New Ford Atlas: Everything we Know so Far

We all know that one of the most intriguing, launched at the NAIAS, is the Ford Atlas Concept that gives you a good idea about what a New Ford Atlas will look like.

With the sturdy look, the prominent wheel arches, and a sculpted grille, this car shares similarities with the current F-series. It is also proud of the EcoBoost engines that offer you a great performance combination and fuel economy. Overall, this Ford Atlas Concept also includes more than great features, such as a 360-degree camera that helps you position this car in tight places, LED lighting for the cargo box, removable loading ramps, wheel shutters, an active lighting grille, and Dynamic Hitch Assist.

Even Ford has plans to release the next generation during the fall. The time will tell you that most concept innovations that bring over this model.

Ford has made some worthy additions in this Limited Packaging in the 2019 model year. The most interesting is that it uses a 3.5-liter horsepower V6 from Raptor, which is now a standard. It may take less attention, but Ford also adds forward collision warning as the standard emergency for all F-150 series this year. Limited gets the larger 36-gallon fuel tank as well.

2021 Ford Atlas Exterior Concept

If you are a driver who loves to appreciate a great deal on a new SUB with an extensive and lavish interior, then it is the best time to look at this new Atlas. This vehicle does not only give you anything that you expect, but it also comes with more things.

For starters, this car comes standard with cargo space and passenger volume. Therefore, you can get in and out easily. Meanwhile, you also get Dual Zone Manual Climate Control, a built-in cruise control feature, 6 manual adjusts drivers, and so on. You have to wait until the official statements come out.

It is not enough since this vehicle also has tons of fun, tech-savvy features that make you keep move forward. But this is not the best thing. After seeing how much money you can save to all features become standard in this new Atlas, you will instantly fall in love with this vehicle. There are many great things for you.

New Ford Atlas Pickup Truck

New Ford Atlas Interior

After you check the F-150 limited, you will find that the only difference between this car and a luxury SUV is the ride quality. F-150 as the pickup truck is rougher on the road when compared with the lavish models from other segments. It is usually harder, along with the huge mirrors and windows have many to do with it. But you should know that F-150 is surprisingly car-like along with handling and maneuver abilities, thanks to its lighter aluminum body.

Some caveats include all of those great things in this car when it compares to full-sized trucks on this market. The GMC Sierra and RAM 1500 models are usually better for their on-road experience for both ride quality and sound dampening. This car is the benchmark for some good reasons, offering you a lot of interior comfort and ergonomic touches. Even the entertainment system here is competent and easy to use.

So, seating is only one of the best things that you will see in this pickup truck. Based on the experience in 2019 models, then Ram Truck options can rival it. The extensive space is a big factor that you will find here, and Crew Cab has great three-across seating with the best comfort level for your long or short trips.


As mentioned before, when you talk about safety features, this New Ford Atlas offers you the best. It has anything that you need to boost your confidence and enjoy the extra peace of mind anywhere. It gives you more standard security features as well.

If this thing is not enough for you, this new model also offers you more responsive features to help you prevent accidents. You can check all these amazing features which become the standard features, such as AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control, Traction Control, Battery-saver feature, Belt-Minder, Front Passenger Knee Airbag, Safety Canopy System, SecurityLock Anti-Theft program, and so on.

There are many great features that you will find. Once you dig dipper, you will find hidden gems here.

Nothing can prepare you for confidence and comfort, inspiring yourself that inspires this New Atlas. Once you are riding it, you will want to drive it again and again. It comes and naturally becomes your life experience and brings your adventure to a new level.  If you step out to see this car, you should know that it is one of the sports vehicles you do not want to miss.

Engine Specs

Atlas will come with one of the two engine options; 235 horsepower of four-cylinder or V6 276 horsepower. You will get eight automatic transmissions as a standard, but all-wheel drive is offered to you with the V-6. You should know that V-6 feels and sounds so smooth, transmitted only a few shivers into the cabin.

Although Atlas is pretty sauntered from zero up to 60 mpg in the testing, you should know that it will bring an amazing journey for you. Atlas will respond obediently to steering inputs, and it never feels clumsy at all. Like you are on highways and become nimble in the city road. You will experience the smooth ride comfort, and all harshest potholes have been dispensed and absorbed.

2021 Ford Atlas Release Date & Price

This vehicle offers you three basic trim levels, and this car keeps things pretty straightforward for the buyers. The turbocharged 2.0 L engine will offer you front-wheel drive only. The price should be started at around $30,000.

So, when you want to get an all-wheel drive, you should choose a more expensive model. Keep in mind that New Ford Atlas offers a family-friendly interior design, a straightforward layout, and cupholders that can be your practical choice. Atlas will impress you with all the great features.

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