nonrefundable processing fee, which helps to defray the expense of doing a credit check.
  • Age Requirements: Most jurisdictions require applicants to be at least 20 years old, and the procedure might take up to 30 days.


As a member of the Avis Budget Group, Budget Car Rental provides choices for cash payments under certain conditions:

  • Cash Deposit: The amount of the cash deposit you must submit varies depending on the rental’s specifics and the area.
  • Credit Check: A credit check could be done during the leasing procedure.
  • Debit Cards: At numerous Budget sites across the US, debit cards are accepted for car rentals. However, you should always contact them ahead of time to make sure they will accept a debit card since some might not at the time of reservation.
  • Age Restrictions: You must be at least 25 years old and consent to have an authorized hold placed on your account while your rental car reservation is in effect.


Cash payments are also accepted at Thrifty Car Rental. The following are the essential considerations:

  • Cash Deposit: Besides allowing cash rentals, Thrifty will also require a cash deposit upfront and proof that consumers have gotten a cash deposit identification card.
  • Credit Check: If a renter is paying cash, Thrifty might do a credit check.
  • Debit Cards: Rentals may be paid for with debit cards, but reservations must be made at least a day in advance. Additional rules are in effect if the rental is made less in advance.
  • Age Requirements: Like other companies, Thrifty may impose age limitations, frequently mandating that renters be at least 25 years old.


Hertz is a well-known automobile rental company that provides cash payment choices with the following information:

  • Cash Deposit: Hertz will accept cash payments for rentals, but they will also need an upfront cash deposit and the possession of a cash deposit identification card from the customer.
  • Credit Check: Similar to their rental credit card transactions, Hertz may run a credit check.
  • Age Restrictions: There may be age limits, and cash renters must be at least 25 years old in many places.


Even though most automobile rental agencies prefer credit card payments, some still let customers pay in cash.

In 2023, some of the top rental car companies still offering this payment option include Enterprise, Fox Rent-A-Car, Dollar, Budget, Thrifty, and Hertz.

Remember that specific rules and specifications can differ from place to place, so it’s a good idea to get particular information depending on your demands by contacting your neighborhood rental office or visiting the agency’s website.

With a comprehensive list of choices in hand, you can proceed directly to renting a car with cash without detour.

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