2021 Fiat Toro Volcano Model Pricing

You can imagine this 2021 Fiat Toro comes with the same exterior color that you will love so much, but it comes with darker details that give you more of a bad boy look that anyone will fall in love with.

You may imagine the Italian S-Design concept that Fiat brings to usher in the 2020 Veriosn of this new Fiat Toro. You should know that instead of roll bars and black panels, do not fort with a dark Fiat Logo.

This car will combine all contents and styles with meeting the needs of a sporty car that looks for a more distinctive and modern look. This concept started to debut in Europe with the Fiat 500x after it wabeingched worldwide at the Geneva Motor Show 2017.

Other models may already get new configurations, such as 500L and the sporty Fiat 124 Spider. You should know that these concepts are available in Freedom versions at this Fiat Toro and combine seduction and style that will make you fall in love at first sight. It offers you a perfect combination of matches with the two worlds; they are functional and emotional at the same time.

New Fiat Toro Redesign Exterior

You should know that the award-winning style of the Fiat Toro is coming bolder with the S-Design version as well.

It can be customized with one of nine exterior colors available, such as Jazz Blue, Deep Brown, Billet Solver, Ambient White, Polar White, Antique Gray, Tribal Red, and so on.

Keep in mind that the entire darkened interior will make the elegance of the ensemble as well. At this point, you will see the sark interior, including the ceiling and columns. You will see a darkened logo or the version, adhesive strips on the back of the bed, special badges and emblems, exterior mirrors, gray roof bars, black roll bars, rocker panels, darkened wheels.

You will see many things here, such as specific colors for air vents, multimedia center frames, door handles, and speaker rims. Even the seats will be lined with fabric and leather bland to make the exterior look more glamorous.

Remember that S-Design is a concept that already exists in European models that bring you the Freedom version of this 2021 Fiat Toro and a sporty and elegant look with a sophistication touch. There are many great things that you will see here, but you may need to wait for official statements simultaneously.

2021 Fiat Toro Interior

For the 2021 model year, Fiat provides fairly updated entertainment features such as the Uconnect touchscreen infotainment system using the new Uconnect 5 software. Uconnect 5 software will provide Apple Carplay and android auto.

With a 1280X 768 pixel HD screen, this system has a 2.100 GHz CPU, 16 GB of internal storage, and 2GM of RAM. This software, which FCA fully builds, makes the presence of smartphones more practical with features such as:

  • Navigation via Waze and Google Maps
  • Music (Streaming | MP3)
  • Voice recognition (Siri | Google Voice)
  • Reading and replying to a “handsfree” message for SMS and WhatsApp.
  • Calendar integration

You should know that an SUV with a revolutionary or a bed pickup is the same thing. More than three years ago, Fiat Tore launched the mid-size truck segment in Brazil and the world’s SUP concept. It was bravely combined the roughness and power of the pickup truck with the convenience of SUV cars. It is a success for the critics and public; this model has received more than 15 awards, the absolute leader in this category and market.

More than 170 thousand units market since it was launched, with 29,3 percent of the market share around medium to large pickup trucks. As mentioned before, which you will see sporty improvements in both interior and exterior designs.


You should know that this car was born from the car’s concept that evokes sturdiness, functionality, and power. This Fiat Toro is designed to meet both pickup lovers who want to get comfort and drivability of the SUV and SUV lovers who want to get convenience levels in this pickup truck.

With this kind of versatility, this car can be your family car that brings loads for work, helping you show off your skill in the field and dress up in the night to conquer hearts.

Keep in mind that this car may get infinite possibilities. The combination is very successful, but the features can be the main reason for Toro’s success. Not to mention that it has a beautiful design.

Among many awards given to the Fiat Toro, five are for its designs, including the iF Design Award, which has been recognized worldwide for over 60 years as one of the country’s most important awards.

Toro is getting a great achievement. So, this car offers you an elegant solution in the term of design and the engineering. The dynamic is so spectacular. It feels like you do not drive a pickup truck. It is a learning experience for the entire team, which shows that they can make specialized products; it is perfect for their market with products that can surprise everyone. Many people like Toro, and they are very pleased with the car.

2021 Fiat Toro Engine Specs & Configuration

You should know that this Fiat Toro has 9 versions, just like the previous one, it shows you a new front bumper design. All trims are beyond the standard, and the new Ultra trim will join this lineup in the upcoming months. It has two types of gasoline engines; they are 1-8 liter and 2,4 liter. Of course, you can choose a turbo-diesel engine rated around 170 hp, available for all configurations. The transmission choices will include a five-speed manual, nine-speed automatic, and six-speed automatic.

Endurance model

Endurance model pack with a 1.9 FLEX 4-inline Engine with 5-speed manual transmission. This Flex engine blows 133 horsepower and 137 lb-ft of torque. another standard feature of the Fiat Toro Endurance model includes 16-inch wheels, a key with remote control, an air conditioner, electric-assisted steering, power window, etc

Fiat also offers an Endurance model with a 6-speed automatic transmission from Aisin; an optional 2.0-l multijet II turbo-diesel is combined with a 9-speed automatic transmission. The diesel model adds 4X4, hill descent control (HDC), a crankcase protector, and an integrated front bumper skid plate.

Freedom model

Fiat Toro Freedom comes with a standard 1.8-liter FLEX engine with Aisin 6-speed automatic transmission. there is also an optional 2.0-liter Multijet II turbo-diesel that is also available. Pair the 9-speed automatic transmission with 17-inch aluminum wheels and 225/65 ATR on and off-road tires with that configuration

Volcano Model

Volcano Model using 2.0-liter Multijet II turbodiesel with 9-speed automatic transmission. 4X4 is standard on this model; Volcano also comes standard with a 7-inch TFT Screen, leather seat, DRL, Remote Start, 18-inch aluminum wheels with 225/60 tires, etc

Ranch models 

The Engine For Ranch model is similar to Volcano Model. This model also includes an exclusive brown leather seat,  a removable rear trailer hitch, chrome-accented front, etc.

Ultra Model

The Ultra model is the most luxurious in the Fiat Toro Pickup Lineup, Still powered by 2.0-liter Multijet II Turbo Diesel 9-Speed Transmission. The Ultra model offers more security with a dynamic cover; the cover features better weather selling. The Fiat Toro Ultra model comes with a black sporty interior, 18-inch aluminum wheels, with black leather seats with ultra embroidery.

2021 Fiat Toro Release Date & Price

You should know that many people say that this pickup has been considered as the best equipped in the market, even it is more complete with all versions, along with new standard features.

You will get a new multimedia center that is also standard on all versions. The Endurance versions fit the bed with the rocker panels, and rear windows also have a unique protector.

There are four versions for you: Volcano, Endurance, Freedom, and Ranch, along with three engine options and three different gears.

Keep in mind that this 2021 Fiat Toro shows you one of the most extensive pickup lines for all uses. You should know that the most affordable New Fiat Toro will start at $24,750. 

  • Endurance 1.8 Flex MT5 $21,103.75
  • Endurance 1.8 Flex AT6 $21,310.10
  • Freedom 1.8 Flex AT6 $23,722.79
  • Endurance 2.0 Diesel AT9 4×4 $27,743.94
  • Freedom 2.0 Diesel AT9 4×4 $30,156.63
  • Volcano 2.0 Diesel AT9 4×4 $32,710.06
  • Ranch 2.0 Diesel AT9 4×4 $34,177.78
  • Ultra 2.0 Diesel AT9 4×4 $34,579.90

2021 Fiat Toro Volcano Model Pricing Pictures

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