2020 Hummer H3 Specs

How much is the price of Hummer H3? Is there anything new regarding the comeback of this off-road vehicle? Any off-road lovers may wait for something fresh from the prominent Hummer H3. As we know, the last update of this car was in 2010, and it has left out after that.

Despite being an old vehicle, we cannot deny that Hummer H3 is still considered when it comes to an off-road vehicle. It offers a complete overkill with costly quotes. However, it showcases impressive performance that makes it worth the money. The design of this car remains impressive too.

Even though many other off-road vehicles have been released after Hummer H3’s hiatus, it is still a great car, to begin with. There are many used versions offered on the market. And the price is not as high as it used to be. Now, let’s learn more about it below.

Hummer H3 Specification

Hummer H3 was originally designed to have more off-road abilities than other midsize SUVs available on the market. It is the most miniature model in the lineup and known to be the least excellent choice among the others. But, the Alpha edition is an exception you can rely on.

Then, how is about the current Hummer H3? Under the hood, the car was initially powered by a 3.5L inline-5 unit to deliver 220 horsepower. The engine was shifted into a 3.7L unit that could produce 239 horsepower to improve its ability. Hummer H3 can accelerate from 0-60mph in 11 seconds with this engine.

The engine of Hummer H3 is paired with a five-speed manual transmission. This gearbox is standard for the five-cylinder variants. A 4-speed automatic was optional with the I-5 model. It can play in the dirt too. Thanks to the vast ground clearance and lots of wheel travel, you can go wherever with this H3.


Inside, Hummer H3’s cabin is more stylish than other relatives. Even though its materials are just a bit better than others, it is still a good thing to mention. Besides, all the controls in this car are easy to use. You can enjoy the vast cargo capacity as well.

Used and New Hummer H3 Prices and Lease Deals

If you are interested in Hummer H3’s style and look, a used one makes a good purchase. It is safe to say that you won’t find the new version of this car, except the automaker, makes H3 come true. You will know that the H3 offers value for money.

The lowest price is $19,360 for the 2010 Hummer H3. And the highest price (Luxury variant) is around $28,000. If you get the Luxury variant, you can enjoy a 3.7L engine paired with automatic transmission. For the lease deals, you may need to ask nearby showrooms.


In conclusion, Hummer H3 is one of the best off-road cars you can find on the market. It offers a good value for money, and you can count on the manufacturer’s reputation as well. That’s all a quick review of 2020 Hummer H3.

2020 Hummer H3 Specs Pictures

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